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Attendee List

Schattenbaum NJMP-March Thunderbolt

PCA - Schattenbaum

Saturday, Mar 16 — Sunday, Mar 17, 2019

Thunderbolt Raceway, Millville, NJ

Run Group and Number Assignments

Please check your number assignment shortly before the event

  • YELLOW:  Student (instructor assigned)
  • BLUE/YELLOW:  Novice solo (no instructor), running with YELLOW
  • BLUE/WHITE:  Novice solo (no instructor), running with WHITE 
  • WHITE:  Intermediate
  • BLACK:  Advanced
  • RED:  Advanced / Instructors
Day 1  11 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
8 Placeholder Avatar Carrington, Bob Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman S
971 Placeholder Avatar Ferrante, Vincent Confirmed White 2016Chevrolet SS
80 Avatar Image Krantz, Daniel Confirmed Red 2001Porsche Boxster S
642 Placeholder Avatar Northington, Nicholas Confirmed Yellow 2006Porsche 911
93 Placeholder Avatar Ortiz Jr, Luis Confirmed White 1983Porsche 944
197 Avatar Image Song, Jinhao Confirmed Black 2013Mini JCW GP2
18 Placeholder Avatar Spears, Rick Confirmed White 2008Porsche cayman
32 Avatar Image Stanbro, Michael Confirmed White 2004Volkswagen R32
81 Avatar Image Stern, Carl Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2007Porsche Cayman Sport
17 Avatar Image Zachowski, Joseph Confirmed White Mazda Miata
24 Avatar Image Zeka, Afrim Confirmed Black 2006BMW M Coupe
Day 1&2  61 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
444 Placeholder Avatar Aberant, Kevin Confirmed White 2006Porsche 997 C4S
83 Placeholder Avatar Ammidon III, Hoyt Confirmed Red 1999Porsche BoxsterMana From Heaven
410 Placeholder Avatar Beidler, John Confirmed Black 1998Porsche boxster
22 Placeholder Avatar Benigno, Philip Confirmed Yellow 2010Porsche Cayman S
Placeholder Avatar Bono, Michael Confirmed
808 Placeholder Avatar Cardadeiro, Andre Confirmed Black 2007BMW Z4 CoupeTeam Espresso
6 Placeholder Avatar Clemens, Jim Confirmed Black 2006Porsche 997 CupSpeedwerk NY
33 Placeholder Avatar Connell, Robert Confirmed White 1999Porsche BoxsterBrandywine Motorwerks
412 Avatar Image Coulter, Bill Confirmed Black 1999Porsche 996webville.net
113 Placeholder Avatar Covert, Jeffrey Confirmed Red 1999Porsche Spec BoxsterCovert Transportation Logistics
73 Placeholder Avatar Crane, Thomas Confirmed Black 2000Porsche GT3 Cup
70 Placeholder Avatar Cunicelli, David Confirmed White 2016Porsche 911 GTS
Placeholder Avatar Debusmann, Peter Confirmed
826 Avatar Image Dodson, Brian Confirmed Black 1996BMW M3Warped Head Racing
34 Avatar Image Elazeh, Adam Confirmed Yellow 2004BMW M3
414 Avatar Image Elazeh, Mike Confirmed Yellow 2002BMW M3
329 Placeholder Avatar Galvis, Marco Confirmed White 2014Mini Cooper SAI4 / UFC
714 Placeholder Avatar Gasparovic, Philip Confirmed Red 1999Porsche BoxsterBrandywine Motorwerks
4 Placeholder Avatar Giordano, Kevin Confirmed Yellow 2013Ford GT500 Shelby
540 Placeholder Avatar Gralton, John Confirmed Red 2004Porsche 996 GT3Team Red Mist
Placeholder Avatar Hargesheimer, Bob Confirmed Coach, not driving
703 Avatar Image Hatfield, Lisa Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 1999Porsche Boxster
311 Avatar Image Holmes, Michael Confirmed Red 1997Porsche Spec BoxsterBrandywine Motorwerks
156 Placeholder Avatar Holmes, Tom Confirmed Red 2003Porsche carreraBrandywine Motorwerks
11 Placeholder Avatar Jojic, Dejan Confirmed White 2001BMW M3CRJ
216 Avatar Image Kalra, Sudhir Confirmed Black 1997Porsche BoxsterMe, Myself and I Incorporated
786 Placeholder Avatar Karamat, Mo Confirmed Red 1998BMW M3OffCamber Autosport
308 Avatar Image Kling, Michael Confirmed Red 1995Porsche 968
776 Placeholder Avatar Koestler, Mark Confirmed White 1989Porsche 944 Turboi
94 Placeholder Avatar Kohler, Devyn Confirmed Yellow 1999Porsche 986
94 Avatar Image Kohler, Thomas Confirmed Coach, not driving
