Club de Corredores De Circuito PR announces CCCPR Track Day Octubre 25 2020 Sunday, October 25, 2020 attendees at Salinas Speedway, Salinas, PR 00751 (6203) > Attendees |

Attendee List

CCCPR Track Day Octubre 25 2020

Club de Corredores De Circuito PR

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Salinas Speedway, Salinas, PR

Track Time  19 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Alcrudo, Miguel Confirmed Subaru sti
Placeholder Avatar Areizaga, Angel Confirmed 1999Porsche
Placeholder Avatar Arroyo, Kervin Confirmed 2010BMW
Placeholder Avatar Cancel, Wilfredo Confirmed 2015Subaru WRX
Avatar Image Cuyar, Javier Confirmed 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Egurrola, Armando Confirmed 2014Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Iglesias, Jose Confirmed 2017Ford Shelby GT350
Avatar Image Lugo, Humberto Confirmed 1992Honda CivivN/A
Avatar Image Luquis, Radhames Confirmed 2018Subaru WRX STIAlterno Agency
Placeholder Avatar Ocasio, Kermell Confirmed BMW E-30 Blanco
Placeholder Avatar Ortiz, Eduardo Confirmed Subaru Subaru STINil
Placeholder Avatar Rivera Carrasquillo, José Fishi Confirmed 1995Honda CivicInsane Motorsports
Placeholder Avatar Rivera Ortiz, Jose A Confirmed 1987Porsche Carrera
Avatar Image Rivera-Rios, Josue Confirmed 2015Subaru WRXORBITA
Placeholder Avatar Rosado Arroyo, Jose A Confirmed 1992Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Santa, Jesus Confirmed 2018Fiat 124 spiderJ&T Cars PR/ Mishimoto
Placeholder Avatar Santiago, Jose Confirmed 2003Nissan 350zJose Santiago, Inc.
Avatar Image Santiago, Jose C Confirmed 2004Subaru
Avatar Image Varona, Jose Confirmed 2018Honda Civic type r 2018Herba Life/Chillums

19 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.