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2019 SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics


Friday, Jul 5 — Sunday, Jul 7, 2019

Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA


 I will try to keep things updated but Spokane event will take priority until 6/10/19.

Groups maybe combined with another if entries are low.
Groups are still being determined. 

If listed here the entry has been accepted.

If Not listed, either:

  1. The registration was received in the last few days and the register hasn't processed the entry at this time.
  2. The car is under review by the Competition Committee. Drivers please make sure you have completed and submitted a Car Registration Form (CRF) 2019_SovrenCRF.pdf

Even though the entry has been accepted the class, car #, or group may change. 

If the car/driver appears at the bottom of the page and not part of a group the car is accepted but a group hasn't been assigned.

Not all Test n Tune cars will be listed.

Weekend  164 entries

Jump to: .Group 1 Vintage & Small Bore Production/FV/ FJr (46), Group 2 Mid Bore Production (40), Group 3 Large Bore Production (27), Group 4 Formula/Club Ford (24), Group 5 & 6 FB/Formula/SportsRacers (Combined) (10), IMSA GTO/GTU, TA, GT SP, etc. (17)

.Group 1 Vintage & Small Bore Production/FV/ FJr   46 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
11 Avatar Image Flores, Karlo 1993Mazda Spec MiataKnights Hand Org.Beer Vancouver, BC
64 Avatar Image Erickson, Ron B Production 1957Chevrolet Corvette Bainbridge Island, WA
73 Placeholder Avatar Butler, Ken C Sedan 1967Morris MINI Sooke, BC
17 Avatar Image Johnston II, AJ C Sedan 1969Austin Cooper Puyallup, WA
156 Avatar Image Walker, Steve C Sedan 1971NSU 1200 TTWalker Imported Motors Amity, OR
98 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Bill D Modified 1957Triumph Deven Carnation, WA
45 Avatar Image Granat, Mike D Production 1967Morgan +4British American Motorsports LLC Bellingham, WA
46 Placeholder Avatar Pidcock, Phil D Production 1965Triumph Spitfire Duncan, BC
5 Avatar Image Buchan, Alec E Production 1962Triumph TR4 Bellingham, WA
03 Placeholder Avatar Granados, Andrea E Production 1963MG B tacoma, WA
411 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Will E Production 1965MG BPat Hart Racing Carnation, WA
68 Avatar Image Poole, Steve E Production 1972MG MGB Roadster Shoreline, WA
30 Placeholder Avatar Woodward, John E Production 1962Morgan 4/4WORK-WOODWARD EQUIPMENT Aurora, OR
60 Placeholder Avatar Zbarsky, Michael E Production 1967MG B GT SebringBMC Comox, BC
130 Placeholder Avatar Zbarsky, Ralph E Production 1967MG B/GT Works Vancouver, BC
260 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Shelby EM 1959Elva Courier Saanichton, BC
36 Placeholder Avatar Federspiel, Ron EM 1964Crusader Sports Racer Bend, OR
55 Avatar Image Healy, Cameron EM 1953Cooper Porsche Pooper Portland, OR
41 Placeholder Avatar DelBene, Kurt F Production 1960Lola Mk 1 Medina, WA
154 Avatar Image Duncan, Rod F Production 1962MG MidgetPeggy, Owen and Spencer Victoria, BC
82 Avatar Image Franks, Dave F Production 1967Austin Healey SpriteDavid A. Franks, LLC Durham, OR
