Sun, Feb 27, 2022

2022 20/20 #7 Sunday Lake George

Lake George, NY

About this event

The 20/20 is a track-day session where people can try driving on ice in a non-competitive environment.

The cost is $20 for 20 minutes of time on the track. The $20 includes a 1-day membership so there are no hidden costs.

We are limiting the entries to 20 cars so it isn't too crowded on the track.

We are giving first priority to drivers who are not racing that day. Second priority will go to racers with passengers who want to see what iceracing is like, but don’t want to drive. Third priority will be for inexperienced drivers who would benefit the most from seat time; they will need to be specifically approved by AMEC President, Michael Waterhouse. Other exceptions may be possible, but they need to be approved.

We will also be issuing wrist bands to all 20/20 participants to ensure that everyone is registered and has signed the waiver.

Passengers are welcome at no cost but they must have helmets certified SNELL 2010 or newer. Everyone in the car must be wearing a seatbelt.

All cars must be equipped with snow tires. All-season, summer rated are not allowed. "Big Stud" tires like SCCV Super Stud, Pirelli rally tires, and Menards are not allowed.

Everyone in the car must sign the waiver at check-in where you will receive a wrist band to prove you've signed the waiver and are registered for the event.

We will have someone stationed near the pit-in/out lane for check-in. You need to check in with them before the event and sign the waiver.

The 20/20 is scheduled for 12:53pm but the schedule may shift around based on how the day goes. I suggest getting there by 11:30am so you have plenty of time to check in and can watch some racing. You must check in and sign the waiver before the session, whatever time that occurs.

Event requirements

You and any passengers must have SNELL 2010 or newer helmets. AMEC has a limited supply of loaner helmets that are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Driving on ice on a lake can be dangerous. There is a possibility that you may get injured or damage your car or that your car could be damaged while being extracted from a snowbank. AMEC is not responsible for any damage and your insurance won't cover any damage due to the nature of this event. Any insurance claims would likely be denied and result in your coverage being dropped immediately by your carrier.

The other people participating in this event may have no experience with track-days or driving on ice. They may behave erratically and irrationally so make sure to allow lots of space between cars. Do not cut across the track. Pay attention to the corner workers and head flagger, they may be trying to get your attention. If they wave a black flag at you and point to you, this means they want to talk with you...continue on your lap and the next time around pull up in front of the head flagger and roll your passenger window down. Do NOT stop immediately, proceed around the track one more time so you do not become a hazard to the other participants!

Turn your headlights on during the event, this helps make the cars more visible.

At any time during the event you can pull off the track using the pit-in/out lane. The only place you can get on and off the track is the pit lane. Plan this ahead of time, approach the lane on the outside of the track and use your blinker to indicate that you are exiting the track.

When re-entering the track, pay attention to any workers directing traffic along with the head flagger. Remember that it takes a long time to get up to speed to don't pull out in front of any cars on the track.

Don't stuff your car in a snowbank! We do not extract cars during the event so you will be stuck there for the remainder of the 20 minutes. Do not get out of your car if you get stuck in a snowbank! The safest place for you is inside the car, with your seatbelt on. Your radiator is likely stuffed with snow, so turn your engine off and turn your 4-way blinkers on. A truck will come by after the session and pull you out of the snowbank.

If you see a corner worker or the head flagger waving a yellow flag, this means that there is a disabled car on the track between them and the next corner station. Proceed with caution.

The session is over when the head flagger waves the checkered flag. You can proceed past the checkered flag and exit the track at the pit lane on your next time around the track. Note that plow trucks may be on the track after the checkered flag is thrown, so proceed with caution and at a reasonable speed.

Lake George, NY

Lake George, NY


Ice Racing organized by

Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club

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