SCCA - Reno Region announces SCCA Reno Region Track Event/Time Trial #2 Saturday, June 9, 2018 attendees at Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA 95988 (0351) > Attendees |

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SCCA Reno Region Track Event/Time Trial #2

SCCA - Reno Region

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA

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Track Event (Formerly PDX)  46 entries
Track Event   46 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
17 Placeholder Avatar Aguilar, Pedro Track Event - Advanced 2013Mini Cooper JCW GPA&L Tire Co. Ridgecrest, CA
13 Placeholder Avatar Broili, Eric Track Event - Advanced 2004Volvo S60R Reno, NV
01 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Bryan Track Event - Advanced 1993Chevrolet cavalier Z24 Reno, NV
Avatar Image Buchanan, John Track Event - Advanced 1988Honda CRX Reno, NV
3 Placeholder Avatar Dunlap, M J Track Event - Advanced 2015Mini Cooper Port Orchard, WA
322 Placeholder Avatar Melson, Steve Track Event - Advanced 1991Nissan 300zx Reno, NV
99 Placeholder Avatar Moore, Tim Track Event - Advanced 2012Mini JCW Sparks, NV
10 Placeholder Avatar Wallace, Kevin Track Event - Advanced 1991Mazda Miata Sparks, NV
44 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Byron Track Event - Intermediate 2017Honda Civic Type-R Sparks, NV
8 Placeholder Avatar Bailey, Ryan Track Event - Intermediate 2017Ford GT350 San Jose, CA
17 Placeholder Avatar Bentley, Gay Track Event - Intermediate 2002Porsche 996 Reno, NV
16 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Robert Track Event - Intermediate 1979Chevrolet Camero REno, NV
7 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Forrest Track Event - Intermediate 2016Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
11 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Karen Track Event - Intermediate 2017Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
95 Placeholder Avatar Cook, Chuck Track Event - Intermediate 1995Ford Mustang Carson City, NV
8 Placeholder Avatar Greene, Jacub Track Event - Intermediate 2005Volvo S60R sparks, NV
9 Placeholder Avatar Hallerbach, Boris Track Event - Intermediate 2010Porsche Boxster Reno, NV
56 Avatar Image Hayward, Daniel Track Event - Intermediate 2008Audi TT Quattro 3.2 Reno, NV
89 Avatar Image Held, Mark Track Event - Intermediate 2016Ford FOCUS RSMishimoto, Rotora, Anderson Composites Reno, NV
707 Avatar Image Hoffman, Justus Track Event - Intermediate 2001Honda S2000 Santa Clara, CA
41 Placeholder Avatar LaFleur, Anthony Track Event - Intermediate 2015Nissan 370Z Reno, NV
999 Placeholder Avatar Martinez, Steven Track Event - Intermediate 2004Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Elko, NV
39 Placeholder Avatar Novak, Bernie Track Event - Intermediate 1990Mazda MiataA+ Racing San Jose, CA
35 Placeholder Avatar Novak, Peter Track Event - Intermediate 1990Mazda MiataA+ Racing San Jose, CA
45 Placeholder Avatar Ortiz, Marcus Track Event - Intermediate 2007Subaru WRX Sparks, NV
47 Placeholder Avatar Pitts, Ted Track Event - Intermediate 2012Porsche 911 Reno, NV
4 Placeholder Avatar Pyle, Jim Track Event - Intermediate 2006Chevrolet Corvette Truckee, CA
9 Placeholder Avatar Vuppalapati, Dwarak Track Event - Intermediate BMW M3 Reno, NV
09 Placeholder Avatar Apallas, Chris Track Event - Novice 2009Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Napa, CA
11 Placeholder Avatar Apallas, Nicholas Track Event - Novice 2002BMW M3None Napa, CA
59 Avatar Image Buchanan, Anna Maria Track Event - Novice 1988Honda CRX Reno, NV
77 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Hannah Track Event - Novice 2016Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
1 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Jeremiah Track Event - Novice 2017Chevrolet Corvette Sparks, NV
29 Placeholder Avatar Dack, Chris Track Event - Novice 1994BMW 325 IS Minden, NV
89 Placeholder Avatar Held, Rachel Track Event - Novice 2015Audi RS5 Reno, NV
42 Placeholder Avatar Hitchcock, Greg Track Event - Novice 2017BMW M330xi Reno, NV
707 Avatar Image Hoffman, Justus Track Event - Novice 2001Honda S2000 Santa Clara, CA
12 Placeholder Avatar Hung, Kenny Track Event - Novice 2014Subaru WRX Reno, NV
44 Avatar Image Huybers, Steve Track Event - Novice 2006Chevrolet Corvette Reno, NV
43 Placeholder Avatar Jacobson, Roger Track Event - Novice 2003Chevrolet corvette z06 Reno, NV
1940 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Jeffrey Track Event - Novice Cadillac CTS-VJay Reynolds Reno, NV
17 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Carley Track Event - Novice 2016Mazda Mazda 6 Carmichael, CA
18 Placeholder Avatar Kale, David Track Event - Novice 1994BMW 325 IS Minden, NV
73 Placeholder Avatar Lesher, Jason Track Event - Novice 2012Subaru WRX Reno, NV
009 Placeholder Avatar Moghaddam, Ash Track Event - Novice 2009Porsche Carrera S Sparks, NV
0 Placeholder Avatar Shore, David Track Event - Novice 2005Lotus Exige Sparks, NV