302 Placeholder Avatar Latyszonek, George Confirmed Red 2018Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
111 Avatar Image Lee, Wayne Confirmed White 2014Porsche Cayman S
84 Avatar Image Lienhard, David Confirmed Yellow 2015BMW M3
346 Avatar Image Lindvig, Ian Confirmed White BMW M3Brey Krause
21 Placeholder Avatar Lois, Greg Confirmed Yellow 2015Alfa Romeo 4c
97 Avatar Image Lombardi, Robert Confirmed Black 2002Chevrolet ZO6
613 Placeholder Avatar Muller, Jeffrey Confirmed Red 1994Porsche 968
646 Placeholder Avatar Mulley, Brian Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 1995Porsche 911 RSR ReplicaN/A
1 Placeholder Avatar Niszczak, Robert Confirmed Yellow 1999Porsche CarreraSchattenbaum
127 Placeholder Avatar Olivieri, Geri Confirmed Yellow 1993Mazda Miata
7 Avatar Image Razuk, Marcio Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2013Chevrolet Corvette Z06
7 Avatar Image Razuk, Victor Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2013Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Avatar Image Schepps, Jonathan Confirmed
992 Placeholder Avatar Schindler, Mary Confirmed Black 2003Porsche Boxster S
912 Placeholder Avatar Schindler, Steve Confirmed Black 2002Porsche 996
666 Placeholder Avatar Schneider, Dale Confirmed Yellow 2017BMW M2
64 Placeholder Avatar Sharpe, Barrington Confirmed Yellow 2013Porsche Carrera S
110 Placeholder Avatar Shih, Thomas Confirmed Red 2010Porsche GT3
37 Avatar Image Shopper, Glenn Confirmed Black 1999BMW M3
77 Avatar Image Siegel, Luke Confirmed White 1983Chevrolet CamaroRAYDOOR, INC
46 Placeholder Avatar Skuratov, Ruslan Confirmed White 2016BMW F80 m3
76 Avatar Image Stanek, James Confirmed Yellow 2019Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye
117 Placeholder Avatar Stine, Robert Confirmed Red 2004Porsche GT3
69 Placeholder Avatar Stinger, Richard Confirmed Yellow 2018Ford GT350
Placeholder Avatar Tremper, Pete Confirmed
342 Placeholder Avatar van der Wal, Pim Confirmed White 2007Porsche 911S
49 Placeholder Avatar Vogelsong, Adam Confirmed Red 1998Porsche BoxsterBrandywine Motorwerks
499 Placeholder Avatar Walsh, Jason Confirmed White 1999Pontiac Trans AM
54 Placeholder Avatar Warner, Paul Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2008Porsche Carrera 2S
191 Avatar Image Zoubarev, Val Confirmed White 2016BMW M3Self Sponsored
Day 2  19 entries
#   Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
823 Avatar Image Basher, Nawshin Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) 2005Honda S2000TOYO | MetroTrackAddicts
8 Placeholder Avatar Carrington, Bob Confirmed Red 2006Porsche Cayman S
129 Avatar Image Chen, Dihao Confirmed Black 2018Ford Shelby GT3508200RPM Racing
171 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Mingzhao Confirmed Black 2018Chevrolet Corvette Z06
14 Placeholder Avatar Cheng, David Confirmed White 2012BMW M3Apex Auto Care
735 Placeholder Avatar Choueiri, Michael Confirmed Black 2003Honda s2000MSC & Associates
88 Avatar Image Cote, Mick Confirmed Black 1983Porsche 930
Placeholder Avatar Hargesheimer, Bob Confirmed Coach, not driving
13 Avatar Image Hillman, Dan Confirmed Yellow 1999Porsche 911
222 Placeholder Avatar Jang, Jung Woo Confirmed White 2009Chevrolet Corvette Z06
80 Avatar Image Krantz, Daniel Confirmed Red 2001Porsche Boxster S
80 Placeholder Avatar Krantz, Jake Confirmed Yellow 2001Porsche Boxster S
168 Placeholder Avatar Lam, Simon Confirmed White 2015BMW M3
831 Placeholder Avatar Liu, Tzu-Yang (Mike) Confirmed Yellow 2015Nissan GTRDrLiuNJ
682 Placeholder Avatar Menkowitz, Bruce Confirmed Blue - Novice (solo) BMW M3
5 Avatar Image Mess, Nick Confirmed Black 2018Audi TT RS
114 Avatar Image oh, Hyung John Confirmed White 2018Chevrolet Camaro
215 Placeholder Avatar Turns, Kyle Confirmed Black 2004Honda S2000
138 Placeholder Avatar Yang, Chris c Confirmed White 2017Chevrolet Corvette

91 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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