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2017 SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics


Friday, Jun 30 — Sunday, Jul 2, 2017

Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA

Groups listed are generic and may have cars moved or groups combined for field sizes or speed adjustments just prior to the event.

If your car class isn't listed please contact the registrar to correct this. The goal is to have a complete entry list for our spectators. Keep in mind that some cars may seem out of place but they may be racing on different tires. (skinny vs. not, etc)

Weekend  178 entries

Jump to: Group 3 Large Bore Production (27), Group 4 Formula/Club Ford / Formula B (18), Group 5 & 6 Formula/SportsRacers (Combined) (16), IMSA GTO/GTU, TA, GT SP, etc. (19), Group 1a Vintage/Historic Smallest Bore/Formula V (19), Group 1B Bigger Small Bore (18), Group 2A Smaller Mid Bore (8), Group 2b Historics Bigger Medium Bore (32), Group 8 Cars that don't normally fit other groups (21)

Group 3 Large Bore Production   27 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Avatar Image Sutherland, Ken Sherwood, OR
72 Placeholder Avatar Edelstein, Dave AP 1969Chevrolet Corvette Bellingham, WA
68 Placeholder Avatar Kallberg, Curt AP 1967Chevrolet Corvette Madras, OR
69 Placeholder Avatar Kunicki, Dave AP 1969Chevrolet CorvetteBlue Max Lighting Surrey, BC
14 Placeholder Avatar Parent, Matt AP 1969Chevrolet Corvette Bellevue, WA
96 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Jim AP 1965Chevrolet corvetteClaims Recovery Management Chatsworth, CA
2 Avatar Image Stotschek, Ralph AP 1982Chevrolet CorvetteSafe Sober Secure Inc. Cochrane, AB
24 Placeholder Avatar Dunphy, Randy AS 1965Ford Falcon Kent, WA
11 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Jeff AS 1964Studebaker DaytonaEasley Motors Sisters, OR
74 Placeholder Avatar Benson, Don BP 1974Porsche RS Blaine, WA
64 Avatar Image Eberle, Lee BP 1964Jaguar E-TypeEberle Vivian Auburn, WA
98 Placeholder Avatar Hooper, Bob BP 1966Ford Mustang GT350 Kalispell, MT
94 Placeholder Avatar Loeffler, Gerald BP 1965Sunbeam Tiger Puyallup, WA
166 Placeholder Avatar Mackenzie, Del BP 1965Ford Mustang Everett, WA
186 Avatar Image Parsons, Mike BP 1966Ford Shelby GT350 Olympia, WA
17 Placeholder Avatar Smith, E Michael BP 1967Ford MustangPatriot Fire Protection Battle Ground, WA
01 Avatar Image Healy, Cameron CP 1974Porsche RS 3.0 Portland, OR
2 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt FIA G4 1966Ford GT40 MkII Lacey, WA
8 Avatar Image Brandhoff, Maurizio Factory 5 FFR 1965 Cobra Costa Mesa, CA
98 Avatar Image Nadalin, Anthony Factory 5 1965FFR ChallengeFactory Five Racing Kirkland, WA
28 Avatar Image Salvaggio, Karen Factory 5 1965Factory Five Racing Daytona R-Model CoupeThunder Valley Racing Hemet, CA
23 Placeholder Avatar Cantrell, Tom TA 2005Dodge Charger Auburn, WA
4 Avatar Image Conte, Joseph TA 1968AMC JavelinN/A Houston, TX
28 Placeholder Avatar De Vitis, Nick TA 1968Ford Mustang Sammamish, WA
7 Placeholder Avatar Roark, Greg TA 1969Chevrolet Camaro North Bend, WA
48 Avatar Image Smith, Lance TA 1970Chevrolet CamaroHuntington Cars San Diego, CA
10 Placeholder Avatar Woolsey, Mike TA 1970Ford Mustang Ridgefield, WA
