Sun, Feb 5 - Sun, Apr 2, 2023

2023 TXR SCCA Time Trials Annual Registration

Texas World Speedway

About this event

For the first time ever Texas Region SCCA is offering annual registration for 2023!  Save yourself time and money!  Annual registrants are automatically entered into every event in the 2023 season and get to reserve their number!  We also offer a package for transponder rental if you do not have your own.  Simply fill out your registration once and you are set for the year!  You'll be getting a 15% discount for the entire season, including a return to Motorsports Ranch Cresson 3.1 AND a two-day divisional event at Eagles Canyon!

Need some extra convincing?  If you sign up for annual registration you will receive a free Texas Region Time Trials hat or shirt of your choosing!

Don't have a transponder?  No worries!  We still offer a transponder rental package you can select during registration.  This will cover your transponder rental fees for the entire season!

You do not need to be an SCCA member to participate in annual registration!  You can select the 'weekend membership' option during registration to cover your weekend membership fees for the entire season.

2023 Calendar

April 1 Event #1 - MSRC 1.7 CW $250
April 15-16 Event #2 - Divisional at ECR $500 (both days)
June 17 Event #3 - ECR 1.65 CCW $250
July 15 Event #4 - ECR 2.7 CW $250
August 12 Event #5 - MSRC 1.7 CCW $250
October 21 Event #6 - MSRC 3.1 $275
November 11 Event #7 - MSRC 1.3 $250
A la Carte Total   $2025
Annual Reg Total 15% discount $1700
Savings!   $325









Event requirements

You must have solo signoff approval from Texas Region SCCA Time Trials or another equitable track day organization.

Note:  If you are an SCCA member please make sure your member number & name are correctly loaded in your MotorsportReg profile.  The name in your profile must match exactly the way your name is on your SCCA membership.  The registration system will verify your membership with the SCCA database in Topeka.

  • 2023 Entry Fee............$250/event x5 events
  • Divisional Event Fee.....$500 (both days)
  • MSRC 3.1 Fee.............$25 x1 event
  • Total entry cost............$2025
  • Annual Reg Fee...........$1700
  • Annual Reg Discount....$325

Both members and non-members can enjoy annual registration savings!

Entries (4)

Galen Smith
Mick Harrison
Tom Harness
Ryan Harness

Texas World Speedway

College Station, TX
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Download track map


Time Trial organized by

SCCA - Texas Region - Time Trial

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