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Attendee List

Ladies' Day DE Pretty. Fast. Women.

PCA - Rocky Mountain Region

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Colorado State Patrol Track, Golden, CO

Sat  110 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
24 Avatar Image Arakawa, Adele Confirmed Instructors (Fastest)
1077 Avatar Image Askew, Diana Confirmed Advanced 2002BMW 330i
1023 Avatar Image Bair, Danene Confirmed Advanced 2017Fiat Fiat 124 Spider Abarth
Avatar Image Bartlett, Doug Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Baumgartner, Robert Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1025 Avatar Image Beaver, Gwenn Confirmed Novice 2017Volkswagen GTI
447 Avatar Image Berg, Jeri Confirmed Advanced 2011Porsche GT3
801 Placeholder Avatar Bergin, Patricia Confirmed Novice 2019Porsche Macan
575 Placeholder Avatar Bishop, Jane Confirmed Advanced 2004Porsche 911 Carrera
Avatar Image Bobich, Brian Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
718 Avatar Image Bobich, Linda Confirmed Advanced 2018Porsche 718 Cayman GTS
617 Placeholder Avatar Bryan, Lisa Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 2016Porsche GT4
9X Placeholder Avatar Bucknam, Robyn Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2014Porsche Cayman S
9 Placeholder Avatar Bucknam, Susan Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) 2014Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Carlson, Dan Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
96X Placeholder Avatar Chase, Becky Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2009Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Chelsi, Rome Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Placeholder Avatar Childs, Michael Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
27 Placeholder Avatar Clairmont, Michelle Confirmed Novice 2015Porsche Panamera Turbo
75 Placeholder Avatar Cleveland, Cynthia Confirmed Advanced 2016Porsche 911S
46 Placeholder Avatar Cox-Jones, Victoria Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 2016Porsche Cayman GTS
50 Placeholder Avatar Cummings, Jennifer Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2014Porsche Cayman S
51 Avatar Image Decker, Lisa Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2017Porsche Panamera 4
92 Avatar Image Dillon, Robin Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2007Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
64 Placeholder Avatar Dodge, Luann Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) 1996Porsche 911 993
Avatar Image Earnshaw, Vicki Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
52 Placeholder Avatar Eberhard, Cathy Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2008Porsche
33X Placeholder Avatar Fricke, Kathy Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 1977Porsche 911 SC
Placeholder Avatar Fricke, Walt Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1047 Avatar Image Garbee, Karen Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 1999Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Goggin, John Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Habegger, Chad Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
53 Placeholder Avatar Hamer, Mika Confirmed Novice 1990Porsche Carerra 4
Placeholder Avatar Hartmann, Daniel Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Hartzell, Dale Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Hap Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Sarah Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Placeholder Avatar Henderson, Scott Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
206 Placeholder Avatar Horan, Jeannine Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) BMW M3
802 Placeholder Avatar Howes, Marcia Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2018Porsche Macan GTS
823 Avatar Image Hunsicker, Lisa Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) 2009Porsche Cayman
895 Placeholder Avatar Janetzko, Christina Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2003Porsche Boxster S
Placeholder Avatar Jensen, Pete Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
28 Avatar Image Keisling, Debbie Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 2016Porsche GT4
Avatar Image Keisling, Steve Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
191 Placeholder Avatar Kessel, Kaleigh Confirmed Novice 1979Porsche 911 SC
1060 Avatar Image Kinsey, Caroline Confirmed Novice 1997Mazda Miata
54 Placeholder Avatar Knorpp, Joan Confirmed Novice 2006Porsche 911 C4
55 Placeholder Avatar Konno, Brenda Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2010Porsche Cayenne Diesel
56 Placeholder Avatar Konno, Ryanne Confirmed Novice 1999Porsche 911 Carrera
1065 Avatar Image Labout, Patricia Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) 2012Volkswagen Golf RLabout Consulting, LLC
