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Add Attendee

Accepting registrations by paper, phone or email may necessitate adding an attendee by hand to an event. We make this process simple by using existing profiles and data and the registration form for the event. As organizers, you can bypass these rules if needed for special cases as well as add new participants to your database on-the-fly.

Add attendee link

The add attendee link is available from the Attendee list. The resulting options are visible in a short form on the subsequent page.

Add attendees to the event from the database or manually

Add from database

Using the search box, type a few characters from the name or email address you are looking to add.

If the participant is in your member database, the name(s) will appear for your selection. This will use the existing profile and data for the registration.

Using the form

In almost all cases, it will be advantageous to use the registration form rather than creating a blank registration. The effort put into creating your form will let you record all of the information as though the participant were performing the registration on their own. This includes getting packages, questions and assignments properly created.

Creating blank registrations

In special cases, such as staff or volunteer registrations, you may wish to skip the registration form and create a blank registration. This new registration will have no Assignments, Packages or Event Questions associated with it. It's generally more tedious to fill this information in by hand rather than use the registration form and we discourage it's general use. Why create an opportunity to miss something when your registration form will get it right?

Note that in cases where your registration form enforces certain rules (numbers, member validation, waitlisting), you may elect to create a blank registration as a way around those limits. However, even in these cases, you can always edit the registration after its created and bypass those limits making the form option still the preferred choice.

Add new member and to event

If the participant is not already in your member database (they may exist elsewhere in the system however, see promoting members for details), you may use the bottom link to both create the profile (and a vehicle) at the same time you add them to the event. This is essential for first-time attendees in order to quickly process their registration.

After entering for the first time, their name will be available when using the search box above.

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