Club de Corredores De Circuito PR announces CCCPR Track Day Octubre 24 2020 Saturday, October 24, 2020 attendees at Salinas Speedway, Salinas, PR 00751 (0946) > Attendees |

Attendee List

CCCPR Track Day Octubre 24 2020

Club de Corredores De Circuito PR

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Salinas Speedway, Salinas, PR

Track Time  18 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Aviles, Luis Confirmed Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Placeholder Avatar Besosa, Pepo Confirmed 2000Honda S2000
Placeholder Avatar Cantres, Armando Confirmed 2019Honda Type R
Avatar Image Fernandez, Glory Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataCiclon Energy Drink
Placeholder Avatar Kidd, Oscar Confirmed 1998BMW M3
Avatar Image Kwong, Chester Confirmed Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Llona, Antonio Confirmed 1998BMW 328Liberty
Avatar Image Lugo, Hugo Confirmed 2020Honda Civic typeR
Placeholder Avatar Ocasio, Kermell Confirmed BMW E-30
Placeholder Avatar Ramos, Alberto Confirmed 2016Ford Focus STsimRacingPR
Placeholder Avatar Rivera, Axel Confirmed 1993Honda CivicJRZ Suspension / RaceFactory
Avatar Image Rodriguez, Eduardo Confirmed 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Ruiz de Val, Jose A Confirmed 2003Mitsubishi Evolution 8
Placeholder Avatar Sanchez, Jose Confirmed 2013Hyundai ELANTRA
Placeholder Avatar Santiago Rivera, Thomas Confirmed 2020Honda Civic siJ&Tcarspr
Placeholder Avatar Sotero, Carlos Confirmed 2019BMW BMW COMPETITION or EVO X
Avatar Image Suarez, Antonio Confirmed 2013Honda Civic SiRaceFactory
Avatar Image Vento, Javier Confirmed 2000Mitsubishi EclipseValvoline

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