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Processing Registrations

Most event organizers want to know what they need to do, if anything, on a day-to-day basis once registration is open. As registrations flow in, an optional workflow component of is available to help track and manage your attendees. Each registration has an attendee status that defaults to New or Waitlist New. Events where the organizer needs to confirm previous experience or participation requirements may require individual verification whereas competitive events where the attendee is responsible for providing accurate information may not require any action.

It's important to realize that, while we will make recommendations below, you can use the registration status to mean whatever you want.

How "New" and "Confirmed" are treated differently

The New and Confirmed statuses receive some special treatment in including:

Reviewing Registrations

What constitutes a valid registration is up to you as the event organizer, but there are usually a few things that everyone will want to look at:

  • Assignments at the top are present and look correct.
    • Does the vehicle look appropriate for the event/class/group?
    • Does the number, if selectable, look appropriate?
    • Are the segments selected appropriate for the packages they purchased?
  • Event Questions
    • Are they filled out as expected?
    • Do the answers make sense?
  • Packages and Payments
    • Are the packages selected appropriate?
    • Does the total look right for this kind of entry?
    • Are they paid or do they have an account on file?

For events that require a certain amount of previous experience, the list at the bottom of the registration will help make decisions about the suitability of this applicant.

If everything looks OK, you can update the registration to Confirmed by clicking the flag at the top next to the name. The flag will change to a form that lets you select the new status. We do not send an email when it is updated.

If you have questions about a registration, set the status to On Hold. This bucket will indicate (with a yellow question mark status icon) the registration has been reviewed and is pending more information before confirming the registration.

What if the registration is wrong?

As an organizer, you can always edit everything about a registration to correct it as needed. But what if the situation is such the registration needs to be canceled or deleted?

  1. Void or refund any payments under Packages and Payments as appropriate for your policies.
  2. Set the registration as canceled, declined or deleted by clicking the flag next to the name at the top. If a registration has a payment attached, it cannot be deleted.

Changing the status in batch

Rather than processing one registration at a time, it is also possible to change the registration status in batch from the attendee list. To make the review process go faster, try the following:

  1. Start on the attendee list
  2. Holding down CTRL key, click the names for each of the people you want to review to open a new tab for each attendee
  3. Using your mouse or CTRL+TAB, cycle through each of the open tabs
  4. Either change each registration as you review it or return back to the first tab (attendee list) and check the boxes in front of the registrations to be updated all at once

The use of multiple windows or tabs can greatly speed up your usage of for repetitive tasks like reviewing registrations.

Email Notices for Status Change

We do not currently send emails when you change status on a registration. To accomplish this, you have two possible approaches:

  1. Temporarily move the registrations in question to a status like "On Hold" which you can select in the email blaster and then move from On Hold to your desired status.
  2. Move the registrations to the target status and using the Email Blaster filtered to that status and customize the recipients by selecting and unselecting the appropriate recipients.

What if I want to do nothing?

For many kinds of events and organizations it's a perfectly acceptable strategy to leave all registrations as New. Competitive events like club racing and autocross usually require the attendee to provide the correct information so individual review doesn't make sense. If you want to leave everyone as New, there are a couple of things to be aware of:

  • Most reports default to only including Confirmed; either edit the report each time or save your own copy with New pre-selected.
  • There will be no way to monitor registrations to which you have made changes or reviewed. Consider using the Public or Private notes field.
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