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Fri, Nov 4 - Sun, Nov 6, 2022

2022 Season Finale & Awards Dinner

Thunderhill Raceway Park

About this event

55th Season Finale and Awards Dinner, Thunderhill Raceway Park.  The racing is chill, the weather is cool, everyone gets lots of track time and the awards dinner is loud and fun and memorable.  You can put your race car away for the winter after this one feeling like you rounded out the year properly. There will be a Saturday night dinner at the fantastic Willows Veterans Hall, assuming COVID restrictions have been lifted.

NOTE:  We are offering a variety of options for Friday.  Please see below.

We're running on the 3-mile, traditional Thunderhill course. Thunderhill Raceway Park is a fast, technical driver’s track with an excellent surface, plenty of run-off, and outstanding amenities, including covered paddock space, plenty of electric power in the paddock, a comfortable lounge with WiFi, and an enclosed third-floor Tower Viewing Area with elevator service.

All CSRG eligible cars are welcome along with Larry Oka Racing Series-1 Miata Group.  We invite Sports 2000 cars through the 80s to come try vintage racing.

Thunderhill is a sound-control track, with a maximum of 103db sound allowed, so fit mufflers if in doubt.

Fees: CSRG requires all drivers be either a Full Racing Member of CSRG, or a Single-event Member.  Our friends from other racing organizations may choose the Single-event Membership for $75, but we encourage you to consider joining CSRG as a Full Racing Member ($150/yr) and enjoy the full benefits of membership throughout the year.  Full Racing Members of CSRG who haven't renewed their membership must renew at <> before their race entry is processed.

CSRG Full Racing Member Entry Fee


Single-event CSRG Membership Dues (Member for this event only)

$ 75

Additional Car with same registered driver

$250 ea.

Friday Street AND Event Registered Cars*

$ 99

Friday Street Car: for drivers who are NOT registered for the CSRG event weekend.  CSRG Membership and/or approved competition license is NOT required to drive in the street car group. Contact Petey Thornton at for complete Registration details.


*The $195 fee will also apply to any CSRG Season Finale event entrant who is running a street car, but breaks their race car and withdraws from the weekend.


Event requirements

CSRG welcomes all CSRG-eligible cars. Click here for eligibility requirements.       
You can locate related documents on our website.

CSRG requires drivers to wear SNELL 2015 or later Certified helmets.  

PLEASE NOTE:  For 2022 we are trying to eliminate cars with duplicate numbers and colors.  Please be sure to include a second and third choice of number, as the assignments are first-come first-served.

Car entry problems or questions: Contact Geoff Pitts at or 530-559-2554.

Registration problems or questions: Contact Petey Thornton at or 415.256.9762. 

Entries (139)

Brian Forster
James Alder
Bruce Miller
April Halliday
Ross Lindell
Ryan Turri
Andrew Fox
Raymond Meister

Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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