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Attendee List

The Sixteenth Annual Wild Hare Run


Friday, Apr 6 — Sunday, Apr 8, 2018

Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

3-Day Event   50 entries

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Group 1   11 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
109 Placeholder Avatar McCormack, Mack 1CS 1966Morris Mini Cooper SLouvers Unlimited Craryville, NY
10 Placeholder Avatar Haddock, Ralph (Chip) 1DSR 1980Legrand MK 18Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems Orlando, FL
41 Placeholder Avatar Chamberlain, Nick 1FP 1967Austin Healey Sprite Beaverdam, VA
49 Placeholder Avatar Conrad, David 1FP 1959MG A Roadster Nashville, TN
42 Placeholder Avatar George, Carl 1FP 1959MG A Sebring Coupe Brentwood, TN
13 Placeholder Avatar Labat, Becky 1FP 1973MG Midget Milledgeville, GA
61 Avatar Image Russell, Eric 1FP 1961MG MGARound Tuit Racing Mebane, NC
62 Avatar Image Smith, Larry 1FP 1962MG MidgetBlue Tarp Racing Richmond, VA
774 Placeholder Avatar Bane, David 1FV 1971Formula Vee Autodynamics MK IIIPurple Patch Motorsports Bland, VA
69 Avatar Image Jackson, Mike 1FV 1969Shadowfax FVJ R R Tolkein Palm Beach Gardens, FL
17 Avatar Image Slater, Tim 1GP 1965Triumph SpitfireBiggles Racing West Palm Beach, FL

Class Totals: 1CS: 1, 1DSR: 1, 1FP: 6, 1FV: 2, 1GP: 1

Groups 2, 5, and 7 - open wheel   22 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
9 Placeholder Avatar Buttrose, Paul 2CF 1980Crossle 40FMick Dundee Fort Lauderdale, FL
21 Placeholder Avatar Fairchild, Dave 2CF 1979Zink Z-10 Midlothian, VA
20 Placeholder Avatar Fairchild, Scott 2CF 1978Zink Z-10 Powhatan, VA
77 Placeholder Avatar Field, Storm 2CF 1976Crossle 30FJoisey Boyz Racing Irvington, NY
10 Placeholder Avatar Fraelich, Thomas 2CF 1979Crossle CF Marathon, FL
511 Avatar Image Gaither, John 2CF PRS RH-01Cricket Farm Motors Arden, NC
28 Placeholder Avatar Kinsey, David 2CF 1980Zink Z-16Abacus Racing Virginia Beach, VA
27 Avatar Image Meis, Doug 2CF 1974Lola T340Team Escargot Winston Salem, NC
63 Avatar Image Nettleship, Scott 2CF 1981Crossle 45F Wake Forest, NC
11 Placeholder Avatar Zatz, Robert 2CF 1979Lola T540Robert J. Zatz, DMD Family Dental Care Ashford, CT
57 Avatar Image Albert, Robert L 2FF Chevron B67-88RB Environmental Consulting Irwin, PA
33 Avatar Image Beard, Ron 2FF 1987Crossle 65FFLiqui-Box Hockessin, DE
00 Placeholder Avatar Kimbrough, Greg 7CSR 1996Toyota World Sports Racer Lawrenceville, GA
22 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Davis 7HS2 1984Tiga SC84 Raleigh, NC
51 Avatar Image Kane, Tom 7HS2 1983TIGA SC83 Lynchburg, VA
17 Avatar Image Coombs, Mark 7S2 1990Lola T90/90 Sports 2000Speed Unlimited Chicago, IL
13 Avatar Image Payne IV, Henry 7S2 1989Lola 90 Bloomfield Hills, MI
010 Avatar Image Konsin, Steve 7VS2 1985Swift DB2 Roswell, GA
116 Placeholder Avatar Payne, Samuel 7VS2 Lola T90 Bloomfield Hills, MI
8 Placeholder Avatar Allison, David Historic Formula Ford 1969Alexis Mk 14 Dunn, NC
16 Placeholder Avatar Bradpiece, Bernard Historic Formula Ford 1972Crossle 20F FF Annapolis, MD
54 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Brian Historic Formula Ford 1969Lotus 51 Siler City, NC

Class Totals: 2CF: 10, 2FF: 2, 7CSR: 1, 7HS2: 2, 7S2: 2, 7VS2: 2, Historic Formula Ford: 3

Group 3   11 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
4 Avatar Image Bullard, Shawn 3BS 1974Alfa Romeo GTVTim Rooney's Garage Arlington, VA
36 Placeholder Avatar Wood, John 3BS 1972BMW 2002tiiBreu-Hous Racing Dalton, MA
68 Avatar Image Oddi, Leo 3CP 1968Triumph 250OddiTy Racing Fredericksburg, VA
82 Avatar Image Oritt, Michael 3CP 1961Ginetta G-4Slow Dance Racing Lusby, MD
62 Avatar Image Deanes, Rob 3DP 1962Triumph TR-4RFDracing Wilmington, NC
95 Placeholder Avatar Drews, Tony 3DP 1963Triumph TR-4Uncle Jack's Racing Moline, IL
86 Placeholder Avatar Wheatley, Mark 3DP 1962Triumph TR4 Nashua, NH
18 Avatar Image Fontanella, John 3EP 1964MG B Annapolis, MD
29 Placeholder Avatar Frye, Henry 3EP 1956Triumph TR3Beady Eye Vintage Triumph Racing Team - Eastern Division North Granby, CT
9 Avatar Image Styduhar, John 3EP 1962Triumph TR3B Hermitage, PA
27 Avatar Image Williamson, Kenny 3EP 1963MG MGB Pensacola, FL

Class Totals: 3BS: 2, 3CP: 2, 3DP: 3, 3EP: 4

Groups 6 and 8   6 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
168 Placeholder Avatar Buckner, Lee 6 Outlaw Vintage 1968Ford Mustang FastbkOld Skool Racing Powhatan, VA
170 Placeholder Avatar Buckner, Robin 6 Outlaw Vintage 1970Chevrolet CamaroOld Skool Racing Powhatan, VA
23 Placeholder Avatar Friedman, Alan 6AP 1973Porsche 911 RSR Vienna, VA
4 Avatar Image Levine, Mike 6ASR 1965Chevrolet Corv8Dante's Down the Hatch Cumming, GA
31 Placeholder Avatar Coffin, Robert 8BS 1973Mazda RX3Tristram's Garage Dobson, NC
28 Placeholder Avatar Korman, Ray ITS 1984BMW 325eKorman Autoworks Greensboro, NC

Class Totals: 6AP: 1, 6ASR: 1, 6 Outlaw Vintage: 2, 8BS: 1, ITS: 1

50 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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