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Attendee List

AZ PCA HPDE Track Event - AMP

PCA - Arizona

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Arizona Motorsports Park, Litchfield Park, AZ


Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region

Driver’s Education  •  Arizona Motorsports Track (AMP)

15402 W. Camelback Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 (Falcon Golf Club Sign at Entrance)


Student (DE-0 and DE-1) First-timers. Must have an Instructor. Passing with instructor permission only on the main straights. Ask for instructor if you have no previous experience with the PCA.

Beginner (DE-2):  Limited experience. Limited passing allowed on main straights.  Please wave-by passing car.  Instructors are a good idea. Ask for instructor if you have no previous experience with the PCA or have not been on this track.

Intermediate (DE-3):  Limited Passing on all straights with caution. Please wave by passing car. Instructors are a good idea. Ask for instructor if you have no previous experience with the PCA or have not been on this track.

Advanced & Instructors (DE-4): By Invitation Only.  Passing is permitted in all areas.  Please wave cars by.  Do not contest corners. No racing.  Five-point belts strongly recommended. Advanced driving permit/wristband required.




AMP Schedule (10.26.19).pdf




Arizona Motorsports Park – 2.25 Miles, 16 turns



Day 1  65 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
77 Placeholder Avatar Ayers, Roger Checked in Instructor 2001BMW 330ci
25 Placeholder Avatar Bascom, Rusty Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2008BMW E92 M3
102 Placeholder Avatar Beatovic, Alex Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 2012Porsche carrera gts
824 Placeholder Avatar Birk, Scott Checked in DE-1 - Novice 1999Mazda Miata
Avatar Image Bouet, Dan Checked in Instructor
103 Avatar Image Boyle, Justin Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2018Porsche 718 Cayman
68 Avatar Image Brown, Scott Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 1992Porsche 968
631 Avatar Image Browning, Michael Checked in Instructor 2015BMW M4SRD
15 Avatar Image Burchenal, Ed Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2016BMW M235i
98 Placeholder Avatar Cannon, Jason Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2008Porsche Cayman S
47 Placeholder Avatar Cannon, Jeff Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day Ferrari 488 Spider
86 Avatar Image Carletto, Michael Checked in DE-1 - Novice 2013Fiat 500 Abarth
70 Placeholder Avatar Cerilli, Lisa Checked in DE-1 - Novice 2011BMW Z4 sDrive35i
19 Placeholder Avatar Chim, Dennis Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2010Porsche 911 Carrera S
255 Avatar Image Clinkinbeard, Don Checked in Instructor 2005Lotus Elise
42 Avatar Image Corvin, Michael Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2017Ford Fiesta STBert Quiggleyy's Spore Emporium
144 Placeholder Avatar Dreher, Mark Checked in Instructor 2004Porsche GT-3
492 Placeholder Avatar Elliott, Fraser Checked in Instructor 1992Ford Mustang
58 Placeholder Avatar Ervin, James Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2009Porsche cayman s
90 Avatar Image Finlay, Chris Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2013BMW M3 Coupe
333 Avatar Image Fisher, David Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 1975Porsche 914 LS376www.delipros.com
4 Placeholder Avatar Fleming, Richard Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2015Porsche Cayman
31 Avatar Image Gonzalez, Ed Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2017Porsche 911
17 Placeholder Avatar Gorman, John Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2017Porsche 911 turbo s
40 Placeholder Avatar Graves, Paul Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
01 Placeholder Avatar Griepentrog, Jason Checked in Instructor 2002Ford mustang
26 Placeholder Avatar Hafner, Dale B. Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 2009Porsche Cayman S
338 Avatar Image Head, Stephen Checked in Instructor 2006Porsche Cayman S
20 Placeholder Avatar Hindle, Tim Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2017Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE
32 Placeholder Avatar Hoang, Peter Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2018BMW M3
7 Placeholder Avatar Jahn, Ealing Checked in Instructor 2012Porsche 991.1 C2 S
334 Placeholder Avatar Jeffries, Darrin Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2018BMW M3 CS
101 Avatar Image Jones, Steve Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2012Porsche Cayman
12 Placeholder Avatar Joury, Marwan Checked in DE-1 - Novice 1998Porsche Boxster
38 Placeholder Avatar Koreneff, Paul Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 1997BMW M3
60 Avatar Image Kosar, Richard Checked in Instructor 2020BMW M2 CompetitionMe!
111 Avatar Image Kray, Rick Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2016Porsche Boxster GTS
10 Placeholder Avatar Lange, Don Checked in Instructor 2015Porsche Cayman GTS
46 Avatar Image Langley, Erik Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2018BMW M3
45 Placeholder Avatar Langley, Kyle Checked in DE-1 - Novice 2009Volkswagen GTI
171 Placeholder Avatar LaRocque, Todd Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2006BMW M3
66 Avatar Image Link, Kimberly Checked in DE-1 - Novice 2013Dodge Viper
34 Placeholder Avatar Milroy, Jason Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2005Porsche 911 C2 Cabrio
48 Placeholder Avatar Mony, Matt Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2007Porsche Cayman S
37 Placeholder Avatar Nicotera, Mark Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2014Porsche Boxster S
665 Placeholder Avatar Patterson, David Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2019Mini Cooper S
50 Avatar Image Peck, Rita Checked in DE-1 - Novice 2009Porsche 2009 Cayman S
513 Placeholder Avatar Pepp, Susie Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2008Porsche Boxster S
57 Avatar Image Perkins, Paul Checked in Instructor 2000Mazda MX5
268 Placeholder Avatar Pinnell, Kirby Checked in Instructor 2005Chevrolet Corvette
339 Placeholder Avatar Poremba, John Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 1999Porsche 996
6 Avatar Image Pyska, Mike Checked in Instructor 2016Porsche Cayman GTS
Avatar Image Riddle, Dave Checked in Instructor
16 Avatar Image Sallus, Jarred Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2014Porsche Boxter S
28 Avatar Image Schryer, Thomas Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2018Porsche 718 Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Thomas, Phil Checked in Instructor
986 Avatar Image Tudor, Bruce Checked in Instructor 2002Porsche Boxster S
177 Placeholder Avatar Verloop, Louis Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 1990Mazda Miata
41 Placeholder Avatar Vittone, John Checked in DE-2 - Intermediate 2001Dodge Viper
36 Placeholder Avatar Voit, Robert Checked in DE-4 - Advanced 2012Porsche Cayman R
63 Placeholder Avatar Voit, Ryan Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2007Porsche Cayman S
35 Placeholder Avatar Weech, Jared Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2002Chevrolet Corvette
23 Avatar Image Willis, Dale Checked in Instructor 2016Porsche Cayman GT4
100 Placeholder Avatar Wilson, Stephen Checked in DE-0 - First Track Day 2016Ford Mustang GTWilzoni
44 Avatar Image Younger, Rook Checked in DE-3 - Experienced 2012Porsche Boxster Spyder

65 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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