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This shortest distance rally is an untimed RoadRally following an undefined route of less than 60 miles. Instead of the usual route instructions and timing controls, contestants are given a map and a short list of waypoints to be visited. Contestants receive penalty points for each 0.10 mile traversed during the rally. Thus, the goal is to visit all the required sites (waypoints) in the overall time allotted while traversing the shortest distance possible. These waypoints may be visited in any order of your choosing after leaving the start control and prior to your arrival at the finish control. Unlimited use of additional maps, GPS, Waze, etc. is permitted. The available roads are all public roads in Indiana County, PA.  Typical fall foliage and scenery should be superb as you travel on many roads most of you will have never seen before.  Each team (minimum of two people) will use their maps and waypoint list to plot a course and may drive at whatever legal speeds are comfortable for them.  Three hours is allotted for completing the rally but it should take less time.  If you want to run our National Rally instead please register for Ghost Tracks.  Awards for best overall finishing position(s)..

Entries (5)

Alon Yarkoni
Lee Matchett
Ron Bartolotta
Kyle Gundy
Sean Kunkle

Levity Brewing Company

Indiana, PA


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Allegheny Highlands Region - Autocross

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