Sun, Feb 20, 2022

2022 Calgary Speeders Addicts Event #7

Speeders Calgary

About this event

This event is a collaboration between Speeders and Calgary Speeders Addicts. This is a practice event whose purpose is to strengthen the motorsports community and hone your skills in a friendly environment. Hopefully, this event is the gateway for some competitors to explore other avenues of motorsports available in southern Alberta.

We invite you to enjoy an event focused on wheel to wheel, honorable, place finish driving. The event format will include four sessions for each driver, where the first session will be used to practice and qualify you for one of two groups. The second and third sessions for each group will run in a standard and reverse poll order, where the final session is for a position in the tournament.

COVID-19 guidelines at Speeders must be adhered to, for the safety of all participants and staff. All drivers must have a QR Code vaccination record or a negative test within 72 hours of visiting. Masks are still mandatory for all participants. Please bring your motorsport related masks to show off.

For any additional info, go to the Alberta Health Services website



18:00 - 18:45 - Speeder Open Public Practice (Please purchase your own session) 

18:30 - Please check in with us no later than (Otherwise you may start last, because ......) 

18:45 - Driver meeting (If you miss this, you may start last at well)

19:00 -  Event Start to 22:00 (If you cause a delay, you know what to do) 

As drivers, you know how to be on time because on track you are aiming to beat your lap times.

This is a first-come, first-serve registration. There are only 20 spots for this event. 

For good luck, pricing will be $98.88 and includes 5 heats of driving.

CSA Team will be providing an energy station with bottles of hand sanitizer. 

Steward registrations must be previously discussed with organizers.

Event requirements

1. Safety 

The safety of all participants, track helpers and Speeders team is our number one priority.

If you see a situation that could affect the safety of the event please let one of the track helpers and/or Speeders team members know about it. Any drivers driving in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave… where Kyle demands you go home, Google safety, and write a 100 page dissertation of what it means to be safe before entering the event again. 


2. Teammate and Friendship 

This is a karting experience event driving wheel to wheel with other competitors as a means to continue learning and developing our driving skills. Learn from the driver in front of you and let the driver behind you keep you motivated. All drivers are your teammate and friends offering opportunities for you to improve and learn.  


3.  On-time Schedule 

Our goal is to be efficient on time, and have organized the event to deliver the most of each second for your enjoyment. Let’s work together to arrive on time,  and be ready for each of your heats. We ask this to ensure that everyone gets their fair time at the wheel. There will be plenty of time to share stories and between your heats and over the break. 


4. Care the Kart and Track (Speeders) 

This event allows us to practice honing our skills and to push to the limit,  and while the occasional touch will always be part of Motorsport, we request no bumping at all, please leave 1mm distance. Care for the kart and track like your own car or home. If you are unable to do so, please stick with Mario Kart on Nintendo. 


5. Weight and Kart

Even with all the rules in F1, every car won’t be even, but the engineers have different interpretations of the rules, and drivers utilize different lines to take advantage of their cars’ specific handling. Drivers, please adapt to your kart, with your driving style and line. You are welcome to bring donuts, triple cheeseburgers, and cookies to help the lightweight drivers reach imaginary, non mandatory minimum weight limits.    


6. What happens at Speeders stays at Speeders 

Same as when you leave for a Vegas trip sometimes we make a mistake we may want to take back. There may be an occasion where one driver or another may drive past their limit. Most of these can be settled with a high five or a handshake. It is all about fun with your driver buddy. 


7. The CSA event will continue to focus on safety, learning and fun experience with you, and if you have some suggestions please let us know feedback after the event. Our commitment to delivering a premier event to you will likely mean that we can’t make changes at the moment (unless it’s safety related). Our team plans to bring a full season in 2020 to you. We keep learning from Kimi too. Watch this videos


8. Photo and videos  

We love to share our love of motorsports and grow the community through sharing events like this and will have a team on hand to take photos and videos of the event. If however, you don’t want to have your picture shared (Maybe you’re playing hooky from work,  or supposed to be somewhere else that day) please let us know and we’ll ensure it won’t be posted. The helmet visors also do a great job of hiding your identity.


Speeders Calgary

Calgary, AB


Karting organized by

Calgary Speeder Addicts

Event over!