Fri, May 5 - Sun, Sep 24, 2023

2023 CRA Team Championship

Brainerd International Raceway

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The Central Roadracing Association (CRA) is a 50+ year old non-profit organization run entirely by a volunteer board and staff. Our mission is to provide the safest, most affordable, and fun environment in support of the sport of motorcycle road racing. Everything we do in terms of financials is designed to support that mission. Our race fee structure, awards program, advertising, volunteer incentive programs, and safety funds are all closely maintained and managed to grow the sport, increase safety, and ensure longevity of the organization itself.


Brainerd International Raceway is the largest racetrack in the Upper Midwest and may offer the most diverse motorsports schedule anywhere. With a world-class drag strip and two road course configurations (one is 2.5 miles and the other is 3.1 miles), BIR hosts drag racing, road racing, endurance racing, Superbike racing, drifting and autocross competitions, cruising events, and car shows. It even has a small lake in the campground for watercross, where snowmobiles race on open water.

Event requirements

CRA Team Championship – 2022 Rules

  1. TEAMS.
    1. Number of Riders. A team consists of either two or three riders. Teams may consist of any combination of experts and novices.
    2. Team Formation. A team is formed by (i) e-mailing the Racer Liaison the name of the team and its members; and (ii) paying the Team Championship registration fees on MotorsportReg for each team member.
    3. Timing of Team Formation. A team may be formed at any time during the season, but can only score points for races occurring after formation.
    4. Substitutions. After a team has been formed, no rider substitutions are allowed, with the following two exceptions: (i) a team of two riders may add a third rider at any time during the season; and (ii) a team may replace an injured rider with another rider once per season. Riders are eligible to be added to a team under Section (d)(i) or (d)(ii) only if they have not been part of another team that season. The added rider can score points for the team only in races that occur after being added to the team. A replaced rider under Section d(ii) is ineligible for further points-scoring that season.
    5. Team Duration. Teams are formed for the season only. Teams must re-submit their team formation info and payment each season.


    1. Scoring Overview.
      1. Team members can score Team Championship points each weekend in eligible race classes, listed in Section 2(b) below.
      2. For Sprint Races, each team member can score points in only one of the classes listed in Section 2(b)(i) below per weekend.
      3. For Trophy Dashes, each team member can score points in only one of the classes listed in Section 2(b)(ii) below per weekend.
      4. Teams may also score points in Endurance/Team Challenge races as described in Section 2(d) below per weekend.
      5. No two team members may score points in the same Sprint Race class in a single weekend.
      6. No two team members may score points in the same Trophy Dash class per weekend.
    2. Eligible Race Classes. The race classes eligible for points-scoring in the Team Championship are as follows:
      1. Sprint Races (Supersport, Superbike, GP) in the following classes:
    • Featherweight.
    • Ultralight.
    • Welterweight.
    • Lightweight.
    • ‘90s Middleweight Cup.
    • Middleweight.
    • Heavyweight.
    • Unlimited.
    • Supertwins.
    • Sportsman.
      1. Trophy Dashes in the following classes:
    • GP0.
    • GP1.
    • GP2.
    • GP3.
    • GP4.
      1. Endurance/Team Challenge in the following classes:
    • GP0.
    • GP1.
    • GP2.
    • GP3.
    • GP4.


    1. Points. Points are awarded to each team member for that member’s final position, by class, in eligible races. The points values for eligible Sprint Races and Trophy Dashes are as follows:










































    1. Points for Endurance/Team Challenge.
      1. Points values for Endurance/Team Challenge races are doubled from the values listed in Section 2(c) above.
      2. A Team Championship team can score points for an Endurance/Team Challenge race only if at least two members of the Team Championship team are on the Endurance/Team Challenge team.
      3. A Team Championship team cannot score points for an Endurance/Team Challenge race if the Endurance/Team Challenge team includes a member of any other Team Championship team.
    2. Tabulation.
      1. The determination of the classes in which each team member will score points is chosen by the team at the end of the race weekend.
      2. Each team must complete the Team Championship Score Sheet and e-mail it to the Racer Liaison within seven days of the conclusion of the event. Failure to timely submit the Score Sheet may disqualify the team from earning points for that event.
      3. The team with the highest number of total points at the conclusion of each season will be awarded the Team Championship.

Brainerd International Raceway

Brainerd, MN
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Central Roadracing Association

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