21 Avatar Image Greenman, Bill F Production 1967MG Midget Grass Valley, CA
1 Placeholder Avatar Newby, Stephen F Production 1965MG Midget Lake Tapps, Wa
619 Placeholder Avatar Schlichte, Eric F Production 1960sunbeam Alpinewhybotherracing Renton, WA
62 Avatar Image Shinn, Brad F Production 1966Austin Healey Sprite Vashon, WA
356 Placeholder Avatar Campbell, Gregory FM 1955Porsche Devin Speedster Blaine, WA
84 Avatar Image Clark, Stephen FM 1960Lola Mark 1 Indian Wells, Ca
52 Placeholder Avatar Conner, Art FM 1959Porsche DevinWife Saltspring Island, BC
99 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Thor FM 1959Lotus 17 Kirkland, WA
2 Placeholder Avatar Shrontz, Craig FM 1960Lola Mk 1 Seattle, WA
118 Placeholder Avatar Carrel, Walt Formula Vee 1970Zeitler FVEddrick Sammamish, WA
00 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Krista Formula Vee 1968Zink C-4 FV Bothell, WA
75 Placeholder Avatar Jonas, Rick Formula Vee 1967Zink Formula Vee Everett, WA
97 Avatar Image Kerney, Jeff Formula Vee 1968Lynx FV Maple Valley, WA
74 Placeholder Avatar Larsen, Craig Formula Vee 1969Zink C-4 Shelton, WA
13 Avatar Image Pepperdene, Don Formula Vee 1970Leech MK 1 none Monterey, CA
3 Avatar Image Tilden, Dan Formula Vee 1968Zink C4 FVDon't Have a Cow Farm Portland, OR
78 Placeholder Avatar Wheaton, Mary Formula Vee 1969RCA MKIV North Bend, WA
51 Avatar Image Carpenter, Mark G Production 1957Alfa Romeo SpiderColumbia Roofing and Sheet Metal Portland, OR
85 Placeholder Avatar Cornell, Brian G Production 1963Triumph Spitfire Covington, WA
56 Placeholder Avatar Sweet, David G Production 1962Austin Healey Sprite Salem, OR
571 Avatar Image Levitt, John Grand Touring 5 1972Datsun 1200 'Sunny'BuiltWell Kirkland, WA
149 Placeholder Avatar Herb, Ted H Production 1968Austin Healey Sprite Redmond, WA
50 Placeholder Avatar Volkert, Brian H Production 1960Austin Healey Sprite Normandy Park, WA
12 Placeholder Avatar Walker, Bob H Production 1959Austin Healey Sprite Federal Way, Wa
112 Placeholder Avatar Sproule, Tom Modern Formula Vee 1976Caldwell D 13 D 13 Surrey, BC
Group 2 Mid Bore Production   40 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
81 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt B Production 1969Porsche 911S Lacey, WA
132 Avatar Image Briscoe, Deborah B Sedan 1969BMW 2002 Renton, WA
156 Placeholder Avatar Deilke, Michael B Sedan 1969BMW 2002 Langley, WA
20 Placeholder Avatar Francis, Mark B Sedan 1972BMW 2002 San Diego, CA
002 Placeholder Avatar Hufnagl, Tom B Sedan 1971BMW 2002 Fall City, WA
3 Avatar Image Kingstone, Dave B Sedan 1967Alfa Romeo GT Kenmore, WA
95 Placeholder Avatar Lyford, Laurie B Sedan 1969BMW 2002T-Zero Racing Inc. Bellevue, WA
99 Placeholder Avatar McKean, Bruce B Sedan 1969Alfa Romeo GTVAutostrada Gig Harbor, WA
90 Placeholder Avatar McKean, Parker B Sedan 1967Alfa Romeo GTV Gig Harbor, WA
7 Placeholder Avatar Moriarty, Josh B Sedan 1969Datsun 510 Graham, WA
42 Avatar Image Murray, David B Sedan 1967BMW 1600 Tacoma, WA
88 Placeholder Avatar Murray, John B Sedan 1968BMW 2002 Kirkland, WA
25 Placeholder Avatar Wheaton, David B Sedan 1971Datsun 510T-Zero North Bend, WA
