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Number Manager

The Number Manager brings automated number handling to events, whether the desire is simply for unique number enforcement or more complicated requirements around assigned numbers on a per-class or per-group basis.

Using a number pool as part of your registration forces attendees to select from a list of available numbers instead of typing in whatever number they want (and possibly creating duplicates).

We do not support uploading a spreadsheet of numbers. In order to guarantee accuracy, numbers must be assigned to profiles in

Creating Number Pools

The Number Manager allows for one or more "number pools," each of which can be later employed by an event segment to control numbers for that segment. There are a variety of options available for a number pool:

The name of the pool must be unique in the club. For annual reserved numbers, it's helpful to include the year as part of the name so over time you can tell the pools apart. The range of available numbers can be specified, as can an acceptable number of leading zeros (for example, 01 and 1 are considered different numbers when one leading zero is allowed).

NOTE: The registration form has to load each number in the drop-down list, so as a best practice, we recommend limiting your number pools to 0 - 999 for best results.

The following uniqueness settings are currently allowed:

  • Unique in event: each number must be unique in the event, without regard to segment, class, or group assignments
  • Unique in event+segment: numbers are unique on a per-segment basis (for example, Segment A and Segment B may each have an assignment for car # 33, but 33 may not show up twice in Segment A)
  • Unique in event+segment+group: numbers are unique on a per-segment AND per-group basi (for example, two cars in Segment A and Group 1 may not both have the same number)
  • Unique in event+segment+class: numbers are unique on a per-segment AND per-class basis (for example, two cars in Segment A and Class SM may not both have the same number)
  • Unique in event+segment+class+group: numbers are unique on a per-segment, per-class, AND per-group basis (for example, two cars in Segment A, Group 1, and Class SM may not both have the same number)

Use 'N Reserve

The Use 'N Reserve feature supports number claiming to reduce data entry required from the organizer. The first use of an available number in a pool gives ownership of that number to the registrant for the life of the pool. This provides an easy way of doing number signups early in the season. The Reserve Expiry setting allows reserved numbers unused in the current event to be made available to registants for the current event only.

Organizers can override this at any time by editing or deleting a number assignment making managing any exceptions or erroneous selections a low-effort task.

Number Reserve Events

A popular technique is to run an event specifically for claiming numbers. This allows your organization to optionally charge for numbers. In all cases, a number pool with Use 'N Reserve turned on with the number pool enabled in a Segment and an assigner on the registration form to collect the number will create an entry in your pool for future events.

Limitations with Public Pools

The Use 'N Reserve feature only functions for events held by the organization who owns the pool. If Organization B subscribes to a number pool owned by Organization A, participants who register with Organization B will be given their number if they already have one but new numbers will not be saved. Subscribing organizations are effectively read-only such that Organization A, in this example, controls the numbers.

Managing Pools

People can be assigned numbers in a number pool in one of two ways:

  • An administrator can create a number entry for them
  • They can register for an event with Use N' Reserve turned on for that number pool (see above).

In either case, numbers can be viewed and managed by an admin.

People may have multiple numbers in a pool and may be assigned numbers in multiple pools. Only one pool may be used per segment.

Public Pools

It is common for multiple chapters or regions in to want to share a set of reserved or permanent numbers such as SCCA Club Racing where all regions in a Division want to have the same National numbers. We support this through our "Public" number configurations which may be subscribed to by any organization.

Only the owner may make changes to the number configuration or the assigned numbers. The subscribing organizations may only use it to determine what numbers are currently available for registration.

Regardless of how many organizations subscribe to the public pool, numbers may only be assigned under the organization that owns the number pool. Thus, the member must also belong to that organization. E.g., they need to add that organization to their profile in so that they are visible to the number pool and can be assigned a number. While Use 'N Reserve may be enabled, only events run by the organization that owns the number pool will claim the number.


Because public number pools span organizational boundaries, there are a few limitations as to how they behave:

  • Use 'N Reserve only reserves new numbers for events held under the account of the organization who controls the pool
  • Pools which are unique in Class or Group must have identical Class or Group abbreviations and names in the subscribing organizations. E.g., if Organization A has a public number pool that makes numbers unique in Group using abbreviations and names "Group 1", "Group 2" and "Group 3", then Organization B, who subscribes to the number pool, must have identical group abbreviations and names. Groups "G1", "G2" and "G3" will not match and numbers will not be found for drivers.

Withhold Numbers for On-site Registrations

In order to reserve a number, the participant must first have an MSR profile. If you have participants who do not register online (and do not have an account) but you still wish to prevent their number from being reserved by another driver, you have two ways of withholding the number from the list of available numbers:

  1. Create a profile for each person and assign the number
  2. Create a single dummy profile (named "Place Holder" or something similar) and assign all of the reserved numbers to this single profile

The former will always let you know who has which number but takes more work to setup and manage. The latter is faster to manage but only gives you a list of numbers that are taken by your "Dummy User". Choose the approach that makes the most sense for your program.

If you have loaner vinyl/magnetic numbers (like for some Autocross programs) or numbers reserved for day-of staff, this is an effective way of blocking out a set of numbers to be used at any given event.

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