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Attendee List

The Sixteenth Annual Wild Hare Run


Friday, Apr 6 — Sunday, Apr 8, 2018

Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

3-Day Event   132 entries

Jump to: Groups 1 & 3 Small Bore Production (35), Groups 6 and 8 Large Bore Production (19)

Groups 1 & 3 Small Bore Production   35 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
7 Avatar Image Patterson, Susan 3 A Production 1964Ford Cobra New Braunfels, TX
37 Placeholder Avatar Logan, William 3 Improved Touring 1990Mazda Miata Wilmington, NC
4 Avatar Image Bullard, Shawn 3BS 1974Alfa Romeo GTVTim Rooney's Garage Arlington, VA
36 Avatar Image Wood, John 3BS 1972BMW 2002tiiBreu-Hous Racing Dalton, MA
68 Avatar Image Oddi, Leo 3CP 1968Triumph 250OddiTy Racing Fredericksburg, VA
82 Avatar Image Oritt, Michael 3CP 1961Ginetta G-4Slow Dance Racing Lusby, MD
11 Placeholder Avatar Parke, Hervey 3CP 1965Ginetta G4 Waccabuc, NY
24 Placeholder Avatar Schepens, Stacey 3CP 1964Morgan 4/4 Atlanta, GA
152 Placeholder Avatar Chapman, Dan 3DM 1965Brabham BT8 New Braunfels, TX
72 Placeholder Avatar Bondon, Dave 3DP 1963Morgan 4/4Splinter Group Racing Duluth, GA
48 Avatar Image Cunningham, Bob 3DP 1971Porsche 914-4Black Forest Racing Denver, NC
62 Avatar Image Deanes, Rob 3DP 1962Triumph TR-4RFDracing Wilmington, NC
95 Placeholder Avatar Drews, Tony 3DP 1963Triumph TR-4Uncle Jack's Racing Moline, IL
78 Placeholder Avatar Edsinger, Dave 3DP 1966Yenko Stinger CoupeMountaintop Motorsports Frederick, MD
44 Placeholder Avatar Goode, Allen 3DP 1967Triumph TR4AAbacus Racing Virginia Beach, VA
57 Placeholder Avatar Sanders, Douglas 3DP 1974Fiat 124 SpiderBaucom Motorsports Charlotte, NC
166 Placeholder Avatar Shepard, Spencer 3DP 1966Chevrolet CorvairShepard Automotive Charlotte, NC
177 Placeholder Avatar Tetterton, Dean 3DP 1964Triumph TR4 Richmond, VA
86 Placeholder Avatar Wheatley, Mark 3DP 1962Triumph TR4 Nashua, NH
133 Avatar Image Briggs, Simon 3EP 1972MG BTeam B-Stingers Durham, NC
159 Placeholder Avatar Dunn, Peter 3EP 1963Morgan 4x4 Midlothian, VA
162 Avatar Image Fontanella, John 3EP 1967MG BJJFontanella LLC Annapolis, MD
29 Placeholder Avatar Frye, Henry 3EP 1968Triumph TR250Beady Eye Vintage Triumph Racing Team, Eastern Division North Granby, CT
43 Avatar Image Giffin, Hank 3EP 1959Elva Courier Norfolk, VA
18 Placeholder Avatar Harrison, James 3EP 1964MG MGBRound Man Racing Annapolis, MD
116 Placeholder Avatar Hasty, John 3EP 1959Triumph TR3AHasty Racing Gastonia, NC
98 Placeholder Avatar Lasater, Robert 3EP 1970MG MGB GT Sperryville, VA
34 Placeholder Avatar Morrison, Mike 3EP 1975MG B Lyman, SC
333 Placeholder Avatar Poteet, Jack 3EP 1962Morgan 4x4 Morganton, NC
66 Avatar Image Seifert, Craig 3EP 1966MG MGB Oakdale, PA
9 Avatar Image Styduhar, John 3EP 1962Triumph TR3B Hermitage, PA
136 Placeholder Avatar Thumel, Bill 3EP 1959Elva CourierAbacus Machine Virginia Beach, VA
90 Placeholder Avatar Zubko, Michael 3EP 1961Porsche 356 Roadster Medina, WA
70 Avatar Image Bojalad, Joey 3FM 1960Elva MK VIFarzo Motorsports / TriEnergy Sewickley, PA
676 Placeholder Avatar Phillips, Baxter 3FM 1956Lotus Eleven Manakin Sabot, VA

Class Totals: 3 A Production: 1, 3BS: 2, 3CP: 4, 3DM: 1, 3DP: 10, 3EP: 14, 3FM: 2, 3 Improved Touring: 1

Groups 6 and 8 Large Bore Production   19 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
168 Placeholder Avatar Buckner, Lee 6 Outlaw Vintage 1968Ford Mustang FastbkOld Skool Racing Powhatan, VA
170 Placeholder Avatar Buckner, Robin 6 Outlaw Vintage 1970Chevrolet CamaroOld Skool Racing Powhatan, VA
23 Placeholder Avatar Friedman, Alan 6AP 1973Porsche 911 RSR Carmel Valley, CA
3 Placeholder Avatar Ralph III, George L 6AP 1966Superformance Cobra MkIII Fruitland, MD
52 Placeholder Avatar Moser, Dennis 6AS 1964Pontiac GTO N. Wilkesboro, NC
47 Placeholder Avatar Sproles, Greg 6BP 1966Ford Mustang Haymarket, Vi
8 Placeholder Avatar Adelman, Sharon 8AP 1965Ginetta G4RNone Free Union, VA
181 Placeholder Avatar Curry, Scott 8AP 1976Datsun 280ZPirate Racing, LLC Decatur, AL
02 Placeholder Avatar Gonda, Les 8AP 1973MG B GT V8Abacus Racing Keswick, VA
38 Placeholder Avatar Wright, George 8AP 1972Datsun 240 Z Henrico, VA
161 Placeholder Avatar Costanzo, Henry 8BP 1973Datsun 240ZTollyrat Racing Marietta, GA
316 Placeholder Avatar Bryan, Skip 8BS 1972BMW 2002 The Villages, FL
230 Placeholder Avatar Jones III, W. Russell 8BS 1972Alfa Romeo GTV Richmond, VA
206 Avatar Image Liles, Joe 8BS 1970BMW 2002Autobarn classic cars. com Charlotte, NC
99 Avatar Image Vaccaro, Vince 8BS 1972Alfa Romeo GTVCaptain Lawrence Brewing S. Salem, NY
62 Avatar Image Cone, Ceasar 8DP 1967Alfa Romeo Duetto Charlotte, NC
88 Placeholder Avatar Netterstrom, Paul 8DP 1961Lotus Super 7 Cocoa Beach, FL
7 Avatar Image Jemison, Richard 8EP 1967Alfa Romeo Spider DuettoRjR Racing / Scuderiagiallo.com Pensacola, FL
28 Placeholder Avatar Korman, Ray ITS 1984BMW 325eKorman Autoworks Greensboro, NC

Class Totals: 6AP: 2, 6AS: 1, 6BP: 1, 6 Outlaw Vintage: 2, 8AP: 4, 8BP: 1, 8BS: 4, 8DP: 2, 8EP: 1, ITS: 1

54 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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