Group 4 Formula/Club Ford / Formula B   18 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
92 Placeholder Avatar Ballantyne, John FF 1968Titan MK4Harvest Moon Brewing Montana City, MT
3 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Graeme FF 1974ADF Formula Ford Parnell
38 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Dan FF 1970Titan MK6Cowdrey Racing Winnetka, CA
13 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Jason FF 1000 Oaks, CA
69 Placeholder Avatar Grieger, David FF 1971Lotus 69 FF Seattle, WA
2 Avatar Image Hola, Kelly FF 1972Lola T 204 Kailua Kona, HI
Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Roland FF
84 Placeholder Avatar Lanning, Mike FF 1970Titan Mk6 Edmonds, WA
78 Placeholder Avatar Lyford, Charlie FF 1970Caldwell D9bT-Zero Racing Inc. Bellevue, WA
6 Avatar Image Maros, Michael FF 1972Titan Mk6 Bellevue, WA
90 Avatar Image Morrison, Daniel FF 1968Lotus 51 Snohomish, WA
02 Placeholder Avatar O'Connor, Chuck FF 1970Winkelmann Palliser Port Townsend, WA
26 Placeholder Avatar Posner, Quinn FF 1977Crossle 32FPosner Law Office, PC Camas, WA
80 Placeholder Avatar Posner, Robert FF 1970Titan Mk6b Bellevue, WA
33 Avatar Image Roberts, Trout FF 1981Crossle 45FMammy Lo/DnD Fabricating/My Rich Uncle VISA/My kids inheritance. Tucson, AZ
57 Avatar Image Rogers, Jeff FF 1970Lola T200 FF425 Motorsports Bellevue, WA
72 Placeholder Avatar Schoap, Chris FF 1970Titan FF Mark VI Eugene, OR
91 Placeholder Avatar Stern, Don FF 1981Van Diemen RF81 (B)Mike Wiegele Helicipter Skiing White Salmon, WA
Group 5 & 6 Formula/SportsRacers (Combined)   16 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Placeholder Avatar Cantrell, Tom CAN-AM 1969Alan Mann Can AmFord Auburn, WA
63 Placeholder Avatar Braggs-Smith, Rupert CSR 1976Lola 492 Beatty, NV
41 Placeholder Avatar DelBene, Kurt F1 1964BRP F1 Medina, WA
11 Placeholder Avatar Soden, Matt F2 1984ARGO JM-17 Sedro Woolley, WA
94 Placeholder Avatar Haga, Eric F5000 1972Lola T300 Renton, WA
25 Placeholder Avatar Liebsack, Joe FA 1984Ralt RT-4 Sammamish, WA
16 Placeholder Avatar Nicholas, Allen FA 1978March 78 BAMAPP Racing Prunedale, CA
11 Placeholder Avatar Rugh, David FA 1982Ralt RT5 Ridgefield, WA
34 Avatar Image Gordon, Joe FB 1966Brabham BT18 Carnation, WA
75 Avatar Image Lovell, Greg FB 1968Forsgrini Mk 10Dave Bean Eng. Lake Tapps, WA
26 Placeholder Avatar Osborne, Timothy FB 1967Brabham BT21 Woodinville, WA
55 Avatar Image Kamerer, Alain FC 1975Crossle 51F Formula2000 Spokane, WA
165 Placeholder Avatar Karlberg, Allen FM Starr Mazdanone Camano Island, WA
4 Placeholder Avatar Kemper, Jr, Melvin David FM 1987Russell FM Toledo, WA
2 Placeholder Avatar Rankin, John FSV 1977Saracen PRH22Beach Racing Cars Normandy Park, WA
7 Avatar Image Briscoe, Chandler S2000 1983March S2000 Renton, WA
IMSA GTO/GTU, TA, GT SP, etc.   19 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
05 Placeholder Avatar Battye, Ian C7 Caterham R500 Gig Harbor, WA
6 Placeholder Avatar Beachman, Bruce C7 Caterham SevenBeachman Racing Woodinville, WA
3 Placeholder Avatar Forsyth, Tom C7 Caterham SevenBeachman Racing Kirkland, WA
79 Placeholder Avatar Gamroth, Jeff CP 1977Porsche 911Rothsport road and race Sherwood, OR
