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Attendee List

Schattenbaum NJMP Thunderbolt-November

PCA - Schattenbaum

Saturday, Nov 7 — Sunday, Nov 8, 2020

NJMP Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ

Run Group and Number Assignments

Please check your number assignment shortly before the event

  • YELLOW:  Student (instructor assigned)
  • BLUE:  Novice solo (no instructor), running with YELLOW
  • WHITE:  Intermediate
  • BLACK:  Advanced
  • RED:  Advanced / Instructors
Day 1  32 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
409 Placeholder Avatar Aberant, Kevin Confirmed Black 1999Porsche SPB
427 Avatar Image Barb, Kirk Confirmed Yellow 2005Chevrolet corvetteme
126 Avatar Image Bellissima, Vince Confirmed Black 2001Honda s2000
41 Placeholder Avatar Bono, Michael J Confirmed White 2015Subaru wrx
7 Avatar Image Carouge, Kevin Confirmed Red 2016Porsche GT4
11 Avatar Image Conde, Ryan Confirmed White 1988BMW 325i
8 Avatar Image Cote, Mick Confirmed Black 1983Porsche 930
10 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Don Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4
01 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Don Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4
70 Avatar Image Cunicelli, David Confirmed Black 2015Porsche GT3
44 Avatar Image DiPietro, Gary Confirmed Black 2015Porsche GT3
77 Placeholder Avatar DiRenzo, Matthew Confirmed Red 2017Chevrolet Corvette Grand SportDiRenzo Racing
502 Placeholder Avatar Folise, Thomas Confirmed White 1998Porsche Boxster
123 Placeholder Avatar Gonzales, Armando Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) Volkswagen 2018 golf sportwagen
9 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Dan Confirmed Red 2020Porsche Gt3 rs
302 Placeholder Avatar Latyszonek, George Confirmed Red 1971Porsche 911T
471 Placeholder Avatar Leader, Ron Confirmed Black 2018Chevrolet Z06 Corvette
210 Avatar Image Lourenco, Dany Confirmed White 2013Scion frs
78 Placeholder Avatar Lu, John Confirmed Red 2019Porsche GT3RS
98 Avatar Image Metzger, Todd Confirmed Black 2008Radical Thunder roadsterMonroe Club
35 Avatar Image Papadopoulos, Aris Confirmed Black 2017Ford GT350
98 Avatar Image Pechstein, Michael Confirmed Red 1999Mazda Miata NB
920 Placeholder Avatar Rosario, Adalberto Confirmed Black 2005Acura RSX-S
19 Placeholder Avatar Sanchez, Alberto Confirmed White 2010Porsche Boxster S
366 Placeholder Avatar Sandford, Marc Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman SMy wife
765 Placeholder Avatar Sasportas, Jonathon Confirmed Red 2015Porsche 991 GT3
18 Placeholder Avatar Tak, Nao Confirmed Black 2013Audi TTRS
21 Avatar Image Tammaro, Anthony Confirmed White 2008Porsche C4S
337 Placeholder Avatar Tsao, Rawson Confirmed Yellow 2008BMW M3
24 Avatar Image Tsui, Ka Kit Gary Confirmed White 2006Mitsubishi EvilTeamZFG | SJF Performance | Azden | PRIMEDRIVEN.com
17 Placeholder Avatar Wang, David Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 1980Porsche 911SC
777 Avatar Image Wang, Rukai Confirmed Yellow 2017BMW M2
Day 1&2  114 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
47 Placeholder Avatar Addis, Simon Confirmed Black 2019Porsche GT3 RS
16 Avatar Image Agena, Darwin Confirmed Red 2015Volkswagen Golf RDad
252 Placeholder Avatar Aleksak, Max Confirmed White 1990Mazda MiataProvost Motorsports
314 Placeholder Avatar Aleman, Joel Confirmed White 1990Mazda Miata
83 Placeholder Avatar Ammidon III, Hoyt Confirmed Red 1999Porsche BoxsterMana From Heaven
