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An assignment (AKA "entry") is simply the combination of:

  1. Attendee
  2. Segment
  3. Vehicle
  4. Class
  5. Group
  6. Number
  7. Instructor

Only attendee and segment are required. When viewing a registration, it looks like this:

Example Assignment

Many organizers would think of some or all of this information as an "entry" in the event. Attendees can have zero or more assignments but we generally recommend having at least one per registration. Registrations with assignments can be sliced and diced along these parameters to create reports like:

  • Assignments by class or run group
  • Assignments by segment (such as Day 1 and Day 2)
  • Assignments ordered by number
  • Student-instructor assignments for driving schools

Organizers will identify these as some of their most basic and important reports and it is the Assignment that makes it possible.