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Becoming an Eventmaster

Signing up with for any of our three plans is straightforward and easy. Most importantly, we hold your hand through the process and provide all of the training necessary to get up to speed quickly and without frustration.

Ask Questions

If you're not sure if is the right solution for you or you have questions about how our system or processes work, we encourage you to contact us by email or pick up the phone and call us at 415.462.5603 any time. This is our full-time business and we're here to help. You can test drive our fanatical customer service with some questions before you get started.

Test Drive

We maintain a demo server where we can set up a dummy event for your organization. For you hands-on types, you can play with the entire system in a safe sandbox to gain a complete understanding of how works. We prefer to provide guided tours for you and your team as to keep your learning curve quick.

Signing On

Once you've done your homework, you'll be convinced we're the #1 solution for motorsports event management. We have the most robust system, the best uptime record and we're the only full-time business with unlimited training and customer support by both email and telephone. Nobody takes this as seriously as we do.

Here's the process from this point forward:

  1. Fill out our Signup Form
  2. In return, we send a few things back via email:
    1. A simple two-page service agreement written in plain English that guarantees essentially two very important things:
      1. Your member and participant data stays private; we won't sell, trade or otherwise disclose it
      2. If we collect any monies on your behalf, we'll send them via direct deposit every two weeks like clockwork
    2. For Premium and White Label plans, a direct deposit authorization form that lets us send money to your bank account
    3. An event worksheet that helps you gather the necessary information to open your first event
  3. Send us the service agreement and direct deposit form via fax and the worksheet via email. We will set up your first event for you and get you up to speed with our training materials. We may schedule a review call and at the completion of the call, you should be able to open registration.
  4. From that point on, we're available by email or phone Monday through Friday during business hours and we monitor email and voicemail after hours for urgent issues. We can also schedule after-hours calls on demand.

We know most of our customers are volunteers who do this on nights and weekends so we support you during those "working hours".

Prepare Your Members

Whether you're taking registration by paper or switching from another system, you want to keep your participants informed so the transition will be smooth. Many of our customers publish a HOW TO guide based upon our recommendations. Take a look at the following for some ideas how you might make it easy:

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