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The reporting suite is a critical component that bridges the gap between online registration and at-the-track execution. By leveraging one of our ~25 off-the-shelf reports covering members, attendees and assignments, your organization should have everything it needs to conduct on-site check-in, operations and timing and scoring.


The majority of the reports in our system are formatted like a spreadsheet with rows and columns for information. These reports can be customized, filtered, exported and saved by your administrators at any time. We also feature a limited number of "one-pager" reports that format lots of details about attendees on one page per person. Finally we include some stock reports for treasurers and to aid in reconciling event finances.

There are five types of reports:

  • Members - everyone who has "joined your club" or registered for an event
  • Attendees - everyone registered for a single event
  • Attendees + Assignments - all of the entries for a single event
  • Labels - print Avery mailing labels, name tags, etc.
  • Financials - reconcile event payments, credits and discounts

Depending on the report type selected, the fields available to your reports will change. Since Member reports are not event-specific, you will not find entry information like car, class, number or instructor. Those fields are limited to the Attendees + Assignments reports which include all of the entries (AKA assignments) for a given event.


  1. Customizing report content
  2. Filter, group and sort
  3. Export
  4. Print
  5. Save changes
  6. Email people in report
  7. Timing and Scoring exports
  8. Financial reports
  9. Detail reports
  10. Labels

Customizing Report Content

Find two registrars who want the same information on a report and we'll show you our pet leprechaun! Ostensibly the most important feature of our reports is the ability to choose what fields are included. We use a simple interface:

Editing report content

Double-click or select and use the single arrow to move fields back and forth. Using the double arrow will move all fields in the direction clicked.

In addition to picking the fields, the order they appear left-to-right in the report can be customized by selecting a field in the right box and using the up and down arrows to change their order.

Currently some of the data is provided on an all-or-nothing basis including:

You can select from the radio buttons at the bottom of the edit screen to include or exclude them as needed. When you have made your selections, click continue at the bottom which will take you to the Filter, Group and Sort step. You can also click any of the buttons at the top of the report to go directly to those steps (like "View").

Detail (one-pager) reports are pre-formatted and the contents are not editable.

Shortening Question Headers

A question like "Are you able to volunteer?" makes sense on the registration form, but can be a lengthy and wide column header in your report. You can provide alternative report headers for club questions and event questions. Changing the report header in the respective editor will update the report. In the above example, a "Volunteering?" report header would provide a much narrower column for exports to Excel or for printing.

Filter, Group and Sort

We support a wide variety of filtering, grouping and sorting options to narrow your results and control formatting of the report.

Filter, group and sort report content

The value of member and attendee statuses becomes apparent in the reporting where you can include or exclude members or participants based upon their status. By default, most attendee reports only include confirmed registrations so if you do not use the registration status, include New during this step.

Grouping on a field will collate all of the records with a like value together. It is like sorting by a field when you have more than one record with the same value. Instead of repeating the value once per record, it only displays once creating a "group" of records. This improves readability of the report.

Filtering for all reports

  • Member status
  • Member types (or per-event registration types) including default driver/attendee and instructor types plus customizable types. Includes a "is not a" version of this filter.

Filtering for member reports

  • Member expiration date

Filtering for Attendee and Assignment Reports

  • Per-registration Attendee status
  • Class
  • Group
  • Paid status
  • Volunteer status - legacy and no longer used
  • Registration Date range

Finally, most reports are sorted by name by default but can be sorted by most of the fields you include in a report. Common alternatives are class, number, group and registration date. Select the desired sort order from the dropdown and choose ascending or descending order depending upon your needs.


If you wish to customize a report beyond what our system natively supports, you can export any standard report to Excel, CSV and tab-separated value formats. Common use cases include adding formatting or colors that we do not support.

Exporting report contents to Excel or CSV/TAB

While Excel is most commonly used for human consumption, we include CSV and TAB formats to support programmatic integration with other software and third parties. AMB MyLaps and AxWare are two examples of programs which require imports in one of these formats.

Note: you will need Microsoft Office/Excel 2003 or newer to handle our report output. If your Excel is older, you can download a compatibility pack from Microsoft.


