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Single Race With Workers Recipe

This event recipe is designed for single-race competitive events where worker registration is also handled online.

Secret Sauce

The Single Race With Workers event generally has only one race segment and one worker segment, a selection of classes and race groups, and a relatively simple order form with minimal options to choose from.


This event configuration is based on the Single Race event recipe.

Club Profile

  • Just as race classes are configured in the Classes area, you should create class entries for your worker specialties. These classes will be disabled for the race segment and enabled for the worker segment (with all race classes disabled).


A Race With Workers Event generally requires two segments - one for the race and one for the worker assignments.

  • You may enable or disable classes on a per-segment basis as appropriate for your event. We recommend that you disable the worker classes for the race segment and vice versa.

Registration Form

  • Packages/Inventory - Generally, a Race With Workers event has minimal package needs. At a minimum, you will need an Race Entry package and an associated inventory item. You will also need a (probably $0) Worker package for workers to choose.
    • You may want to "hide" the Worker signup package under a branch.
    • If you wish to allow people to choose more than one specialty, you may add a Second Worker Assigment package with an additional copy of the worker assigner under it. We recommend nesting this package under the first package so it may be selected only if the first package has already been selected.
  • Assigners - In addition to the racer assigner, you will need a worker assigner to capture the worker speciality (class). Workers will then be captured in the worker segment and reports can be run against that segment listing.