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Quattro de Mayo 2008

Audi Club NA - Georgia Chapter

Thursday, May 1 — Sunday, May 4, 2008
Blue Ridge Parkway: NC, Highlands, NC

Registration closed May 1, 2008 11:59 PM on May 1, 2008 11:59 PM EDT Registration ends May 1, 2008 11:59 PM on May 1, 2008 11:59 PM EDT Registration opens January 1, 2008 12:00 AM on January 1, 2008 12:00 AM EST Registration runs from January 1, 2008 12:00 AM to May 1, 2008 11:59 PM

OHIO Chapter ACNA, hosted by SE and Cherokee chapters presents:
Quattro de Mayo
1-4 May 2008
Traverse the Blue Ridge Parkway and RIDE the Dragon!
°                  Situation
o       Highlands NC: The town of Highlands was founded in 1875 by two developers living in Kansas who, according to legend, took a map in hand and drew a line from New York to New Orleans. Then they drew another line from Chicago to Savannah. These lines, they predicted, would become major trade routes in the future, and where they crossed would some day be a great population center. Their logic wasn’t completely insane when one recognizes that we are just over 120 miles from Atlanta.
§        Highest incorporated town east of the Mississippi River at 4,118 feet
§        One of the few temperate rain forests in North America
§        Year Round population on Highlands Plateau 3,200 swelling to over 18,000 in the summer
§        Salamander capital of the world
§        Lichen capital of the world
§        Population has grown 32% since 1990
§        Quick Facts
§        Recreational Opportunities: rafting, outdoor adventure, etc!
§        Waterfalls and hiking
o       MOTD: Minis on The Dragon- we estimate 500+ Minis will invade for their annual communal event. WE will plan to avoid their major turnouts Saturday and Sunday, but wave as you go by!
o       LEO: THP had some egregious enforcement on their side of The Dragon. Do NOT invite attention: Rule #1 remains in-effect, and ‘that’s all I’m going to say about that’.
o       Weather
§        Bring wet weather gear! As a temperate rain forest, you may find yourself needing the extra protection.
Celebrate quattro, and all things Audi/VAG. Join enthusiasts for fun in the sun, stunning and challenging drives, scenic vistas of the Great Smokey Mountains, and bench-racing at its best.


°                    Vision: SE Chapter ACNA hosts Audi and VW drivers from all over as we gather in Highlands NC 1-4 May 2008. Scenic vistas and sweepers, spirited driving, and waterfalls will mark our way as we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the GreatS mokeyMountains and western NC. Along the way, we’ll make a donation to a local charity benefiting (TBD) for good measure. A group pic and later dinner will cement old and new friendships in this moment in time.
Last year we had 40* for the "inaugural" event. Attendees came from LINY, Chicago, NJ, the SE, and even NOLA (figure all those out!). Expand our horizons and help us muster more attendees, and then sortie out to see the GreatSmokeyMountains! And, we may even challenge the Minis on The Dragon (MOTD) for supremacy over the Dragon (they're a great and frIendly bunch actually)!
°                  Execution
o       Organizational Concept: small groups Thursday and Friday, under the tutelage of a lead. Regional groups making their way here.
o       Recon: 28 December 2008 (from ATL) and TBD.
o       Thursday: Most groups enroute, especially Ohio! “Local” arrivals can hit the TOTD and do local explorations and route updates.
o       Friday- Small group runs: Thrash the Minis on Tail of the Dragon! Scour Transylvania for night creatures! Theme: Edgar Winters “They Only Come Out at Night!”
o       Saturday- Blue Ridge Parkway (stops enroute) and Asheville. Group pic (location TBD). Some loose time to tour downtown if you wish. Early dinner. This is a Touring run, not competitive or even aggressive. Come for the peace of mind and beautiful views.
o       Sunday- Small group runs. RTB.
o       Charity: we ask EVERY participant (passengers too!) to make a donation. Details under separate annex.
o       Coordination
§        Group Pic: location and specific time TBD.
§        Share a Room: Most of the rooms at Mitchell’s Lodge have more than one bed. I’ll have a link available for those who want to share. The cabins all have at least two bedrooms, so you can share if you like.
§      Info & Registration at MotorSportReg
The Blue Ridge Parkway-


Dragon map with names of curves!






