10 Placeholder Avatar Long Jr., John E B Sports Racer 1963Sabrina Special Sport Racer Bellevue, WA
64 Avatar Image Erickson, Ron C Production 1969Porsche 911 Bainbridge Island, WA
113 Placeholder Avatar Gaudio, Paul C Production 1968Porsche 911 Portland, OR
4 Placeholder Avatar Gilmore, Steve C Production 1967Porsche 911 Camas, WA
261 Placeholder Avatar Loveall, Jim C Production 1969Porsche 911 Edmonds, WA
44 Avatar Image Mitchel, Charly C Production 1969Triumph TR6Mitchel Plumbing Co. Tacoma, WA
240 Placeholder Avatar Mullen, Mark C Production 1971Datsun 240Z Arlington, WA
8 Placeholder Avatar Quackenbush, Paul C Production 1963Lotus S-7 GRANTS PASS, OR
119 Placeholder Avatar Scollard, Robert C Production 1969Lotus Super 7 Beaverton, OR
78 Avatar Image Shaha, Kevin C Production 1970Datsun 240Z Dover, ID
65 Avatar Image Smith, Eric C Production 1969Porsche 911Paragon Real Estate Bellevue, WA
16 Placeholder Avatar Tisdale, Gary C Production 1972Porsche 914-6 Seattle, WA
441 Avatar Image Tupholme, Geoff C Sedan 1973Austin Mini Pritchard, BC
393 Avatar Image Nadershahi, M.D., Arash D Production 1969Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Bellevue, WA
51 Placeholder Avatar Quick, Jeffrey D Production 1967Triumph TR4-A Kent, WA
5 Avatar Image Carlile, Rick E Production 1967TVR Vixen S2None Sacramento, CA
38 Avatar Image Denman, Mike E Production 1966Marcos 1800 GT Davis, CA
26 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt FIA G4 1965Lotus 26R Lacey, WA
22 Placeholder Avatar Heitman, Jess FIA G4 1965Lotus ElanLoynings Engine Service Portland, OR
58 Avatar Image Walker, Steve FIA Group 2 1970BMW 2002Hans-Peter Koepchen Amity, OR
15 Placeholder Avatar Zubko, Michael FM 1963Elva MK 7 Lake Oswego, OR
151 Placeholder Avatar Rankin, John FSR 1965Beach Mk4B IIBeach Racing Cars Normandy Park, WA
74 Avatar Image Burney, Derek GTU 1974Datsun 260Z Duvall, WA
37 Placeholder Avatar Johnstone, Parker Grand Touring 4 1984Honda CR-X GT-4Wilsonville Honda Wilsonville, OR
1 Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Richard Spec Miata 1991Mazda Miata Martinez, CA
11 Avatar Image Flores, Karlo Spec Miata 1993Mazda Spec MiataKnights Hand Org.Beer Vancouver, BC
69 Placeholder Avatar Schmidt, Herman Spec Miata Mazda Miata Everett, WA
Group 3 Large Bore Production   27 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
95 Placeholder Avatar Dolson, Erik A Production 1969Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 Sisters, OR
72 Placeholder Avatar Edelstein, Dave A Production 1969Chevrolet Corvette Bellingham, WA
16 Placeholder Avatar Gallaugher, Jim A Production 1967Chevrolet Corvette
69 Placeholder Avatar Kunicki, Dave A Production 1969Chevrolet Corvette Surrey, BC
3 Avatar Image Sutherland, Ken A Production 1965Shelby CobraMitchell Machine Sherwood, OR
31 Avatar Image Ward, Chuck A Production 1969Chevrolet Corvette Maple Valley, WA
21 Avatar Image Stotschek, Ralph AAGT 1976Chevrolet IMSA MONZA Cochrane, AB
24 Placeholder Avatar Dunphy, Randy American Sedan 1965Ford Falcon Kent, WA
269 Placeholder Avatar Morton, Todd American Sedan 1969Chevrolet Camaro Renton, WA
