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2019 CSRG Board of Directors Election


Dec 4, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018

Welcome to the CSRG election for members of the 2019-2020 Board of Directors.

Directors serve for a two year term.

Current directors whose term expires at the end of 2018 are: Scott Brown, Locke de Bretteville, and Dan Wardman.  All three of these gentlemen are running for another term.

Current directors Norman, Olson, Shippert and Torp have another year in their present terms.

Please vote for THREE of the six candidates. You can vote for fewer than three, but if you vote for more than three, your ballot will not be counted.

The six candidate's statements on why they seek your vote are shown below, in alphabetical order. If you have any questions about a candidate, please don't hesitate to e-mail him. If you have any questions about the election, please e-mail Geoff Pitts,




Scott Brown - 650.261.9051 -

Greetings CSRG Members,

My name is Scott Brown, I grew up in Speedway Indiana two miles from turn 4. I have happily served on the board for the past six years. I joined CSRG in 2001, starting with a couple of MGAs

alongside Ed Lamantia (Fast Eddie), and moved to MGBs a number of years ago. Beyond the monthly board meetings, I work pro-bono developing CSRG print advertising, banners and promotional materials for the David Love and Charity Challenge weekends, as well as the art used for our Facebook postings, Tech Stickers and the Stickers we hand out annually. For the past two years I’ve been charged with Log Book distribution/documentation and assisting Dan Wardman and Mitch Rossi on production car submissions.

It’s been exciting to see vintage racing evolving over the past decade. The goal is to keep CSRG as a classic vintage organization, and not just another run-what-you-brung group, we must make small changes to survive. I have pushed hard for several changes including Spec Miatas at the Thunderhill events and the growth of Group 8.  We are starting to see a difference in car counts in both, a collective goal for our club.

Performance creep has become a common conversation at CSRG. I will work with the CSRG Board of Directors to make sure cars remain compliant, drivers are safe and it’s members are heard.   

Vote for Scooter! Thank you. See you at the track!


Locke de Bretteville - 408.406.6588 -

I first went on the CSRG Board in 2013 and was given the task of increasing entries and enlarging the club’s profile in the vintage racing world. To that end, entries have increased annually, even to the point of having to turn down entries for one oversubscribed event for the first time ever. The cost to raise the club’s profile was negligible, so the effect was a much improved bottom line & a healthier club.

If re-elected, I would like to see the focus of the board be, 1) to emphasize driver safety and hold accountable those with poor on track behavior; 2) increasing the ‘new blood’ at our events in the form of tie-ins with youth charities; car clubs & track day groups that might be looking to try vintage racing; 3) the enforcement of era-appropriate vintage car preparation, the first step being the sub-group car classifications that have just now been put into play & 4) continuously reviewing car eligibility with the aim of attracting a new generation of vintage car enthusiasts; 5) continually critiquing & improving the fun factor at our events; 6) improving Thunderhill participation and 7) development of Race Group organizers.

I ask you for your vote as an endorsement for the aforementioned aims.  Thank you.


Ed Lamantia - 707.935.0533 - 

Hello CSRG Members,

My name is Ed Lamantia. I joined CSRG in 2001 and have been a racer for 40 years. I have had the honor of racing  many cars with CSRG, including Formula B’s, Sports Racers, Nascar, MGA’s, MGB’s and Turners. Serving on the CSRG Board for 8 years, I’ve taken the past few years off, and would like the opportunity to serve our CSRG membership once again, by assisting with production car submission, as well as helping new members understand our sport of vintage racing.  As Huffaker Engineering’s GM, I have years of experience in the area of production and sports cars.

My goal as a board member is to never lose sight that CSRG is a nonprofit, member-run organization. Our mission is to keep our members safe and coming back for more.

Thank you for your consideration. Shiny side up!


Forrest Teran - 415.794.6769 -

Hello CSRG members. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Forrest Teran. I have worked in the vintage car world for over 20 years now, even though I am only in my mid 30's. I started as a teenager apprenticing for Phil Reilly where I worked on everything from F1 cars to Pebble Beach showcars, and this is where I met most of you. Some of you I met when I drove with CSRG as a youth in a Cooper Norton F3 car, some of you I've met while I've been working with Dave Vegher at Veloce Motors over the past few years. The point is vintage racing is more than my passion, its my livelihood. I am fiercely protective of it and I don't like to see things change too drastically to upset the apple cart. CSRG is a great group and I want to give back a little and work for the people that I have enjoyed racing with for so long. Please consider me when you make your vote, and thank you! 


Dan Wardman- 408.836.4537 -

Fellow club members,   

    2018 was my 25th season racing with CSRG.  It was also my 2nd year on the board.  I have enjoyed my time on the board.   My enthusiasm for the club of which I have been a member for all these years has  only grown. I would like to continue my service to the club via participation on the board.   I have been able to participate in decision making, work on car submissions, and generally represent the interests of small bore production racers .    I hope to continue in that role and ask for your vote. I believe that CSRG is really a club that must serve the needs and desires of its members and I will stay focused on those needs as a board member,   Thank you.


Frank Zucchi - 925.294.5666 -

My name is Frank Zucchi. I own Frank Zucchi Restoration Inc., which has been in my family for 60 years, restoring high end and specialty cars. So needless to say cars are in my blood!   I have personally been in the racing world for 44 years, starting in go kart racing , to SCCA BCRA, Midget, Sprint car. IMSA, Nas-Sport both as a professional and as an amateur. I have also been a driving instructor for 30 years,and been chief steward for SCCA,  A long time member of the FCA, I served on the Ferrari Club of America's Pacific Region's board for over a decade, the last position as President. I still run the Virginia City Hill-climb and annual Delta Dash for the club. In 2015 was the Chairman of the International Ferrari Meet, which turned out to be the most successful International meet  that Ferrari ever had. I have been supporting CSRG for many years and would really like to give back to the club by being on the board and adding whatever I can.  Thanks.





Our 2019 Annual Member Meeting and Dinner has been scheduled for Saturday January 26th at Fantasy Junction in Emeryville, CA.  RSVP for the event by clicking HERE.


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