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Merge Duplicate Accounts

Occasionally people end up with more than one account in This is primarily because they either lose access to an email address which has an account associated with it, or because they've forgotten that they had created an account in the past. provides a Merge Accounts feature that can combine one or more accounts together while retaining important registration history information.

Merging Accounts

Accounts can be merged by choosing the Merge Accounts option from the Members menu. All accounts to be merged must be members of your organization. If you know that the account exists in the system but is not in your database, you can import it by Adding A New Member and providing the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the existing account - the account will be imported rather than duplicated.

Note: accounts may not be merged if they are both registered for the same event, as it would result in the deletion of registration data and a change in attendee count for that event. To correct such a situation, delete one of the registration from the event by hand (note: this may not be possible if both registrations have payments attached).