33 Placeholder Avatar Parent, Matt Exhibition 1988Oldsmobile Cutlass NASCAR Bellevue, WA
3 Avatar Image Parsons, Mike Exhibition 1994Chevrolet Lumina Olympia, WA
103 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Thor FIA G2 1974BMW 3.5L Kirkland, WA
17 Placeholder Avatar Hohagen, Gunther GT1 1979Porsche 911Chris's German auto / All Way Construction Tacoma, WA
99 Placeholder Avatar Holmes, Mike GT1 2000Ford Taurus Bellevue, WA
1 Avatar Image Yip, Doug GT1 1979Ford Mustang GT1Engines of Interest North Vancouver, BC
73 Placeholder Avatar Ornstein, Jonathan GT2 1985Chevrolet Corvette Phoenix, AZ
77 Placeholder Avatar De Vitis, Nick GTO 1988Chevrolet Beretta IMSA/ TA Sammamish, WA
44 Avatar Image Fonseca, Alberto Pro44 1988Porsche Redmond, WA
53 Avatar Image Bushnell, Jim SP911 1979Porsche 911SCCantrell Motorsports / Chris's German Auto / Ray & Jim Racing Seattle, WA
27 Placeholder Avatar Duthie, Glen SP911 1978Porsche 911 SC Enderby, BC
93 Avatar Image Estes, Kevin SP911 1984Porsche 911 Sequim, WA
29 Placeholder Avatar Green Jr, Earl SP911 1973Porsche 911Rothsport road & race Beaverton, OR
81 Placeholder Avatar Rygg, Bob SPM Porsche 911 Bothell, WA
15 Avatar Image Briscoe, Bradley TA 1976Chevrolet Greenwood Corvette Renton, WA
Group 1a Vintage/Historic Smallest Bore/Formula V   19 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
283 Avatar Image Erickson, Ron BP 1957Chevrolet Corvette Bainbridge Island, WA
66 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Steven CS 1965Volkswagen Bug Lake Oswego, OR
27 Placeholder Avatar Pillar, Jerry EP 1965Alfa Romeo Spider Oregon City, OR
30 Placeholder Avatar Woodward, John EP 1962Morgan 4/4WORK-WOODWARD EQUIPMENT Aurora, OR
414 Avatar Image Escriva, Doug FIA G2 1957Austin 100-6 MMTeam Healey PDX Portland, OR
65 Placeholder Avatar McCaw, Bruce FM 1960Austin Healey Sebring Sprite Bellevue, WA
154 Avatar Image Duncan, Rod FP 1962MG MidgetPeggy, Owen and Spencer Victoria, BC
59 Avatar Image Flores, Karlo FP 1959Austin Healey Bugeye SpriteJuan Day Vancouver, BC
82 Avatar Image Franks, Dave FP 1967Austin Healey Sprite Durham, OR
07 Placeholder Avatar Hare, Steve FP 1969Fiat 124 Coupe Gig Harbor, WA
1 Placeholder Avatar Newby, Stephen FP 1965MG Midget Lake Tapps, Wa
46 Placeholder Avatar Pidcock, Phil FP 1965Triumph Spitfire Duncan, BC
29 Avatar Image Stuart, Gil FP 1967Volvo P1800 Nanaimo, BC
00 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Krista FV 1968Zink C-4 FV Bothell, WA
97 Avatar Image Kerney, Jeff FV 1968Lynx FV Maple Valley, WA
76 Placeholder Avatar Wardman, Dan GP 1963Rene Bonnet D'jet San Jose, CA
149 Placeholder Avatar Johnstone, Parker HP 1967Austin Healey Sprite H ProdAirstream Adventures NW Wilsonville, OR
11 Avatar Image McKinley, Greg HP 1979Fiat X19Blindman Racing Liberty Lake, Wa
12 Placeholder Avatar Walker, Bob HP 1967MG Midget Federal Way, Wa
Group 1B Bigger Small Bore   18 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
37 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Shelby BS 1969Alfa Romeo GTV Vancouver, BC
98 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Bill CM 1957Triumph Deven Carnation, WA
