Sun, Dec 31, 2023

2023 OPDA Membership

OPDA Membership

About this event

Okanagan Precision Drivers AssociationWelcome to the Okanagan Precision Driving Association membership application. Having an OPDA membership allows you to participate in the CACC-sanctioned and OPDA-hosted Okanagan Autocross series in Kelowna and Vernon. As a CACC affiliate, your OPDA membership also entitles you to apply for a competition or officials license from the Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC).

Event requirements

I understand that the personal information provided herein will be used by the Okanagan Precision Driving Association (OPDA) for the purpose of identifying and verifying memberships, to update and retain a membership directory as required by the Societies Act, and for the purpose of mailing, by post or email, publications which the OPDA may deem necessary or useful from time to time. I hereby give my permission to the OPDA to retain my personal information as contained in this application for the purpose of maintaining membership information for whatsoever period of time the OPDA feels appropriate.

OPDA Membership

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