If the on-screen report is exactly what you need, you can generate a printable document directly from Using the print button, we support three formats:

Printing reports

PDF and Flashpaper are high-resolution options that generate excellent results. PDF is also a good format for sharing non-editable documents with third parties.

Our printable HTML format may be useful if you are looking to embed data from our system in a webpage. It is a stripped down, simple format that can be easily styled on your own web site but any developer familiar with HTML and CSS.

Save Changes

One of the most useful features of the reporting suite is the ability to capture the changes to content and filtering and save them for future use. Rather than repeat the steps required to tailor a report for your needs, the save feature lets you return and re-run a given report with a single click.

Saving customized reports for future one-click use

Each report can have a name and description to help identify its use. Reports are shared within your organization allowing any administrator to create and save a report that other administrators may use. This prevents a report from being locked to a single account and protects your institutional knowledge.

Email people in report

Clicking the "Email" button will pop open the Email Blaster populated with the results of the current report letting you send an email to the people listed. You can further add or remove people using the standard blaster tools.

Timing and Scoring Exports

Competitive organizations like autocross, club or pro racing need to import registration data into their timing and scoring system of choice. Because our reports can select which fields are included, the order from left to right and the export format, customers have exported data compatible with countless scoring systems. We support one system with direct integration,, and two systems explicitly with one-click reports: AMB Orbits and AxWare.

MyLaps Orbits

For more information about integrating with (AMB) MyLaps Orbits, see MyLaps Orbits Integration. Race Management and it's sister service,, directly integrates with our REST API. That means you simply click a button in and it loads data from no importing or exporting required!

This is the easiest Autocross timing and scoring software to use with


AxWare-specific reports customize headers for importing

The AxWare reports are unique in that both translate the headers from our internal names (like "Amount" for payments) to AxWare-required headers (e.g., "Amnt."). Without these specialized headers, AxWare will fail to import your data.

AxWare will import a tab-separated file, so export the file as a .tsv file type (tab separated value). If you need to, you can rename it as a .txt file type after you've exported it.

Note: To assist with those AxWare users who take online payments, we mark attendees who paid online as "PrePaid" under the "Method" field to help differentiate people who pay online vs. those who pay at the venue.

Other Scoring Software

Customers use a number of additional timing and scoring software packages with by exporting tab-separated and comma-separated files and importing them into their tool of choice. While we work with just about any package that can import data, we have customers who have used or are using the following packages:

  • Pronto Timing System - used for SCCA Pro Solo and National Tour Autocross. Developed by Darrin DiSimo.
  • Trackside Software - Motocross scoring software that uses AMB/MyLaps decoders and transponders
  • AutoCRON - Autocross timing and scoring software Developed by Mark Walker from Nebraska Region SCCA. This program is in use by several organizations in the midwest and has scored very large events at Lincoln.
  • AutoX/TS - Autocross Event Timing and Scoring Software built by Rob Gregg. No longer developed but still used by organizations.
  • Accucros - DOS-based Autocross timing and scoring software built by Gary Poole. No longer developed but still has a few users.

Financial Reports

In addition to the per-event financial report, we feature two reports specifically for treasurers. The statement history shows all of the direct deposits has made to your bank account since becoming a customer. This helps line up the deposits with the amounts processed online.

The second is the outstanding credits report. If using our in-system Credits for refunds or comps, this report provides the information necessary to record the liability from year to year for the books for organizations using accrual accounting.

Detail Reports

Detail reports, or "One-pagers" as we call them, are pre-formatted reports that attempt to put lots of detail into a small space.

Sample Registration Details report

The contents cannot be customized but the information density is much higher. We currently have the following reports:

  • Registration - one complete registration per page
  • Driver Experience - experience/background for driving school instructors
  • Medical - PDF of medical info for EMTs. Deprecated since few still collect medical info.
  • Instructor-Student - mirrors the instructor-student assignment tool


Using software designed in-house, generate Avery labels or name tags from your registration data. Customize font size, information included and formatting to automate your printing processes.

Example label generated for Avery 5160, viewed in MS Word

Labels operate against Assignments meaning you can include car, class, group, number and other entry data on your labels. We support a wide range of customizable formatting and layout options. We do not currently support placing images on the labels.

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