630 Placeholder Avatar Aquilino, Alexander Confirmed Black 1994BMW
707 Placeholder Avatar Baker, Daniel Confirmed White 2018Porsche Cayman GTS
67 Avatar Image Beauguitte, Jerome Confirmed Black 2017Ford GT350
444 Placeholder Avatar Bono, Michael Confirmed Red Porsche boxsterBONOMOTORS
144 Avatar Image Bourlatskii, Sergei Confirmed Black 2005BMW M3
1 Placeholder Avatar Brand, Adam Confirmed White 2001Porsche 996 Turbo
63 Placeholder Avatar Brandt, David Confirmed Red 1998Chevrolet CorvetteInnovative Racing Technology, Inc.
157 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Clive Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2002Mazda Miata
808 Placeholder Avatar Cardadeiro, Andre Confirmed Black 2007BMW Z4 CoupeTeam Espresso
510 Placeholder Avatar Cardadeiro, David Confirmed White 2008Audi RS4Team Espresso
8 Placeholder Avatar Carrington, Bob Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman S
99 Placeholder Avatar Carrington, Sean Confirmed White 1999Porsche C2
88 Avatar Image Chan, Gerard Confirmed White Mitsubishi Evo X
247 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Guanqi Confirmed Black 2012BMW
22 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Jianming Confirmed Black 2016BMW m235
263 Placeholder Avatar Cockroft, Kevin Confirmed White 2012Porsche Cayman
17 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Adam Confirmed Red 2014Porsche Cayman S
125 Placeholder Avatar Debusmann, Peter Confirmed Red 1999Porsche 996
315 Placeholder Avatar Dillon, Peter Confirmed Black 2018Porsche Cayman GTS
369 Avatar Image Dong, Jianfei Confirmed Black 2011Subaru sti
400 Placeholder Avatar Dunigan, David Confirmed Red 2009Porsche GT3 CupModern Store Equipment
64 Placeholder Avatar Durcan, 07James Confirmed Black 2017Chevrolet Corvette GS
770 Placeholder Avatar Eastling, Matt Confirmed White 2001BMW 330
043 Placeholder Avatar Elbaga, Tamer Confirmed Yellow 2016Porsche GT4
29 Avatar Image Evelich, Robert Confirmed Black 2016Porsche Caymen GT4
28 Avatar Image Falcone, Pete Confirmed Black 2012Nissan GTR
53 Avatar Image Farid, Ramy Confirmed Black 2015Porsche Cayman GTS
45 Placeholder Avatar Felker, David Confirmed Red 2009Porsche Cayman SMerrill Lynch
51 Placeholder Avatar Fell, Barry Confirmed White 2014Porsche Cayman S
9 Placeholder Avatar Ferino, Matthew Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2007Porsche GT3
466 Placeholder Avatar Ferreira, James Confirmed Red 2005Porsche Carrera S
Placeholder Avatar Gasparovic, Philip Confirmed Coach, not driving
Avatar Image Gaydos, John Confirmed Coach, not driving
487 Placeholder Avatar Geldmacher, Chris Confirmed Black 2016Porsche GT4CA Geldmacher Inc
48 Placeholder Avatar Geldmacher, Theodore Confirmed White 2016Porsche gt4
38 Placeholder Avatar Gerasyuto, Aleksey Confirmed Red 2006Honda S2000
501 Avatar Image Goldsmith, Cliff Confirmed Red 2002Porsche 996A.L.B.O / MCG / CKGA
112 Placeholder Avatar Gonzalez, Robert Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2020Subaru BRZ
31 Avatar Image Guo, Zongshuo Confirmed Yellow 2018Mercedes-Benz GT-R
97 Placeholder Avatar Halpern, Alan Confirmed Red 2009Porsche Cayman sNo luck racing
356 Avatar Image Han, Edward Confirmed Yellow 2018Porsche 911 GT3
3 Avatar Image Hoagland, Jennifer Confirmed White 2010Chevrolet Corvette Z06Monster Pets @ Amazon
3 Avatar Image Hoagland, Steve Confirmed Red 2010Chevrolet Corvette Z06Monster Pets @ Amazon
13 Placeholder Avatar Hubbard, Jamie Confirmed Yellow 1986Porsche 911
