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Multiple Accounts

To facilitate one person registering another, each account may have an essentially unlimited number of sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can either share the same email address as the primary account or use their own, unique address.

During the registration process, one or more accounts may be registered for any number of events and then (optionally) paid for in a single transaction. This greatly streamlines the process of registering a family member, co-driver or team.


The personal information, organization memberships and participation history may be managed separately under the "My Account" tab. For all intents and purposes, each account is unique and separate (with a few caveats, listed below). It is a convenience that allows the primary account to register one or all of them.

Adding New Accounts

For existing account holders, you can add additional accounts for family, team members or friends for whom you will be registering in one of two ways.

During Registration

The easiest way to add another account is to click the "Register someone else" button when you are asked to select a participant for the registration:

You can also reach this screen after registering yourself or another profile from the the confirmation/payment step of the registration process. Clicking the "Add more attendees" button will take you back so you can select an existing account or add a new one:

Finally, we also offer a quick "register someone else" link from your dashboard after you've registered yourself or a sub-account for an event. It will take you to the same participant selection screen where you can use an existing account or add a new one:

Before Registration

If you're one of those people who loves to be organized, you could also set up the account in advance of actually needing it. By clicking your "My Account" tab, you'll have the option to add a profile:

Combine Existing Accounts

If you already have two accounts, you can transfer control so that one may register the other. The account to be controlled must sign in and give permission by entering the email address of the person who will be in charge going forward:

Primary accounts with existing sub-accounts may not be transferred to another account. At this time, an account is either a primary or sub-account but can not be both.

Revoke Control / Remove Account

If, at any time, you decide to no longer allow someone else to register you for events, you may unlink accounts or revoke permission by clicking the following link:

Once permission is revoked, the former primary account will no longer be able to see or edit your account information, your registration history or anything else. You will be removed from their account.

Sharing Email Addresses

Until April 2011, required each account holder to have a unique email address. At this time, any primary account may use the same email address for as many sub-accounts as desired. However, only one primary account may use any given email address.

Because password reset emails and other sensitive information may be sent to an email address, requiring the primary account holder to manage the sub-accounts ensures that the email address is carefully managed.

Shared Profile Data

We wrote above that accounts are for all intents and purposes completely separate. There are a few minor tweaks that we've made in order to make it more practical to register other people for common scenarios like teams or spouses or siblings. They include:

  1. Child accounts may use a parents' vehicle
  2. Child accounts may use a parents' permanent number
  3. Parent accounts may NOT use a childs' vehicle or permanent number (the child accounts can see the parent, but not the other way around)
  4. Credits are NOT shared among accounts
  5. Parents may use their billing account on file to pay for a child account. If the event uses our deferred payments, that token will be put on file for that event only.

Multiple Registrations

Putting it all together, the following screenshots demonstrate registering two people for one event. In this example we're going to log in as Tommy TeamOwner and his teammate Franky Fastshoes for one event. Adding additional attendees or more events is simply following these steps more than once.

First Registration

After finding the event on the calendar, begin by either logging in with an existing account or create a new account.
You may be requested to provide some organization-specific information. If so, fill in the form and continue.
Fill out the registration form for your first entry, answering all of the questions and submit at the bottom.
After successfully filling out the form, review your first registration. To add more attendees to this event, click the "Add more attendees" button. Alternatively, you could add more events for this driver too.

Second Registration

From the list of profiles, select the second profile if it already exists or, in this example, we'll add a new profile now.
Fill out the required information for the second participant.
Fill out the registration form for the second entry, answering all of the questions and submit at the bottom.

Preview and Pay for Both Registrations

Review both registrations. At this point, you could repeat the steps to add more attendees to this event or to register these people for other events. All registrations in progress will be shown on this confirmation screen.
If you have discounts to use, you'll be able to enter them on this screen. Credits will be automatically applied. Enter your payment information to finalize registration if available and/or required.

Remember that credits are not shared! If you create a new profile and wish to apply credit from one driver to another, you'll need to contact the registrar to transfer the credit.
You're done! Upon completing registration, you will receive an on-screen confirmation for each driver as well as one email per registration. Review the information carefully as organizers may provide documents for download or specify requirements.

If you elect to add a registration at a later date, you can do so from your dashboard with the "Add another attendee" link.