Class Totals: Track Event - Novice: 18, Track Event - Intermediate: 20, Track Event - Advanced: 8

Time Trial (Formerly CT and TT)  33 entries
Time Attack   33 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
322 Placeholder Avatar Melson, Steve Club Trials - Production A 1993Mazda rx7 Reno, NV
79 Avatar Image Thiessen, Greg Club Trials - Production A 2012Lotus, EBC Brakes Reno, NV
3 Placeholder Avatar Berish, James Club Trials - Production B 2017Ford Mustang Sparks, NV
17 Placeholder Avatar Dickson, Dick Club Trials - Production B 2013Mini Cooper JCW GPA&L Tire Co. Ridgecrest, CA
77 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Tupper Club Trials - Production B 2001Ferrari 550 Maranello Gardnerville, NV
13 Placeholder Avatar Broili, Eric Club Trials - Production C 2004Volvo S60R Reno, NV
45 Placeholder Avatar Kovac, Adam Club Trials - Production C 1999Mazda Miata Reno, NV
666 Avatar Image McLaughlin, Jerry Club Trials - Production C 2006Porsche Cayman SBetter Health Chiropractic Reno Reno, NV
52 Placeholder Avatar Duddy, Brian Club Trials - Production D 1991Toyota MR2 Dublin, CA
14 Placeholder Avatar Hayes, Amy Club Trials - Production D 1999Mazda Miata Carson City, NV
55 Avatar Image Jensen, Mike Club Trials - Production D 2000Mazda Miata Cameron Park, CA
6 Avatar Image Smith, Don Club Trials - Production D 1997Mazda MiataTotal Crew Services, Inc Reno, NV
21 Placeholder Avatar Assadourian, Arax Formula 1000 2007Stohr F1000 Parker, CO
17 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Barney Formula First ROYALE RP 18A Pebble Beach, CA
75 Avatar Image Sewell, Dan GT-2 1996BMW M3 Sparks, NV
09 Placeholder Avatar Lipilina, Elina ITA 1971BMW 2002Rally Good Bread Santa Rosa, CA
23 Avatar Image Auerbach, Adam Prototype 2 2016TracKing Reno, NV
91 Avatar Image Allen, Christopher Spec Miata 1990Mazda Miata RICHMOND, CA
31 Avatar Image Dockery, Thomas Spec Miata 1990Mazda Miata Los Altos, CA
12 Placeholder Avatar Raymond, Hank Spec Racer Ford 1984Spec Ford Racer South Lake Tahoe, CA
4 Placeholder Avatar Viso, Joe Spec Racer Ford SCCA Enterprises SRF GEN2 San Jose, CA
33 Placeholder Avatar Aramburu, Bert Track Trials-Production A 1997Porsche Boxter Santa Cruz, CA
37 Placeholder Avatar Geusch, Timo Track Trials-Production A Campbell Evolution
88 Placeholder Avatar Aguilar, Pete Track Trials-Production B 2016Ford Mustang GT Ridgecrest, CA
88 Placeholder Avatar Chio, Patrick Track Trials-Production B 2004Nissan , Z car garage San Leandro, CA
12 Avatar Image Drouin, Davey Track Trials-Production C 1992Honda civic Lodi, CA
62 Placeholder Avatar Lockett, Al Track Trials-Production C 1989Honda Civiclockett inc. Carson City, NV
29 Avatar Image Knauf, Scott Track Trials-Production D 1991Mazda MiataRuss auto and RV Reno, NV
208 Placeholder Avatar McSwiggin, Rich Track Trials-Production D 1992BMW 318ISStrike Brewing Reno, NV
67 Avatar Image Helfrich sr, Donovan VP1 - Vintage Production up to 1900cc 1974MG Midget Cottonwood, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Bentley, Eric VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc 1963Chevrolet Corvette Reno, NV
75 Placeholder Avatar Foster, Michael VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc 1975BMW 2002 Reno, NV
35 Placeholder Avatar Haney, Daniel VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc 1970Datsun 510 Carson City, NV