1004 Avatar Image Lange, Karen Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Leary, Brian Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1026 Placeholder Avatar Lopata, Kelly Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2017Volkswagen GTI
Placeholder Avatar Lorentz, Rob Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Love, Brian Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
987 Placeholder Avatar Love, Lynda Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 2007Porsche Cayman S
Avatar Image Mackin, John Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
128 Placeholder Avatar Mangnall, Jesse Confirmed Novice 2004Porsche 911 RSR
61 Placeholder Avatar McCumbers, Cindy Confirmed Advanced 2004Porsche GT3
57 Placeholder Avatar McGinley, Michele Confirmed Advanced 2018Porsche Macan
Placeholder Avatar McPherson, Bruce Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
803 Avatar Image Moore, Laura Confirmed Novice 2018Porsche Macan
1010 Avatar Image Murphy, Sarah Confirmed Advanced 2016Mini Cooper
1127 Avatar Image Near, Alida Confirmed Novice 2006Mini JCW GP R53
1056 Avatar Image Negri, Jeanette Confirmed Advanced 2017Subaru Brz
1057 Placeholder Avatar Parker, Margarite Confirmed Advanced 2007Lotus Exige
Placeholder Avatar Perry, Mark Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1040 Placeholder Avatar Phil, Wendy Confirmed Novice 2015BMW X1
40X Avatar Image Pidhayny, Jan Confirmed Advanced 2016Porsche 981 Spyder
643 Placeholder Avatar Pierce, Laura Confirmed Novice 2003Porsche 996
1058 Placeholder Avatar Pivornik, Lorri Confirmed Advanced 2014Audi RS5
27 Placeholder Avatar Provost, Cindy Confirmed Novice 2008Porsche Boxster S
Avatar Image Provost, Robert Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Radow, Tom Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
804 Placeholder Avatar Riley, Karen Confirmed Novice 2018Porsche Macan
650 Placeholder Avatar Robertson, Lauren Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2007Porsche Boxster
Avatar Image Robins, Jeffrey Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
444 Avatar Image Robins, Stacy Confirmed Instructors (Fastest) 2016Porsche GT4
Avatar Image Rogers, Scott Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
Avatar Image Ross, Stephen Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
805 Placeholder Avatar Schumacher, Shelby Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2017Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Scott, Rusty Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1099 Placeholder Avatar Scribante, Lynn Confirmed Novice 2019Mini CountrymanEmbracing Healthy, Llc
113 Placeholder Avatar Settle, Amy Confirmed Novice 2010Porsche GT3 RS
807 Placeholder Avatar Skor, Jennifer Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2018Porsche Boxster
58 Avatar Image Slenkovich, Teri Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2015Porsche 911 Turbo S
Placeholder Avatar Sontag, Fred Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1155 Avatar Image Stern, Alice Confirmed Advanced 2005Subaru STi
Placeholder Avatar Sulley, Chris Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
59 Placeholder Avatar Sutton, Gail Confirmed Novice 2010Porsche Cayman S
89 Avatar Image Talbert, Cherie Confirmed Advanced 2009Porsche Boxster Snone
992 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Jennifer Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2004Porsche GT3
333X Placeholder Avatar Tennant, Riley Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed Porsche 911
60 Placeholder Avatar Terpening, Brooke Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2017Porsche Carrera 4s
70 Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Rhonda Confirmed Novice 2015Porsche CaymanNA
650 Placeholder Avatar Thorburn, Marie Confirmed Novice 2007Porsche Boxster
Placeholder Avatar Tiller, Travis Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
128 Avatar Image Treacy, Barbara Confirmed Advanced (Fastest) 2001Porsche 996 Turbo
808 Placeholder Avatar Trempe, Alexandria Confirmed Novice 2013Porsche Cayenne Diesel
19X Placeholder Avatar Trujillo, Percy Confirmed Advanced 2007Porsche GT3
Avatar Image Van Dyck, Art Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1019 Placeholder Avatar Vaughan, Kelsie Confirmed Novice 2001BMW Z3
809 Placeholder Avatar Veal, Roxane Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2019Porsche 911 Targa 4S
810 Placeholder Avatar Villa, Gladys Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2016Porsche Panamera 4S
333 Placeholder Avatar Witkin, Gabi Confirmed Novice Porsche 911
62 Avatar Image Wong, Angela Confirmed Intermediate - Instructed 2013Porsche 911
Placeholder Avatar Yen, Robert Confirmed Non Driving Instructor
1027 Avatar Image Zettler, Jenneth Confirmed Novice 2017Volkswagen GTI
Placeholder Avatar Zimmerman, Roger Confirmed Non Driving Instructor

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