500 Placeholder Avatar Jin, Shizhe Confirmed Black 2013Fiat 500 Abarth
177 Placeholder Avatar Kalika, Boris Confirmed White 2020Porsche 718 GT4
786 Placeholder Avatar Karamat, Mo Confirmed Red 1998BMW M3OffCamber Autosport
71 Placeholder Avatar Kholondyrev, Yury Confirmed Black 2020Porsche GT4
28 Avatar Image Kim, John Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2020BMW M2 CompetitionANBD Racing
39 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Peter Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2010Porsche 911 C2S
308 Avatar Image Kling, Michael Confirmed Red 1995Porsche 968
94 Avatar Image Kohler, Devyn Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 1999Porsche BoxsterRed Dragon Racing (Below)
43 Avatar Image Kohler, Thomas Confirmed Red 1995Porsche 993Thomas M Kohler, DDS
80 Avatar Image Krantz, Daniel Confirmed Red 2001Porsche Boxster S
11 Avatar Image Kroll, Robert Confirmed Red 2009Nissan Nismo 370z
40 Avatar Image Leder, Jeff Confirmed Red 1990Porsche C29six4 motorsports
124 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Daniel Confirmed Yellow 2013Hyundai genesis coupe
789 Avatar Image Lee, Wayne Confirmed White 2014Porsche Cayman S
32 Placeholder Avatar Liang, Meilin Confirmed Yellow 2020BMW m2
144 Avatar Image Lindvig, Ian Confirmed White 2005BMW M3NAM3Forum.com
802 Avatar Image Ma, Chenxu Confirmed White 2019Porsche 911 GT3RS
91 Avatar Image MacIntyre, Vernon Confirmed White 2016Chevrolet CorvetteClassic Real Estate
812 Avatar Image Madeira, John Confirmed White 2015Porsche Cayman
690 Placeholder Avatar Marasanov, Yury Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman SKOY Racing
67 Placeholder Avatar Matsuk, Yurii Confirmed Yellow 2001Porsche 911
69 Avatar Image Matusiak, Bart Confirmed White 2006Subaru WRX STI
09 Placeholder Avatar McHugh, Art Confirmed Black 1986Porsche 951
43 Placeholder Avatar Milbury, Michael Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2016Mazda MX-5
85 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Marc Confirmed Red 2006Porsche 997
421 Placeholder Avatar Muller, Jeffrey Confirmed Red 1987Porsche 944WeeeRacing
411 Placeholder Avatar Niszczak, Robert Confirmed White 1999Porsche 996
881 Placeholder Avatar Ortiz, Luis Confirmed Black 1989Porsche 944S2
711 Placeholder Avatar Peare, Keith Confirmed Red 1999Porsche Spec Boxster
98 Placeholder Avatar Pechstein, Geraldine Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 1999Mazda Miata NB
Avatar Image Pepe, John Confirmed Coach, not driving
340 Placeholder Avatar Petrecz, Ryan Confirmed Yellow 2000Porsche Boxster S
49 Placeholder Avatar Piccone, Bob Confirmed Black 1993Porsche 968
74 Avatar Image Razuk, Marcio Confirmed White 2013Chevrolet Corvette Z06
818 Avatar Image Razuk, Victor Confirmed White 1996Porsche Carrera C2
0 Placeholder Avatar Reid, Tom Confirmed White 2000Chevrolet Corvette
36 Avatar Image Richard, Matthew Confirmed Red 1995BMW E36 M3
33 Placeholder Avatar Roland, Peter Confirmed Yellow 2014Mercedes-Benz E350 4MATICNone
15 Placeholder Avatar Rotella, Jeffery Confirmed Black 2009Chevrolet Corvette z06
100 Placeholder Avatar Rowinski, Caesar Confirmed Red 2019Porsche GTS
4 Avatar Image Schepps, Jonathan Confirmed Red 2007Porsche Cayman
666 Placeholder Avatar Schneider, Dale Confirmed White 2017BMW M2
201 Placeholder Avatar Shah, Paul Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2014Porsche Cayman S
111 Placeholder Avatar Shih, Thomas Confirmed Red 2020Porsche 718 GT4