Class Totals: Formula 1000: 1, Formula First: 1, Prototype 2: 1, GT-2: 1, ITA: 1, Spec Miata: 2, Spec Racer Ford: 2, VP1 - Vintage Production up to 1900cc: 1, VP2 Vintage Production 1901cc - 3200cc: 3

Instructor   14 entries
Driving Instructor   14 entries
Name Class Hometown
Avatar Image Cardinal, Court Instructor Carson City, NV
Placeholder Avatar Diamond, Eric Instructor Willows, CA
Placeholder Avatar Dickson, Dick Instructor Ridgecrest, CA
Placeholder Avatar Geusch, Timo Instructor
Placeholder Avatar Hatchet, Brent Instructor willows , CA
Placeholder Avatar Lockett, Al Instructor Carson City, NV
Placeholder Avatar Majors, Art Instructor Carson City, NV
Placeholder Avatar McCord, Sam Instructor Reno, NV
Avatar Image McLaughlin, Jerry Instructor Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar McMillen, Chris Instructor Minden, NV
Placeholder Avatar Pyle, Jim Instructor Truckee, CA
Placeholder Avatar Reynolds, Jay Instructor Sparks, NV
Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Tupper Instructor Gardnerville, NV
Avatar Image Stedronsky, Erwin Instructor Reno, NV

Class Totals: Instructor: 14

Official   10 entries
Event Official   10 entries
Name Class Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Housel, Pat Emergency Services sparks, NV
Placeholder Avatar Ross, Andy Flagging & Communication Sparks, NV
Placeholder Avatar Diamond, Eric Operations Control Willows, CA
Avatar Image Deborde, Carol Registration Minden, NV
Placeholder Avatar Wulff, Kingston Starter Reno, NV
Avatar Image Davis, Cory Technical Inspectors Sparks, NV
Avatar Image Deborde, Dave Time Trials Comp Director Minden, NV
Avatar Image Knauf, Scott Time Trials Safety Steward Reno, NV
Avatar Image Smith, Don Time Trials Safety Steward Reno, NV
Placeholder Avatar borden, leon Time Trials Safety Steward stagecoach, NV

Class Totals: Operations Control: 1, Flagging & Communication: 1, Emergency Services: 1, Registration: 1, Starter: 1, Technical Inspectors: 1, Time Trials Safety Steward: 3, Time Trials Comp Director: 1

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