Links to other Dragon maps and info:




Graphics option 001

Audi über dem Drachen













Graphics option 002






°                  Logistics
o       Registration at MotorSportReg allows us to keep head counts, determine who wants what, and who needs what. Please log in to MSR and create an account. You can use it for DE, social and other club events! Nearly all the major motorsport clubs use it for their events. In over a year, we’ve never received any reports of spam. Surf the site to learn what’s up, and keep abreast of any changes. We’ll ask you about tees, stickers, when you plan to arrive, and give you additional info as it becomes available.
o       Lodging: Event HQ will be at Mitchell’s Lodge and Cottages, built in 1939 and family owned for three generations. Group rates are reserved until 1 March, and then they are released. Reserve early and get great prices!
o       Meals: we will have an organized dinner Saturday night to celebrate and cement old and new friendships. Meanwhile, explore these options!
§        On The Verandah   
§        Cafe' 460 in Main Street Pharmacy
§        Cyprus Highlands
§        Main Street Inn
§        Oak Street Cafe
§        Skyline Restaurant
§        The Chef and His Wife
§        The Fireside Restaurant (we can order a special breakfast opening time if we commit to them a sufficient number of paying customers!
o       Medical
§        Highlands Cashiers Hospital 828-526-1200 includes a 24H E/R
§        Ensure that organizers are aware of any special medical considerations for each attendee (Diabetes, etc)
o       Waivers: each participant shall sign a standard Wisenberg Waiver used by Audi. Minors will have a similar Waiver which must be signed by parent or guardian.
o       Tech and Maintenance/Repairs: every enthusiast respects the fact that driving hard stresses even the best vehicles (which we are!). Each of you should check your local shop and set up an appointment to make sure you are mission-ready. Here are some local shops in the area that have consistently provided us great service and help during events.
§        EuroTech Knoxville
§        MF Auto, also in Knoxville @ (865)523-7676
§        RingTec Atlanta
§        After Hours Auto Boutique (mobile tire service for premium cars) 706-676-1510 (Mike Manikas)
§ European Motorsports (Charleston SC and the low country) @ (843) 797-1235: ask for Chris!
o   Alternate Lodging: Hampton Inn (++), Highland Suites (+), Highlands Inn (++), Old Edwards Inn (+++), and Mountain High Hotel (+).
°                  Coordination and Communications
o       Communications:
§        Radios: each crew should bring FRS (family radio service) radios and chargers. Preferably, these should allow use of the side-bands (sub-freqs). We’ll announce freqs at the Drivers’ Briefings daily.
§        Cameras: bring plenty of batteries, chargers, and memory for your digital pics. Prepare to be amazed by the natural beauty of the area.
o       Coordination
§        SE Chapter is the Organizing and Host Chapter, assisted by Cherokee Chapter.
§        Ohio Chapter “holds the right of the line”, as the honorable originators of this growing event!
§        Threads
·        ACNA Event Calendar entry
·        AudiWorld SE Forum
·        AudiZine
·        Fat Dubs
·        Ohio VW
§        Drivers and friends have come from Louisiana, Connecticut, Chicago, northern Ohio, and everywhere in between. Make everyone welcome!
§        We’re considering an exchange of favorite libations in the Pavilion. Do consider your local favorites!
§        We will organize small groups, or sorties, of drives as well as long loops for those who wish to follow. The area is rich in routes to be enjoyed and savored. When you get a golf-tee, you’re part of a non-select group of VAG groupies. Feel free to trade groups and organize your own sortie.
§        Routes and POI- here are several examples of local attractions:
·        US 64
·        NC 106
·        NC 28
·        Wayah Road
·        Highlands to Clayton loop
·        The Dragon’s Cousin
·        More great roads in NC and the surrounding areas
·        Transylvania: ‘ware daemons and vampires!
·        Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) and special info about the BRP in NC
·        Caesar’s Head SC
·        Waterrock Knob located at BRP 451.2 milepost
·        Highlands, NC to The Dragon
§        Attractions in/around Asheville
·        Biltmore House, Asheville NC
·        Asheville, NC

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Audi Club NA - Georgia Chapter
Contact Ted Dannemiller
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Blue Ridge Parkway: NC
Location Highlands, NC
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