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Portland BMW Club - June 18th HPDE (Thursday)

Portland BMW Club - HPDE

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Portland Int'l Raceway, Portland, OR

Monday  43 entries
  Name Status  YrMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Anderson, James Confirmed 2017Chevrolet Grand Sport Everett, WA
Placeholder Avatar Baldwin, Nick Confirmed 2008Lotus Elise Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Benderly, Ken Confirmed 1999Mazda Miata Portland, OR
Avatar Image Chang, Michael Confirmed 2016Porsche 911 West Linn, OR
Avatar Image Chupp, Greg Confirmed 2020BMW M2 Competition Lake Oswego, OR
Placeholder Avatar Creitz, Thaine Confirmed 1997BMW M3 Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Crews, Jeff Confirmed 2001BMW M3 Seal Rock, OR
Avatar Image Danberg, Harry Confirmed 1973Porsche 911T Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Flynn, James Confirmed 2016Ford Focus RS Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Gallagher, Glenn Confirmed 1985Ford Mustang GT Vancouver, WA
Avatar Image Goldstein, Stuart Confirmed 1998BMW Z3 Roadster Hillsboro, OR
Placeholder Avatar Hansell, Bevin Confirmed 2006Lotus Elise Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Inslee, Gordon Confirmed 1972Nissan 240z Portland, OR
Avatar Image Jensen, Gabrielle Confirmed 1992Mazda miataAR Motorsports Vancouver, WA
Placeholder Avatar La Flamme, Dan Confirmed 1980Porsche 928 TIGARD, OR
Placeholder Avatar Leavitt, Donald Confirmed 1995Mazda MX-5 Miata Salem, OR
Placeholder Avatar Lewis, Kent Confirmed 2019BMW M2 CompetitionAnvil Media Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Lounsbury, Chris Confirmed 2002BMW M3Business Information Group Sherwood, OR
Placeholder Avatar Lounsbury, Wendy Confirmed 1995Mazda Miata Sherwood, OR
Placeholder Avatar Naito, Will Confirmed 2015Alfa Romeo 4C Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Nasto, Drew Confirmed 2018BMW M2 Lake Oswego, OR
Avatar Image Neighorn, Chris Confirmed 2012Porsche Boxster Spyder Vancouver, WA
Placeholder Avatar O'Hollaren, Sean Confirmed 2008Lotus Elise SC Portland, OR
Avatar Image Parrish, Jeff Confirmed 1987BMW 325is Oregon City, OR
Avatar Image Pirani, Malik Confirmed 2016Porsche gt3rs Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Pollock, David Confirmed 2006Lotus Cup 240 Portland, OR
Avatar Image Posner, Michael Confirmed 1967Lotus Super 7 Portland, OR
Avatar Image Reetz, Shane Confirmed 1991Honda CRX Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Rice, Jim Confirmed 1994Mazda Miata Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Robertson, James Confirmed 2018BMW M4 Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Ross, Doug Confirmed 2002BMW M3 Ilwaco, WA
Placeholder Avatar Schuster, Dustin Confirmed 2015Volkswagen VW Golf R Portland, OR
Avatar Image Storfjell, Thor Confirmed 1994Mazda Miata Maywood Park, OR
Placeholder Avatar Surface, Jack Confirmed 2017Audi TTS Vancouver, WA
Placeholder Avatar Tribble, Ron Confirmed 2012Chevrolet Corvette Roseburg, OR
Placeholder Avatar Turner, Steve Confirmed 2017Ford Shelby GT350 Beaverton, OR
Avatar Image Villalobos, Byron Confirmed 2003Nissan 350z Willamina, OR
Placeholder Avatar Wagner, Mark Confirmed 1990BMW E30 M3 Lake Oswego, OR
Avatar Image Wiegert, John Confirmed 2012Audi TTRS Beaverton, OR
Placeholder Avatar Wilde, Jason Confirmed 2018Ford Fiesta ST Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Zelayeta, Joe Confirmed 2001Porsche 996 Sherwood, OR
Placeholder Avatar Zornow, Mark Confirmed 2006Porsche Cayman S Portland, OR
Placeholder Avatar Zuccarello, Antonio Confirmed 2008BMW 135i Hillsboro, OR

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