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Attendee List

Waterford Hills OTD #6

Waterford Hills

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Waterford Hills, Clarkston, MI

Waterford Hills  Open Track Day


Note to all attendees:    Final assignments to run groups will be done on Saturday before the event.   Drivers will be spread out based on experience.   All groups will contain the same number of participants (not to exceed 16).   Do not worry if you have more than 16 shown in your group at this time!   

No group will contain more than 16 drivers on final assignment.




Group Definitions for  OTD
Run Group       Experience levels

Avail Slots

Passing Restrictions
White HPDE-1 16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Gold HPDE-1 / HPDE-2 16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Yellow HPDE-1/2          16 Point by passing on front and back straights
Pink HPDE-2/3 16 Point by passing on front and back straights, as well as between Turn 2 -3
Red HPDE-3 16 Point by passing on front and back straights, as well as between Turn 2 -3
Blue HPDE-4/C 16 Point by passing on entire track except between T4 and T5
Green CW   Competition 30 Open Passing (This group not active until we get 16 Comp licensed drivers)

Waitlist entries will be processed based on registration date through Friday.   After that any open spots due to cancelations will be first come first serve on Sunday


Walk-In or At Gate registrations will be first come/first served.   If you plan to pay at the event and you've already registered, please arrive early to ensure you have a spot.

Event  96 entries
#   Name Status Class Group
44 Placeholder Avatar Adoba, Christopher Confirmed HPDE-1 White
69 Placeholder Avatar anderson, nathan Confirmed HPDE-3 Blue
17 Placeholder Avatar Angelo, Tony Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
53 Avatar Image Aranda, Nicholas Confirmed HPDE-1 White
84 Placeholder Avatar Arnold, James Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
14 Placeholder Avatar Babiak, Glenn Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Placeholder Avatar Barazi, Shayrgo Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
49 Avatar Image Bartlett, Gary Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
47 Placeholder Avatar Beauregard, Marc Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
64 Avatar Image Bennion, Kirk Confirmed HPDE-3 Pink
38 Placeholder Avatar Benvenuto, Guido Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
40 Avatar Image Benvenuto, Spencer Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
7 Placeholder Avatar Bhatti, Paul Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
83 Placeholder Avatar Bhavsar, Neil Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
15 Placeholder Avatar Blazevski, Robert Confirmed HPDE-1 White
35 Avatar Image Bruce, Ed Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
Placeholder Avatar Bucher, Jim Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
62 Placeholder Avatar Carthew, Paul Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
59 Placeholder Avatar Chen, Xiaodong Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
60 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Ian Confirmed HPDE-1 White
58 Placeholder Avatar Cohan, Greg Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
65 Placeholder Avatar Compagnoni, Chris Confirmed HPDE-1 White
67 Placeholder Avatar Del Serrone, Stefano Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Dziedzic, Brett Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Ebersole, Chad Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
12 Placeholder Avatar Emsley, Raymond Confirmed HPDE-3 Pink
48 Avatar Image Ferraro, Joe Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
87 Placeholder Avatar Francetic, Cole Confirmed HPDE-2 White
Avatar Image Frank, Edward New HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
16 Avatar Image Franko, Alexander Confirmed HPDE-1 White
46 Placeholder Avatar Gailey, Griffin Confirmed HPDE-1 White
28 Placeholder Avatar Gebhard, Derek Confirmed HPDE-1 White
91 Placeholder Avatar Greenwald, Ryan Confirmed HPDE-1 White
20 Placeholder Avatar Hopper, Greg Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
70 Avatar Image Howie, Jack (mike) Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
18 Placeholder Avatar Ice, Tom Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
68 Placeholder Avatar Kim, Jung Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
31 Placeholder Avatar Kimmerly, Kurt Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
52 Placeholder Avatar King, Gregory Confirmed HPDE-1 White
2 Placeholder Avatar Kirles, Geoffrey Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
5 Placeholder Avatar Kotchi, Scott Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Ligibel, Ross Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
39 Placeholder Avatar Lisi, Valentino Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
43 Placeholder Avatar Lloyd, Scott Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
86 Placeholder Avatar Mac, Anthony Confirmed Competition Blue
56 Placeholder Avatar Mairal, Pranav Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
57 Placeholder Avatar Mantkus, Trevor Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Avatar Image Margossian, Michael Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
36 Placeholder Avatar Martin, Josh Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
29 Avatar Image Masterton, Bram Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
30 Avatar Image Masterton, Sunny Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
27 Placeholder Avatar Menning, Nick Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
55 Avatar Image Mielke, Joe Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
1 Placeholder Avatar Moss, Jeff Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Avatar Image PACE, BRYAN Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
99 Avatar Image Page, Corey Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Placeholder Avatar Petrosky, Tom Waitlisted Competition zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Phillips, William Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
51 Placeholder Avatar Podmore, Ray Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
3 Avatar Image Podmore, Thomas Confirmed Competition Blue
77 Avatar Image Rori, Patrick Confirmed HPDE-3 Pink
11 Placeholder Avatar Rori, William Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
71 Placeholder Avatar Roth, Jaimey Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
72 Placeholder Avatar Roth, Renee Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
21 Placeholder Avatar Rummel, Brad Confirmed HPDE-1 White
63 Avatar Image Salehi, Mohammad Confirmed HPDE-1 White
Avatar Image Schmidt, Kevin New HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Schmidt, Mike Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
13 Placeholder Avatar Schmitt, David Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
50 Placeholder Avatar Scope, Rob Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
Placeholder Avatar Sekula, Justin Waitlisted HPDE-3 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Shaw, Greg Waitlisted HPDE-2 zNot Assigned
73 Placeholder Avatar small, al Confirmed HPDE-4 Blue
Placeholder Avatar Smith, Keven Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
33 Avatar Image Snyder, Brett Confirmed HPDE-1 White
25 Placeholder Avatar Spennato, Drew Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
37 Placeholder Avatar Spezia, Anthony Confirmed HPDE-2 White
Placeholder Avatar Spicuzzi, Matt Waitlisted HPDE-4 zNot Assigned
32 Placeholder Avatar Stachelek, Jackson Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
32 Placeholder Avatar Stachelek, Michael Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink
26 Avatar Image Stephens, Randall Confirmed HPDE-3 Blue
75 Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Justin Confirmed HPDE-4 Pink
6 Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Tony Confirmed HPDE-1 White
23 Avatar Image Todd, Geoffrey Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
Placeholder Avatar Tovar, Miguel Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
Placeholder Avatar Tran, Shahab Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
74 Placeholder Avatar Unrein, Dylan Confirmed HPDE-3 Pink
41 Placeholder Avatar Vaskov, Alex Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
42 Avatar Image Vaskov, Sean Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
Placeholder Avatar Vue, Sai Waitlisted HPDE-1 zNot Assigned
24 Placeholder Avatar Walton, Garran Confirmed HPDE-1 Yellow
66 Placeholder Avatar Waszkiewicz, Peter Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
19 Avatar Image Wu, Hao Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
54 Placeholder Avatar Yu, Wenbo Confirmed HPDE-3 Red
34 Placeholder Avatar Zafar, Omer Confirmed HPDE-2 Yellow
45 Placeholder Avatar Zhu, Yimo Confirmed HPDE-2 Pink

96 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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