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NWAA Does ORP Sept 23rd 2019


Monday, September 23, 2019

Oregon Raceway Park, Grass Valley, OR

  Check back here to see who's coming. See you at ORP, Rob!

Group "A" 20 drivers    Group "B" 20 drivers  Group "C" 20 drivers 

 This event will be ran Counter Clock Wise!

Even Cover sheet, Schedule, Flags, Passing Zones and Tech form will be sent out via email the week prior to the event.

Please do not choose a number already taken. Thanks!

For over night camping at the ORP, the gate will close/locked at 9pm Sunday!

Last day to add extra Lunches is the 15th of September

Weather  .


Sunday night the gate for camping will be open until 9PM.


DRY Camping only, Restrooms with showers. It's very windy there at times, if you have a Tent/Pop-Up Shade, TIE THINGS DOWN. Camping at the track is free. Camping is on pavement or rocks. There is also camping outside the gate (if you arrive after its locked: 9pm Sunday), and it is also on the same rocks that's on the inside of the gate. Be warned, there are snakes outside the gates.

For Other Lodging Click Here

Oregon Raceway Park Homepage


Drivers  44 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
66 Placeholder Avatar Aebischer, David New Group A First time at ORP 2004BMW M3
17 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Kevin New Group C Advance 1990Mazda Miata
88 Placeholder Avatar Bratt, Steve New Group B Intermediate 1996BMW M3
54 Placeholder Avatar Burton, Warren New Group A First time at ORP 1974MG GTIf wife had a better job id b faster.
316 Placeholder Avatar Casselton, Doris New Group A First time at ORP 1996Mazda MiataNorthwest Machine Service
17 Placeholder Avatar Cogburn, Garrett New Group C Advance 1989Nissan 240SX
45 Placeholder Avatar Conrath, Kelly New Group A First time at ORP 1990Acura integra
45 Placeholder Avatar Conrath, Terry New Group B Intermediate 1990Acura integra
76 Placeholder Avatar Cosby, William New Group C Advance 2007Chevrolet Z06
22 Avatar Image Crocker, Rocky New Group C Advance 2016Ford MustangExtreme CMT
29 Placeholder Avatar Drouet, Doug New Group C Advance 1982Volkswagen JettaTire Sport
47 Avatar Image Ferguson, Blake New Group B Intermediate 2006BMW M3
711 Placeholder Avatar Gonzalez, Ralph New Group A First time at ORP 1980Volkswagen Scirocco
7 Placeholder Avatar Hockett, Roy New Group A First time at ORP 2017Ford Mustang GTClassic Corral
416 Placeholder Avatar Holt, Charles New Group A First time at ORP 2017Subaru BRZAriel Truss Company, Inc
307 Avatar Image Holt, Chuck New Group B Intermediate 2014Toyota FRSPEAK INNOVATION MOTORSPORTS
604 Placeholder Avatar Hoonjan, Kal New Group C Advance 2014Porsche GT3
88 Avatar Image Hunker, Max New Group A First time at ORP 2000Mazda Miata
557 Avatar Image Hunker, Steven New Group B Intermediate 2009Lotus Elise
67 Placeholder Avatar Isaacs, Jared New Group B Intermediate 2006Porsche Cayman S
10 Placeholder Avatar Jensen, Aidan New Group C Advance 1990Mazda Miata
14 Avatar Image Kipperman, Brenda New Group A First time at ORP 2002Chevrolet Corvette
4 Avatar Image Kipperman, Dave New Group C Advance 1986Mazda RX7Dave ;)
13 Placeholder Avatar Loftin, Paula New Group B Intermediate 2017Toyota 860
240 Placeholder Avatar McCarty, Gary New Group C Advance 2014Chevrolet Corvette
34 Avatar Image Olesen, Scott New Group A First time at ORP 2017Ford GT350
60 Placeholder Avatar Paraskevas, Alex New Group C Advance 1991Nissan 240sx
64 Placeholder Avatar Patrick, Mike New Group C Advance Mazda miata
11 Placeholder Avatar Penna, Edward New Group B Intermediate 1997BMW 328i
86 Avatar Image Pfister, Michael New Group A First time at ORP 2005Audi S4 Avant
71 Placeholder Avatar Pimm, Jeremy New Group B Intermediate 2003Lexus IS 300
949 Avatar Image Ronchetto, Ron New Group B Intermediate 2000Mazda MiataSocial Security
304 Placeholder Avatar Ross, Josh New Group B Intermediate 1993BMW 325is
27 Placeholder Avatar Rousseau, Robert New Group C Advance 2007Chevrolet Vette Z06
57 Placeholder Avatar Sallee, Jerry New Group B Intermediate 1971Datsun 1200 SedanIncyte corp / VA
22 Placeholder Avatar Schuback, Steven New Group B Intermediate 2005Lotus Elise
5 Placeholder Avatar Sherman, Bob New Group A First time at ORP 1992MG BRV8
42 Placeholder Avatar Silvey, Greg New Group C Advance 1965Factory Five Cobra
87 Avatar Image SIRR, MIKE New Group B Intermediate Porsche 944
117 Avatar Image Sisson, Doug New Group A First time at ORP 1972Datsun 1200BLUEHANDSFABRICATION.COM
118 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Michael New Group B Intermediate 2016Ford ford focus
19 Placeholder Avatar Swenson, Mark New Group C Advance 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
70 Placeholder Avatar Tritsch, John New Group C Advance 1993Toyota MR2
245 Placeholder Avatar Wall, Franklin New Group B Intermediate 1980Volvo 242

44 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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