48 Avatar Image Shaha, Kevin CS 1967Toyota Sprinter Dover, ID
260 Avatar Image Clark, Stephen EP 1959Elva Courrier Indian Wells, Ca
91 Placeholder Avatar Conner, Arthur EP 1961Porsche 356 S90Wife Saltspring Island, Ca
83 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Norm EP 1962Lotus 19 Camarillo, CA
03 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Andrea EP 1963MG B tacoma, WA
41 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Will EP 1965MG BPat Hart Racing Kirkland, WA
35 Placeholder Avatar Heacock, Greg EP 1967Costin Nathan GT Maple Valley, WA
43 Placeholder Avatar Loveall, Jim EP 1960Porsche 356 Edmonds, WA
43 Placeholder Avatar Matychowiak, Tom EP 1959Elva Courier Harbor, OR
82 Placeholder Avatar Mertz, Brian EP 1967Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint San Clemente, CA
63 Placeholder Avatar Pickstone, Tim EP 1963Porsche 356C Salt Spring Island, BC
68 Avatar Image Poole, Steve EP 1972MG MGB Roadster Shoreline, WA
40 Placeholder Avatar van der Marel, Roger EP 1967Alfa Romeo GTV North Vancouver, BC
22 Placeholder Avatar Bloomquist, Dale FM 1960Lola Mk 1 Seattle, WA
99 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Thor FM 1959Lotus 17 Kirkland, WA
33 Placeholder Avatar Chandler, Mike FP 1968Datsun 510 Seattle, WA
Group 2A Smaller Mid Bore   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
11 Placeholder Avatar McCaw, Bruce CP 1964Alfa Romeo Guilia TZ Bellevue, WA
46 Avatar Image Mehl, Michael DP 1962Triumph TR4Mike Mehl Vancouver, WA
51 Placeholder Avatar Quick, Jeffrey DP 1967Triumph TR4-A Kent, WA
56 Avatar Image Scott, Bart DP 1966Triumph GT625842 Calgary, AB
130 Placeholder Avatar Zbarsky, Ralph FIA G2 1967MG B/GT works Vancouver, BC
41 Placeholder Avatar DelBene, Kurt FM 1960Lola Mk 1 Medina, WA
88 Placeholder Avatar Kinsman, Tom FM 1962Bobsy Camano Island, WA
15 Placeholder Avatar Thorson, Thor FM 1962Elva MK 6 Issaquah, WA
Group 2b Historics Bigger Medium Bore   32 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
81 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt BP 1969Porsche 911S Lacey, WA
13 Avatar Image Briscoe, Deborah BS 1972Alfa Romeo GTV Renton, WA
156 Placeholder Avatar Deilke, Michael BS 1969BMW 2002 Langley, WA
22 Placeholder Avatar Durr, Dan BS 1968BMW 2002 Tacoma, WA
52 Placeholder Avatar Froula, Jim BS 1971Datsun 510Racecraft Woodinville, WA
304 Placeholder Avatar Godsoe, Mark BS 1968BMW 2002 Renton, WA
82 Placeholder Avatar Haym, Paul BS 1969BMW 2002 Vancouver, BC
002 Placeholder Avatar Hufnagl, Tom BS 1971BMW 2002 Fall City, WA
3 Avatar Image Kingstone, Dave BS 1967Alfa Romeo GT Kenmore, WA
8 Placeholder Avatar Lyford, Laurie BS 1969BMW 2002T-Zero Racing Inc. Bellevue, WA
99 Placeholder Avatar McKean, Bruce BS 1969Alfa Romeo GTVAutostrada Gig Harbor, WA
42 Avatar Image Murray, David BS 1967BMW 1600 Tacoma, WA
88 Placeholder Avatar Murray, John BS 1968BMW 2002 Kirkland, WA
55 Avatar Image Scherrer, Tony BS 1967Alfa Romeo GTVTony & Amy Scherrer Seattle, WA
84 Avatar Image Daugs, Dennis CP 1965Porsche 911 Seattle, WA
64 Avatar Image Erickson, Ron CP 1969Porsche 911 Bainbridge Island, WA
4 Placeholder Avatar Gilmore, Steve CP 1967Porsche 911 Camas, WA
44 Avatar Image Mitchel, Charly CP 1969Triumph TR6Mitchel Plumbing Co. Tacoma, WA
