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Attendee List

NWAA AX1 2019


Sunday, April 21, 2019

Columbia Gorge Regional Airport, Dallesport, WA

Have you had second thoughts about coming to an event? Worried about the competition? Meeting the requirements of the rules? Worried about the personality of the other competitors? I bid you no worries! I had some when I joined the club, and I can tell you with assurance we are the best club around for having FUN! Feel free to contact us at any time with questions.

Attendee List

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# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
32 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Andrew 2008Mitsubishi Evo Portland, OR
77 Placeholder Avatar Batryn, Keith 2014Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Wilsonville, OR
3211 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Peter Porsche Boxster Portland, OR
316 Placeholder Avatar Casselton, Doris 1996Mazda MiataNorthwest Machine Service Hillsboro, OR
613 Placeholder Avatar Casselton, James 1996Mazda MiataNorthwest Machine Service Hillsboro, OR
999 Placeholder Avatar Cates, Cary Eagle TalonMidnight Trich Farm The Dalles, OR
42 Placeholder Avatar Covel, Dan 1999BMW M Roadster Vancouver, WA
68 Placeholder Avatar Finnell, Dale 2006Mazda MX5 Vancouver, WA
142 Avatar Image Healy, Dennis 2015Ford MustangSteeda | Department of Boost | Anderson Composites | QA1 Lake Oswego, OR
3469 Placeholder Avatar Holt, Charles 2017Subaru BRZAriel Truss Company, Inc Ariel, WA
307 Avatar Image Holt, Chuck 1986Toyota Corolla Woodland, WA
003 Avatar Image Hunker, Alex 1999Mazda Miata Beaverton, OR
557 Avatar Image Hunker, Steven 2009Lotus Elise Beaverton, OR
313 Avatar Image Karl, Eric 2018Audi TTRS Portland, OR
666 Placeholder Avatar Katona, Daniel 1992Honda CivicMidnight Trich Farm, Fix Auto Inc, SPR The Dalles, OR
300 Placeholder Avatar Leendertse, Nate 1999Mazda Miata Beaverton, OR
253 Placeholder Avatar Mason, Henry 1992Mazda Miatatomorrow.me Seattle, WA
308 Placeholder Avatar McNeal, Andrew 1991Nissan 240 Ariel, WA
129 Placeholder Avatar Olerich, Jami 2012Nissan 370z6 squirrels wearing superman capes Oregon City, OR
97 Placeholder Avatar Olsen, Greg 1965Factory Five Roadster Beaverton, OR
60 Placeholder Avatar Paraskevas, Alex 2013Subaru BRZ Independence, OR
318 Placeholder Avatar Ravert, Chris 1989Honda Civic LongView, WA
91 Avatar Image Reetz, Shane 1991Honda CRX Portland, OR
3 Placeholder Avatar Richins, Kenny 2005Mitsubishi Evolution Moses Lake, WA
2 Avatar Image Roark, Jared 1983Mazda RX-7 The Dalles, OR
304 Placeholder Avatar Ross, Josh 1992BMW 325i Vancouver, WA
43 Placeholder Avatar Sallee, AJ 1972Datsun 1200 Sedanclean clear through window cleaning Vancouver, WA
57 Placeholder Avatar Sallee, Jerry 1971Datsun 1200 SedanIncyte corp / VA Vancouver, WA
22 Placeholder Avatar Schuback, Steven 2005Lotus Elise Wilsonville, OR
321 Placeholder Avatar Scott, Diane 2002Porsche Boxster Portland, OR
117 Avatar Image Sisson, Doug 1972Datsun 1200BLUEHANDSFABRICATION.COM Milwaukie, OR
787 Placeholder Avatar Soler, Miguel 2018Subaru WRX Hood River, OR
29 Avatar Image Spring, Rob 2012Nissan 370z6 squirrels wearing superman capes Oregon City, OR
76 Placeholder Avatar Tanner, Carl 2005Nissan 350zBaseball Vancouver, Wa
12 Avatar Image Weinberg, Christopher 2001Mazda Miata MX5 Beaverton, OR
25 Placeholder Avatar Westenskow, Allen 2001Toyota MR2 Spyder Portland, OR
139 Placeholder Avatar Whiteley, Seth 2003BMW M3PDX Inspect PORTLAND, OR
99 Placeholder Avatar Wu, Richard 2015Chevrolet Camero Portland, OR
305 Placeholder Avatar Young, Jeremy 1991Nissan 240SX Vancouver, WA

39 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.