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User Profile users create a profile in the system with their basic personal information. Any club or organization that the user adds to their membership list has access to this information to collect and use the information as it pertains to event management and promotion.


Each profile contains common participant information fields. Users need only complete this information once, and update as necessary.


Reports = Used in conjunction with assigners and segments, the information contained in a user profile can be arbitrarily chosen for inclusion on event and member reports. Some fields have options to be formatted in one cell (first & last name, city/state).

Organizers - Organizers can access member profiles from the Members option in the administrative black-bar menu. They can also be accessed from within any registration by clicking the (Edit) link to the right of the attendee's name.

Attendees - Attendees can access their own profile after logging in to by clicking on thier My Account tab, then clicking the Edit My Information button.