26 Placeholder Avatar Shin, Phillip Confirmed Black 2014Lotus Elise Cup
425 Placeholder Avatar Silva, Nick Confirmed White 2002Porsche 911 Turbo
714 Avatar Image Soares, Danny Confirmed White 2007Lotus Exige STeam Espresso
117 Placeholder Avatar Stine, Robert Confirmed Red 2004Porsche GT3
59 Placeholder Avatar Tjinatsoi, Evert Confirmed White 2012Porsche Cayman R
121 Avatar Image Trudel, Tom Confirmed Red 1998Porsche BoxsterT2 Motorsports
92 Avatar Image Valdez, Mary Confirmed White 2018Honda Civic Type RArt of Attack | Acuity Instruments
16 Avatar Image Valenzano, Anthony Confirmed White 2001Porsche Boxster SBrotherton Brewing Co. / Valenzano Winery
87 Placeholder Avatar Veale, Byron Confirmed White 1987Porsche 911
405 Placeholder Avatar Wang, Quyan Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2013Subaru brz
224 Avatar Image Wang, Ruokai Confirmed Yellow 2018BMW m4
55 Placeholder Avatar Warner, Paul Confirmed White 2006Porsche Cayman S
170 Placeholder Avatar Weinerman, Steven Confirmed Black 2010Chevrolet Corvette
83 Placeholder Avatar Wells, Jonathan Confirmed White 2020Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
12 Placeholder Avatar Wilkes, Scott Confirmed White 2012Porsche 911 S
105 Avatar Image Xiao, Zhou Confirmed Black 2005Honda S2000
180 Placeholder Avatar Yang, Drew Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2012Volkswagen GTI
613 Placeholder Avatar Yang, Ke Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2015BMW M4
879 Avatar Image Zeidan, Jehad Confirmed Black 2016Nissan GTRGood Guy Vapes
115 Placeholder Avatar Zhang, Kent Confirmed Black 2006Honda s2000
5 Avatar Image Zhou, Ran (Mark) Confirmed Black 2013BMW M3
Day 2  22 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
325 Avatar Image Ahn, Hogi Confirmed White 2009BMW 3 Series SedanDCxGARAGE, NETC
318 Avatar Image Berchielli, Bradlee Confirmed Black 2003Honda S2000S2K TakeOver
414 Placeholder Avatar Bryant, Iain Confirmed Black 1984Porsche 944Provost Motorsports / Good Fellas Racing
171 Avatar Image Chong, Peter Hon Confirmed Black 2012Nissan GTRNETC
11 Avatar Image Colombo, Adam Confirmed Black 2009Nissan 370Z NISMORTI Racing
951 Placeholder Avatar Goyal, Amrish Confirmed Black Chevrolet ZL1
108 Avatar Image Jin, Steve Confirmed Black 2008Honda S2000
90 Avatar Image Jones, Oliver Confirmed Red 2010Porsche 911 GT3My savings account
324 Placeholder Avatar Jung, Ethan Confirmed White 2012BMW M3Green Motors Inc
326 Avatar Image Kim, jinhoe Confirmed White 2019Volkswagen GTI
168 Placeholder Avatar Lam, Simon Confirmed White 2012Lexus ISF
79 Placeholder Avatar Lee, Jd Confirmed Black 2016Chevrolet Camaro
831 Placeholder Avatar Liu, Michael Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2016Lexus GS300
263 Avatar Image Maharlouei, Babak Confirmed Black 2016Lamborghini Huracan Supertrofeo Evo
23 Placeholder Avatar Maleka, Punch Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2003BMW M3
8 Avatar Image O'Brien, John Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2007Porsche GT3RS
174 Placeholder Avatar O' Brien, Owen Confirmed White 2017Mazda MX-5 Miata
608 Avatar Image Puleo, Cesare Confirmed Black 2015Porsche GT3
426 Avatar Image Puleo, Nicholas Confirmed Black 2014Porsche Cayman S
139 Placeholder Avatar Sun, Kevin Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2012Lexus ISF
110 Avatar Image Um, Denis Confirmed White 2005Lotus Elise
717 Avatar Image Williams, Steven Confirmed Black Chevrolet Camaro

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