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Your event is seen by more than just your contact list. As the #1 calendar of motorsport events online, our events are viewed by 1,000,000 people per year, bringing more attendees to your event.

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Our full-time professional support team is here for you and your attendees. It's like adding six devoted people to your team.

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Features that vroom

For motorsports only

No more Excel spreadsheets to manage classes, run groups, numbers or instructors. Our EventMaster 360° captures and manages every aspect of your motorsport event without playing "pass the spreadsheet".

Secure online payments

Participants pay with credit and debit cards. We handle the processing, PCI and tax compliance. Optionally verify and store accounts on file to be charged later. Manage refunds and credits without cutting a check. Accept USD, CAD, AUD, NZD and GBP.

Integrated surveys & elections

Always be learning! Collect unlimited feedback from your attendees or conduct club elections and report on it with our survey tool.

Email blaster

Reach any number of people at any time with automated bounce handling and never forget to BCC. Send an update to attendees or promote to those not yet registered so you send the right message at the right time.

Membership management

Collect all the info you need to maintain your membership database as well as collect fees. Automatically verify membership during registration.

As unique as you are

Make it your own by specifying classes, run groups, discount codes and venues. Set early and late pricing tiers, crew fees and staff comps. Customize what data you collect from attendees to stay organized. We fit you like a nomex glove.

Timing & Scoring integration

Populate your T&S system with accurate registration data with the click of a button. Predefined exports for AMB/MyLaps Orbits, AxWare,, AutoX/TS, Dorian, Trackside Software and most other scoring systems.

One-click reports

More than 45 off-the shelf reports or create your own to get what you need. Reports for registrars, stewards, timing & scoring, treasurer, medical crew and more saves you from swimming in data.

Short registration lines

Quickly check in your attendees by name or barcode, collect outstanding payment and record guests and crew with our Check-In tool. Creates an audit log recording the witness and waiver page signed in case of an incident.

Used by 3,200+ event organizers from 950 clubs, race tracks & sanctioning bodies
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"Registration went very well and at least 3 new people said they registered because they saw it on the MSR calendar, so that was very positive to hear. I love free advertising."
Katie Orgler
Mazda Sports Car Club of Washington D.C.
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"A significant number of our students discovered the Starting Line School because we were listed on MotorsportReg. It is a great tool to help folks find events and for organizers to get the word out."
Heyward Wagner
Sports Car Club of America
National Office
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"The level of customer support you provide and your responsiveness has been incredible — way beyond expectation. Sure MSR does great things, but I suspect other systems do great things as well. However, I can't imagine getting better support elsewhere, and I can imagine getting a lot worse."
Jack Kramer
Porsche Club of America Riesentöter
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"We switched to MSR after struggling with our in-house registration system for years. This allowed the staff to devote time previously spent recovering from system errors and short falls to growing our small nonprofit business, which we have exponentially. We are very happy with MSR, the staff is very creative, caring and responsive."
Bill Wade
Tire Rack Street Survival

Staffed by Track Junkies

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"I started MSR in 2002 to free up time that organizers could better use elsewhere. We eliminate the paperwork so you can focus on running great events."
Brian Ghidinelli