Sat, Feb 26 - Sun, Feb 27, 2022

2022 Buccaneer Region SARRC Race

Roebling Road Raceway

About this event

This is a single SARRC event to be held on Saturday and Sunday, February 26 and 27.  A drivers school is being held on the 25th & 26th.  You'll be alternating with drivers school groups on Saturday.

Eligibility:  Each driver must be a current SCCA member, and must also hold a current SCCA Competition License per the GCR or a current license from an organization recognized by SCCA (see Appendix C.2.8) and FastTrack updates for the complete list. The SCCA requirement is satisfied by SCCA Probation letters and SCCA Novice Permits with Drivers School requirements signed off.

Where: Roebling Road Raceway -

Hosted by: SCCA - Buccaneer Region

Cost:  $275.00.  Credit or debit cards only.  These will be charged when you arrive at the track and register for the event.  No cash, money orders or checks accepted.

Supps:  2022 Bucc SCCA SARRC supps.pdf

Schedule (note that the schedule is a combined schedule for both the drivers school and the SARRC race):  2022 Bucc SCCA School-SARRC Schedule R2.pdf

Driver's Letter:  2022 DRIVERS LETTER.pdf

The tire provider for the weekend is Appalachian Race Tire.  Attendees can call them to order ahead at 856-681-6622, or on their website at and they will bring the tires when they come down.

Your race registrar for the event is Laura Johnson.  If you have questions, Laura's cell phone number is (912)713-2777  (No calls after 9 PM) and email is 

14Feb2022 Update- 93 octane will NOT be available at the track.  Only unleaded 98 and 110 leaded.

Event requirements

NOTICE TO PARTICIPANTS: In light of the current COVID-19 situation, every attempt will be made to minimize the risks of exposure to the virus. New processes and procedures are being developed and will be put into place for events going forward. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as temperature of 100.4f, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home. All attendees and participants are reminded to be respectful of others and follow these guidelines. We recommend you wear face coverings sufficient to cover their nose and mouth and to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times while on the track property. Those individuals not adhering to these guidelines or whatever other requirements that may be imposed, will be given a warning to comply and if continues to be non-compliant may be asked to leave the facility. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within two (2) weeks of attending an SCCA event, we ask that you cancel your registration.

Entries (192)

Clifford Mcmanus
Justin Swan
April McDermott
Eric Stafford
Travis Tucker
Brian Cohen
Naed Rivera
Stephania Vazquez

Roebling Road Raceway

Bloomingdale, GA
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SCCA - Buccaneer Region

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