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2020 CSRG Board of Directors Election


Nov 22, 2019 - Dec 22, 2019

Welcome to the CSRG election for members of the 2020-2021 Board of Directors.

Directors serve for a two year term.

Current directors whose term expires at the end of 2019 are: Jon Norman, Steve Torp, Ethan Shippert, and Dan Wardman.  All four of these gentlemen are running for another term.

Current directors de Bretteville, Brown, and Lamantia have another year in their present terms.

Please vote for FOUR (4) of the five candidates. You can vote for fewer than four, but if you vote for more than four, your ballot will not be counted.

The five candidate's statements on why they seek your vote are shown below, in alphabetical order. If you have any questions about a candidate, please don't hesitate to e-mail them directly. If you have any questions about the election, please e-mail Geoff Pitts,



Jon Norman -
Hi. My name is Jon Norman and I have had the privilege of serving the members of CSRG on the Board of Directors for the past four years. I am running for reelection for the 2020-21 term.

Experience:  2020 will be my 53rd year as an active driver in SCCA and vintage racing.  I have served on the SCCA National Competition Board, Board of Directors, Regional Board of Directors and I am currently serving on the Thunderhill Board of Directors.  I would appreciate your vote.

Thank you, Jon Norman

Ethan Shippert -
Hello fellow members!  I have served on the board now for two terms. In that time, I have held the position of secretary, dutifully taking minutes of all the goings-on at the board meetings. I have been the formula car & sports racer liaison on the board for many of you submitting cars for logbook approval over the last few years. I have worked professionally as a mechanic in vintage racing for almost two decades now. This past year I opened my own prep shop, Shippert Racing Services. I have been involved in racing my whole life, and I have personally been racing since 1996. Over the past few years as I have served on your board, I have come to gain a new perspective on CSRG as a whole. I have gotten to know so many of you personally now, and if I could share anything with you before you vote, its to remind you that this is YOUR club. We on the Board are there to be your voices in the direction the club heads. With regards to everything from the types of cars we race, to the events we put on, the Board of Directors is merely a representation of the direction you would like to see YOUR club take. I myself, along with others on the BoD try very hard to be consistent and fair in our decisions, and we try very hard to think of any potential impact(s) our decisions may have. 

One of the things I think our club is good at is looking after the "little guy". We aren't like some other vintage racing organizations that keep raising the cost of events and stretching them into 5 and 6 day long ordeals. I think its important that our club (and to that end our BoD as well) doesn't lose sight of who we are and the niche that we fulfill in the world of vintage racing. Our club is the "little guy" in a room of 800 lb gorillas and I think we do a great job looking after our members and creating a club atmosphere that isn't always prevalent at the marquee events in our sport. CSRG has always punched above our weight and I would love to see us continue to do that. 

If reelected, I would like to continue to serve as secretary. I would also like to continue in my position as formula car & sports racer liaison. I would love to see the club take on an event in the future that has community involvement. Something like the Snowmass event that happened in Colorado for a few years, or the Pittsburgh event that goes on in Schenley Park every year. I think the club could also benefit from a spring driver education type of event, and I hope to put something in play to that effect in the coming year.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your consideration.

Ethan Shippert

Steve Torp -
Please, allow me to continue to serve as a member of the CSRG Board of Directors.  Thank you for your vote.

Dan Wardman -
I am seeking your vote to continue as a member of the CSRG Board for another 2 years.   I have served on the board for the last 3 years and have been an active racer with CSRG since 1993.  My wife Sharon is also a racer and has been competing with CSRG since 2005. ( I drive a Lotus Europa in G2 and she a Rene Bonnet D'jet in G1)   

I initially ran for the board 3 years ago because I wanted to help out with  the organization and running of the club. I wanted to be able to be a voice for owner/driver production car racers who, I believe, have always been the core of CSRG.   I have served with fellow board members in car classification.  I have  been a part of all the key decision making for the club and believe I have represented the perspective of the car owner/driver/mechanic  in board meetings.   I would like to be able to continue my efforts and ask for your vote of support.​​​​​​​

Dave Zurlinden (aka DZ)  -
As a CSRG member, I have enjoyed both the racing and the comradery of our club since joining in 2003, while being a racing member of SCCA and other clubs since 1989.  I currently race my ’69 Merlyn FF in the Crossflow Cup and non-Cup CSRG events, but over the years have raced many other open and closed-wheel cars in CSRG and with other groups including HMSA, VSCDA, VARA, SOVREN, PCA, even NASA (!).  I have seen the good, the bad, and the needs-to-improve-a-lot in many clubs and race events, and can bring that experience to help guide our fantastic club, CSRG.

In the world of motorsports in general, and in vintage racing specifically, CSRG is a very rare, special, and unique club that provides all of us a fantastic venue to enjoy both our cars and our comradery.  We need to keep the club that way, and if elected to the Board, I will do my best to work with the other Board members and ALL members to make sure that happens. Our unusually high standards for car originality, presentation, and period-correctness are what make our events so great, and so much fun.  Our driving/racing standards are equally high, and those, too, must be respected, maintained, and enforced. As a Board member, I will be committed to maintaining and improving all of those standards where necessary or possible.

Thanks very much, will appreciate your vote! 




Our 2020 Annual Member Meeting and Dinner has been scheduled for Saturday February 8th at Fantasy Junction in Emeryville, CA.  RSVP for the event by clicking HERE.


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