11 Avatar Image Taylor, Jeff American Sedan 1964Studebaker DaytonaEasley Motors Sisters, OR
64 Avatar Image Eberle, Lee B Production 1964Jaguar E-TypeEberle Vivian Paradise Valley, AZ
98 Placeholder Avatar Hooper, Robert B Production 1966Ford Mustang GT350 Kalispell, MT
94 Placeholder Avatar Loeffler, Gerald B Production 1965Sunbeam Tiger Puyallup, WA
166 Placeholder Avatar Mackenzie, Del B Production 1965Ford MustangRocket Motors Everett, WA
14 Placeholder Avatar Parent, Matt B Production 1969Chevrolet L88 Bellevue, WA
171 Placeholder Avatar Smith, E Michael B Production 1967Ford MustangPatriot Fire Protection Battle Ground, WA
38 Avatar Image Pichler, Gunter FIA G3 1964Jaguar E - Type West Vancouver, BC
56 Placeholder Avatar Adams, Mark FIA G4 1972Jaguar XKE V/12 Olympia, WA
2 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Walt FIA G4 1966Ford GT40 MkII Lacey, WA
17 Placeholder Avatar Kirk, Doug FIA G4 1966Ford GT 40 Renton, WA
151 Avatar Image Leeming, Thomas Factory 5 Racing 1965Factory Five Type 65 R Daytona CoupeVRacing Ennis, MT
198 Avatar Image Nadalin, Anthony Factory 5 Racing 1965FFR ChallengeFactory Five Racing Woodinville, WA
28 Avatar Image Salvaggio, Karen Factory 5 Racing 1965Factory Five Racing Daytona R-Model CoupeThunder Valley Racing Hemet, CA
325 Avatar Image Williams, Lance PRO3 1990BMW 325isTOYO Olympia, WA
15 Avatar Image Briscoe, Bradley TransAM 1976Chevrolet Greenwood Corvette Renton, WA
23 Placeholder Avatar Cantrell, Tom TransAM 1969Ford Mustang Auburn, WA
10 Placeholder Avatar Woolsey, Mike TransAM 1970Ford Mustang Ridgefield, WA
Group 4 Formula/Club Ford   24 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
13 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Norm Club Ford 1973Ford Crossle Winnetka, CA
15 Placeholder Avatar Hopper, Buff Club Ford 1975Crossle 35F Everett, WA
26 Placeholder Avatar Posner, Quinn Club Ford 1977Crossle 32FPosner Law Office, PC Camas, WA
33 Avatar Image Roberts, Trout Club Ford 1981Crossle 45FMammy Lo/DnD Fabricating/My Rich Uncle VISA/My kids inheritance. Tucson, AZ
34 Avatar Image Gordon, Joe Formula B 1966Brabham BT18 Carnation, WA
261 Avatar Image Osborne, Timothy Formula B 1967Brabham BT21 Woodinville, WA
77 Avatar Image Allen, John Formula Ford 1972Royale RP-16DND Fabricating Tacoma, WA
92 Placeholder Avatar Ballantyne, John Formula Ford 1968Titan MK4Harvest Moon Brewing Montana City, MT
3 Placeholder Avatar Bonham, Ron Formula Ford 1970Ford Titan Mark 6 19Blaze Sport Halsey, OR
38 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Dan Formula Ford 1970Titan MK6Cowdrey Racing Winnetka, CA
69 Placeholder Avatar Grieger, David Formula Ford 1971Lotus 69 FF Seattle, WA
66 Placeholder Avatar Keller, Mark Formula Ford 1983Crossle 45fBlackjack Racing Snohomish, WA
87 Placeholder Avatar Lyford, Charlie Formula Ford 1969Caldwell D9T-Zero Racing Bellevue, WA
6 Avatar Image Maros, Michael Formula Ford 1972Titan Mk6 Bellevue, WA
23 Placeholder Avatar Morrison, Bob Formula Ford 1969Titan Mk 5 Bellevue, WA
74 Placeholder Avatar Nau, Mike Formula Ford Hawke Issaquah, WA
22 Placeholder Avatar O'Connor, Chuck Formula Ford 1970Winkelmann Palliser Port Townsend, WA
