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At its most basic level, a segment is simply a bucket for your attendees that makes your reports more detailed and specific by adding another dimension to your registration data. They impact everything from your registration form all the way to reporting.

You can have as many or as few of them as you need. No matter how many segments you use, each attendee has a single, unique registration. Segments are (optionally) combined with class, group, vehicle, number and instructor to form what we call an Assignment. While each attendee has only one registration, they may have many assignments. The segment is one field you can break down your reports with to specify the exact information you want to report on. 99% of events need at least one segment.

Think of it like this:

  • A registration indicates someone is showing up
  • An assignment (AKA entry) is what the person will be doing at the event
  • The Segment is the part of the assignment that describes the activity

This graphic demonstrates the relationship:

Example Assignment

See how the Segment is called, "Monday"? It could just as easily be "Safety School" or "National Race" or "Enduro".

Rule of thumb: Create one segment for the minimum activity a person can participate in.


  • Use a particular number policy for permanent numbers or prevent duplicate numbers
  • Restrict classes and groups for this portion of the event
  • Map classes to groups (common among race programs where class X runs as part of group Y)

Do you have an event where certain classes or groups don't run? Are you running an Enduro that allows only certain classes? No problem, uncheck the box and it won't be offered:

One partial example of limiting classes or groups on a per-segment basis


  1. Breaking up multi-day events
    1. A "double" club race where drivers can enter either day or both days
    2. A weekend driver school where drivers have different instructors each day
    3. Club race with an Enduro
  2. Breaking up events that combine different activities
    1. Driving school with a banquet
    2. Festival events like BMW CCA Oktoberfest or PCA Parade
    3. Racer registration alongside worker registration (e.g., SCCA)
  3. Anytime you want to collect vehicle, class, group, instructor or number
    1. All driving events
    2. Instructor training

Determining how many you need

Consider this test to determine how many segments you may need. For all of your attendees, how many unique combinations of Class, Vehicle, Group and Instructor will there be? If your attendees will only be in one class with one vehicle with one group and one instructor, then you would want one segment no matter how many days your event lasts.

Most autocrosses, rallycrosses, rallies, car shows, tours, single day track or test events usually fall into the category of one segment. Most (but not all) multi-day events like driver schools or club races have one segment per day. Multi-day festival events often use one segment per activity rather than day. Keep reading below and check out the Recipes for more ideas.

Breaking up multi-day or multi-activity events

Not all multi-day or multi-activity events will require more than one segment. Generally, only those events where an Assignment changes, will need to have more than one segment. Here are some examples from various event types as covered in our Recipes:

Club Races

Simple Regional
  • Regional (only one segment)
Double National
  • National #1 (Saturday)
  • National #2 (Sunday)
Double w/ Workers
  • National #1 (Saturday)
  • National #2 (Sunday)
  • Workers (Saturday)
  • Workers (Sunday)
Complex Doubleo
  • Friday Test Day
  • Regional - Saturday
  • Regional - Sunday
  • Pro IT
  • Enduro
  • PDX
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Worker - PDX
  • Worker - Club Race

Solo / RallyX / Rallye

Basic Event
  • Solo/RallyX/Rallye (only one segment, very common)
Event w/ School
  • School
  • Solo/RallyX/Rallye

Driving Schools

One day / Open track
  • Day 1 (only one segment, very common)
Two day
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Two day/Three day
  • Friday (for solo students/instructors)
  • Saturday/Sunday

In the last example, students can only register for Saturday/Sunday together and Instructors can only register for Saturday/Sunday or Friday/Saturday/Sunday. In all cases, Saturday/Sunday are treated as a block so this particular event would only need two segments even though it occurs over three days.

See our Recipes for guides to configure different types of events.

Mapping Classes to Groups

If you have both classes and groups enabled for a segment, you can force a mapping from one to the other:

Once set, the group will be automatically set based upon the class selected. If you use mappings, you do not need to check the Group box in your assigner as it will be automatically set.

This is commonly used by competitive organizations that automatically assign a specific class, e.g. Spec Miata, to a certain run group like Group 7.

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