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Medical Info

Attendees have the option of entering medical details in their profile. The information collected mirrors that of most competitive racing organizations.


In today's climate with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), very few organizations collect this information. Some information, like blood type, is no longer relied upon by EMT personnel as they have the capability to test quickly and efficiently in the field.

Additionally, because drivers may borrow safety equipment, even blood type labeled on a helmet or stitched into a race suit may not be trustworthy. Our research indicates that few medical personnel trust this information based on advances in medicine.

Does HIPAA Apply To Me?

We are not lawyers and can not provide you legal advice. Consult your legal counsel.

While we are not lawyers and can not offer legal advice, it is important to know that HIPAA applies only to covered entities which have a very strict definition in section 160.103 of title 45, Code of Federal Regulations:

(1) A health plan.
(2) A health care clearinghouse.
(3) A health care provider who transmits any health information in electronic form in connection with a transaction covered by this subchapter [e.g., HIPAA Administrative Simplification transaction standards].

This flowchart will walk you through the decision making process:

Even for competitive wheel-to-wheel racing organizations like the SCCA who field emergency crews and safety trucks, any health care provided in an emergency is purely incidental and they do not charge for assistance before handing it off to EMTs.

As a result, most motorsports organizers are NOT covered entities and are therefore NOT required to comply with HIPAA. However, people's medical information is very sensitive so you must treat it with concern and keep it private.

Our service does not permit browsing of medical information. Only the Medical Packet detail report exposes it as a single PDF of all attendees. The idea is that this be printed and handed to the EMT at the beginning of the event for their usage if they request it.

Does HIPAA Apply to MSR?

Because we are not a health care provider, are not a health care clearinghouse and are not a health care plan, we are not required to comply with HIPAA.

However, we treat the medical information entered by attendees as incredibly sensitive and protect it according to our privacy policy.

(Alternative: HIPPA)

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