80 Placeholder Avatar Posner, Robert Formula Ford 1970Titan Mk6b Bellevue, WA
57 Avatar Image Rogers, Jeff Formula Ford 1970Lola T200 FF425 Motorsports Bellevue, WA
72 Placeholder Avatar Schoap, Chris Formula Ford 1970Titan FF Mark VI Eugene, OR
29 Avatar Image Simer, Bill Formula Ford 1969Winkelmann WDF2 Spokane, WA
91 Placeholder Avatar Stern, Don Formula Ford 1985Swift DB1Mike Wiegele Helicopter skiing White Salmon, WA
51 Placeholder Avatar Sturge, Clayton Formula Ford 1970Crossle 20FSocial Security Administration Sequim, WA
31 Placeholder Avatar Olsen, Scott Modern Formula Ford 1983Royale RP33MGRESHAM COLLISION CENTER, correct car suv Kelso, WA
Group 5 & 6 FB/Formula/SportsRacers (Combined)   10 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
60 Avatar Image McCoy, John A Sports Racer 1986Mallock Mk27 Bellingham, WA
4 Placeholder Avatar Kemper, Jr, Melvin David FM 1987Russell FM Toledo, WA
32 Placeholder Avatar DelBene, Kurt Formula Atlantic 2002Swift 014a Medina, WA
16 Avatar Image Nicholas, Allen Formula Atlantic 1978March 78 BAMAPP Racing Prunedale, CA
11 Avatar Image Rugh, David Formula Atlantic 1982Ralt RT5 Ridgefield, WA
01 Avatar Image Blackwell, James GTP 1984ARGO JM-16 Olalla, WA
49 Placeholder Avatar Johnstone, Parker IndyCar 1995Reynard IndyCarWilsonville Honda/OR's Highest Rated Dealer! Wilsonville, OR
62 Placeholder Avatar Bragg-Smith, Rupert Spec Sports 2000 1976Lola 492 Beatty, NV
35 Avatar Image Gerken, Jeff Spec Sports 2000 1983March Sports 2000GO ASK ALICE Liberty Lake, WA
17 Avatar Image Walker, Steve Spec Sports 2000 1986Swift DB2 Amity, OR
IMSA GTO/GTU, TA, GT SP, etc.   17 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
23 Placeholder Avatar Friedman, Alan 1973Porsche 911 RSR Carmel Valley, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Morton, Todd A Production Renton, WA
12 Placeholder Avatar Cantrell, Tom Cup Car (Nascar) 2005Dodge Charger Auburn, WA
33 Placeholder Avatar Parent, Matt Cup Car (Nascar) 1988Oldsmobile Cutlass Bellevue, WA
103 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Thor FIA Group 2 1974BMW 3.5L Kirkland, WA
01 Avatar Image Healy, Cameron GTO 1977Porsche RSR Portland, OR
193 Placeholder Avatar Hedges, Thomas GTO 1978Porsche 930 TurboHedges Family Estate Seattle, WA
53 Placeholder Avatar Hendrix, Jim GTO 1974Porsche 911 RSR Chandler, AZ
621 Placeholder Avatar Schuler, Steven GTU 1971Porsche 911Me North Bend, WA
13 Avatar Image Goldman, Steve Grand Touring 1 2002Chevrolet Corvette Mercer Island, WA
49 Avatar Image Hall, Pat Grand Touring 1 2005Panoz GTSstraightline Developments Nelson, BC
99 Placeholder Avatar Holmes, Mike Grand Touring 1 2000Ford Taurus Bellevue, WA
8 Placeholder Avatar Kallberg, Curt Grand Touring 1 2005Chevrolet Monte Carlo Sisters, OR
62 Placeholder Avatar Ranta, Craig Grand Touring 2 1969Porsche 911TBP Racing Olympia, WA
93 Avatar Image Estes, Kevin Spec 911 1984Porsche 911 Port Angeles, WA
81 Placeholder Avatar Rygg, Bob Super Production Medium Porsche 911 Bothell, WA
98 Avatar Image Briscoe, Chandler TransAM 2010Chevrolet Camaro Spring, TX

164 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.