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Event Cloning

Event cloning is by leaps and bounds the fastest and easiest way to create a new event. Because we set up your first event for you, cloning ensures that you copy over our best practices into your future events.

Even if you intend to change an event, 90% of the time you are better off cloning an existing event than starting from one of our wizards.


Event cloning assumes that the vast majority of your event will remain unchanged. Thus, the form asks for very little information:

Cloning form

Upon submitting the form, everything about the event will stay the same with the exception of the above dates, name and venue. We suggest you review the following for any event or date-specific details:

NOTE: Make sure all date functions are updated to current date.

Finally, use the preview tool to see each step exactly as it will appear to your attendees.

Once everything is set:

  1. Change event visibility flag and publish event
  2. Use the direct link to promote event
  3. Notify previous participants with the email blaster

Then get ready to manage registrations!

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