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Event Preview

At some point you need to see what it's going to look like when an attendee actually registers for an event. Rather than log out and log back in as an attendee or register yourself, you can preview each step of the registration process exactly as it will appear to the participants using the Event Preview tab:

preview any step of the registration process

Each link will open in a new window rendering the screen exactly as your attendees will see it. There is limited support to click from one step to the next.

The copy on each of these screens can be edited on the text and waiver page.

Profile Confirmation

The profile confirmation step may conditionally appear in the following circumstances:

Otherwise, the attendee will be forwarded automatically to the registration form.

The confirmation step collects member number, chapter/region of record and answers to all club questions.

Registration Form

You can submit the registration form and we will process all of your requirements and validation rules. If there are errors, you will be returned to the form just like a regular attendee. There is no need to log out and register yourself for testing purposes.

Order Preview

After submitting the registration form successfully, the attendee is taken to an order preview and payment page. This page is where credits may be applied and discount codes may be entered.

Because it is not customizable by the organizer, we do not have a preview for it.

Confirmation Receipt Data

We attempt to mock up how your receipt will appear to your attendee but because you may not have any attendees yet, it is possible that we will fill in dummy information into the fees portion of the receipt. Don't worry, this will be replaced with the correct data for a real registration.

Email Confirmation

The email notification may appear differently in an email client than it does in your web browser or in other web-based email clients like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. This is a complicated technical topic explained in part by these excerpts from

"Test how it renders. Your email will display differently in all the different email programs out there. So testing is a must. And we're not talking about IE, Firefox, and Safari. We're talking about Outlook, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Lotus, Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, AOL, AOL Web, Hotmail, MSN, Comcast, Earthlink, and on and on and on. How to cope? Keep it simple. TABLES. 600 pixels wide max. You can also test how your email renders in all the major programs with the MailChimp Inbox Inspector. Click one button, and we'll give you screenshots of your campaign in all the major email programs in just a few minutes."

And specifically regarding web-based email accounts:

"Webmail services are deceptively tricky. Email services that are browser-based, like Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, etc., will strip out your DOCTYPE, BODY, and HEAD tags. Makes sense---they don't want your code to potentially override theirs. Anything you'd normally code inside those tags (bgcolors, embedded CSS, JavaScript, background music files, etc) will also get stripped."

Want to pull some hair out? Consider that also modifies the HTML depending on which web browser you use:

"While putting our acid test through the paces it became apparent that Windows Live Hotmail was exhibiting odd behavior in two different browsers. We tested our webmail clients in a couple different browsers not knowing the browsers themselves would have an impact on rendering. As it turns out, it unfortunately does."
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