240 Placeholder Avatar Mullen, Mark CP 1971Datsun 240Z Everett, WA
57 Placeholder Avatar Newman, Jeffrey CP 1965Ginetta G4 Oregon City, OR
92 Placeholder Avatar Reischl, Michael CP 1967Porsche 911S Kent, WA
119 Placeholder Avatar Scollard, Robert CP 1969Lotus Super 7 Beaverton, OR
65 Avatar Image Smith, Eric CP 1969Porsche 911Paragon Real Estate Bellevue, WA
176 Avatar Image Tesch, Jake CP 1970Datsun 240z Mica, WA
16 Placeholder Avatar Tisdale, Gary CP 1972Porsche 914-6 Seattle, WA
00 Avatar Image Levitt, John DP 1968Datsun FairladyBuiltWell Construction Kirkland, WA
393 Avatar Image Nadershahi, Arash DP 1969Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Bellevue, WA
26 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt FIA G4 1965Lotus 26R Lacey, WA
04 Placeholder Avatar Herb, Ted FM Merlyn Mk 6A Redmond, WA
96 Placeholder Avatar Roth, Jim FM 1962Lotus 23 PV Estates, CA
9 Placeholder Avatar Simer, Bill FSR 1962Lotus 23 Spokane, WA
38 Placeholder Avatar Moriarty, Josh Pro44 1984Porsche 944Fordahl Motorsports Graham, WA
Group 8 Cars that don't normally fit other groups   21 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
96 Placeholder Avatar Bercovitz, Brian PRO3 1987BMW 325Lovitt Motors/Lowe Group Racing Bothell, WA
16 Avatar Image Berger, Werner PRO3 1990BMW 325isLIQUI MOLY N.A./Werner's Auto Klinik/Red Zone Racing Delta, BC
150 Placeholder Avatar Berryman, Martin PRO3 1988BMW 325iBimmerWorld/ Coquitlam, BC
55 Placeholder Avatar Byers, Kyle PRO3 1989BMW E-30Byers Custom Autobody Nagy Autohaus Wicked Fabrication PPG Equipment Unlimited Auburn, WA
119 Avatar Image Cissell, Jim PRO3 1987BMW, LLC Seattle, WA
137 Avatar Image Ecker, Bill PRO3 1987BMW 325iCK Financial Services/RedLine Oil Olympia, WA
167 Avatar Image Gillespie, John PRO3 1988BMW 325iLiqui Moly, Werners Auto Klinik, and RedZone Racing Delta, BC
91 Placeholder Avatar Hovington, Daniele PRO3 1987BMW 325Lovitt Motors/Lowe Group Racing Bothell, WA
141 Placeholder Avatar Johnston, Rob PRO3 1989BMW 325iMr.Noodles/Fresh Gourmet/Mrs.Cubbisons Abbotsford, BC
168 Placeholder Avatar King, Brian PRO3 1990BMW 325 IPro Pit Racing Lake Tapps, WA
151 Placeholder Avatar Lowell, Matt PRO3 1989BMW 325iKD Motorsports / Matt's Greenwood Auto Care Brier, WA
24 Placeholder Avatar McAffer, Jeff PRO3 1990BMW 325iKD Motorsports / Scared Hare Racing Kirkland, WA
105 Placeholder Avatar McKean, Parker PRO3 1986BMW 325Accuracy Automotive Gig Harbor, WA
244 Placeholder Avatar Peters, Corey PRO3 1989BMW 325iKD Motorsports Newcastle, WA
35 Avatar Image Richert, Lance PRO3 1988BMW Bellevue, WA
173 Placeholder Avatar Roberts, Clete PRO3 BMW 325i Pro3Proformance Racing School Redmond, WA
172 Placeholder Avatar Stenner, David PRO3 1989BMW Port Coquitlam, BC
6 Placeholder Avatar Weller, David PRO3 1987BMW 325is425 Motorsports/Market House Meats Kirkland, WA
242 Placeholder Avatar Wellington, R G PRO3 1987BMW 325isKD Motorsports Tacoma, WA
170 Avatar Image Whitman, Edward PRO3 1987BMW 325Family Everett, WA
117 Avatar Image Winters, Gordon PRO3 1988BMW 325iKD Motorsports Newcastle, WA

178 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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