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Attendee Check In

For organizers with Internet connectivity at their venue via ethernet, wifi or air card, you can streamline the participant check-in process using our Check In feature. Here’s a short series of video tutorials (1 - 3 min each) demonstrating how to use the Check In tool.

This feature is limited to Premium and White Label plans.

Basic Check In

This is the most common type of check in you'll handle during registration.

Check In w/Balance Due + Assignment Changes

The video below demonstrates how to check in an attendee who has a balance due and needs to update their assignments such a vehicle info or transponder number.

Advanced Check In

The video below demonstrates how to add packages and assignments, apply payment and add/update event questions from the Check In screen.


What makes the Check In feature so useful is the lightning-fast searching and automatic check-in prompting. When typing in part of a name or member number, the first match will be automatically opened with notes and waiver fields.

Use the notes field to record crew or guests who are checking in or any other at-the-moment issues related to the registration.

If a balance is due, it will be displayed prominently and you can use the standard payment links for easy collection on site.

Use the Escape key to close the Check In window if you do not want to save.

If you have multiple registrars or staff checking in attendees, everyone will see changes as they happen enabling the sharing of information and workload.

Each checked in attendee is tagged with a timestamp and the attendee status is updated to reflect that they have arrived.

Update Check In

Attendee Check Ins may be edited after the initial entry. This can be useful for recording crew, guest or other information associated with the attendee including changes to their registration or participation.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Type anywhere at any time and the page will automatically start filtering by name or member number
  • After 4 seconds pause, any additional keystrokes will clear the search box and start over
  • After 4 seconds, you can also hit the ESC key to clear and show all attendees
  • When opening the check-in window, the ESC key will close the window and return to the list of attendees

Barcode Scanner Integration

Commodity USB bar code scanners ($20-40 from Amazon) plug into nearly any computer and can automate the entry of member numbers from membership cards. Organizations such as the SCCA print bar codes of the member number on every license and crew card which can be scanned to automatically bring up the attendee in question. See the above screencast for an example.

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