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Deferred Payments

Deferred payment processing is a powerful feature of that allows you to collect payment information at time of registration but not charge the account until some arbitrary later date. This could be when confirming a registration, after your cancel cutoff date, the day of the event or even the day after the event. You have 100% control. This feature is part of our Premium Plan.

It is especially attractive to organizations who offer liberal refund policies like programs where any driver who doesn't turn a wheel is entitled to a full refund. With regular payment processing, you would be subject to fees even when a participant is unable to attend. With deferred payment processing, you simply don't charge their account.

This feature also has the potential side effect of not charging the attendee until closer to the event which is normally well received.


For eventmasters who wish to process payment in bulk, the Payments tool will be your best friend. With as little as one click, you can process every outstanding payment for your event plus send a receipt to your attendees.


The deferred payment processing page begins with a list of your attendees. We preselect "Active" statuses for anyone who has an account on file. A sample page might look like:

Note that two attendee don't have accounts on file and therefore don't have checkboxes available. Since deferred payment processing requires payment info to be provided during registration, this scenario would only occur when a registrar manually enters an attendee.

By using the checkboxes and the batch "Preview" button at the bottom, eventmasters can review and then process all of the attendees in bulk. It's also possible to charge a single attendee by clicking the "Charge my account" button to the right. This option is also available when working with a single Attendee.

Failed Payments

It is common that some of the accounts on file, when ultimately charged, will fail. The longer the period between collecting the payment information and processing, the higher the likelihood. This is caused by several issues outside of your control:

  • Card was stolen or used fraudulently and canceled
  • Cardholder received new card in the mail
  • Cardholder has moved and the address verification no longer passes
  • Debit cardholders or checking accounts with insufficient funds

It is also possible that someone with an E-check account on file may bounce for other reasons including an invalid account number or insufficient funds. These issues will not appear for approximately 3-4 days due to the Federal U.S. ACH system. If they do, we reverse the payment and set the attendee status to "On Hold".

In all cases, the attendee in question is automatically added to our Automated Dunning queue.

Automated Dunning

Dunning is the process of following up with people who owe money and resolving their outstanding balances. If someone handed you a paper check and it bounced, the steps you would take to collect money would be a manual dunning process. eliminates that drudgery with our automated dunning process. Anytime an account on file or any e-check is declined, the attendee is added to a dunning queue triggering the following:

  • Attendee receives a daily email explaining the situation, asks them to return to and update their account info.
  • Unlike a normal deferred payment event, when an attendee in the dunning queue updates their payment information we automatically charge it on the spot to resolve it instantly.
  • Organizers are notified whenever an outstanding balance is paid off.
  • After two weeks, we notify the organizer of a potential bad debt with alternative ways of contacting the attendee and further suggestions.

Organizers can review their dunning queue at any time by looking at the Payments screen. Anyone pending collection is listed in a separate box at the top. If you would like to clear/remove anyone from the dunning process you can do so by clicking the 'clear' link next to the attendees name in this box.

Most attendees are embarrassed to learn their payment did not go through and quickly correct the issue. In 99.9% of cases, organizers will not lift a finger to see their funds are fully collected.

Fund Delivery Timeframe

Deferred payments are subject to the same delivery schedule as regular payments. See Pay Schedule for more details.

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