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2018 Race Against Kids' Cancer

Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing-RMVR

Saturday, Aug 4 — Sunday, Aug 5, 2018

High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail, CO

RAKC  129 entries

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Production - Small Bore   27 entries
Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Cordova, Fred B-Sedan 1968Datsun 510 Edgewood, NM
Avatar Image Gray, Jim C-Production 1964TRIUMPH TR-4Acme Wombat Abatement Aurora, CO
Avatar Image Hollowell, Walter C-Production 1970Triumph TR6Electronic Money Company, Inc. Albuquerque, NM
Placeholder Avatar Wiley, Peter C-Production 1967LOTUS ELAN S3 Boulder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sorensen, Todd C-Sports Racer 1963Falcon Shells Comp III Scottsbluff, NE
Placeholder Avatar Gray, Stuart D-Production 1971Porsche 914 Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ragonetti, Tom D-Production 1969Lotus Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Wight, Chad D-Production 1982Mazda RX7 Colo Sprgs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bowler, Richard E-Production 1967MG MGB Englewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bries, John E-Production 1962MG MGA Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Brillhart, Bill E-Production 1965MG MGB Broomfield, CO
Placeholder Avatar Brinkerhoff, Renee E-Production 1957Porsche 356A Sedalia, CO
Avatar Image Aretakis, James F-Production 1960AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITENostalgia Racing morrison, CO
Placeholder Avatar DiBona, Ange F-Production 1967AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE Fort Collins, CO
Avatar Image Hicks-Wright, Tyler F-Production 1964MG Denver, CO
Avatar Image Hopkins, Christy F-Production 1964Triumph Spitfire 4 Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Longstreet, Roger F-Production 1981Fiat X1/9Wyoming Speech And Learning Cheyenne, WY
Placeholder Avatar Shaffron, Michael F-Production 1972Porsche 914 Chalon Morrison, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Meagan F-Production 1966Austin Healey SpriteSumner automotive Milliken, Co
Avatar Image Weiskopf, Richard F-Production 1967MG Midget Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Merrifield, Greg G-Production 1962Austin Healey Sprite Bailey, CO
Placeholder Avatar Morales, Donald G-Production 1973Datsun 510Rallye/Sport Evanston, IL
Placeholder Avatar Morris, Matt G-Production 1959Austin Healey spritesumner automotive Eaton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Branden G-Production 1960Austin Healey Sprite Milliken, Co
Placeholder Avatar Sumner, Myrl G-Production 1958Austin Healey Sprite Estes Park, CO
Avatar Image Albert, Frank Historic-All classes 1967MG MGB GT Evergreen, CO
Avatar Image Klink, Doug Historic-All classes 1951Allard K2None Estes Park, CO

Class Totals: B-Sedan: 1, C-Production: 3, C-Sports Racer: 1, D-Production: 3, E-Production: 4, F-Production: 8, G-Production: 5, Historic-All classes: 2

FV, Wings&Things, Sports Racers   31 entries
Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Alder, Diane B-Sports Racer 1962MILLER SR Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hefty, Terry B-Sports Racer 1963ELVA MK 7 Lafayette, CO
Placeholder Avatar Fidrich, Marty Formula 5000 1969LE GRAND MK XI Elizabeth, CO
Placeholder Avatar Petrie, Ken Formula 5000 1972MCRAE GM-1 Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bunton, Joe Formula Atlantic 1976Lola T460 Fort Collins, CO
Placeholder Avatar Carpenter, Greg Formula B 1967LOTUS 41C Littleton, CO
Avatar Image Irwin, David Formula B 1969BRABHAM BT29 Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stange, Eric Formula B 1969BRABHAM BT-29 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Butterfield, Tyler Formula Super V 1972ROYALE RP-14 Grand Jct., CO
Placeholder Avatar Howard, Del Formula Super V 1973Lola T 252 Grand Jct, CO
Avatar Image Johnsen, Allen Formula Super V 1972LOLA 252/320 Grand Junction, CO
Placeholder Avatar Scariano, Dick Formula Super V 1971WINKELMANN FSV Grand Junction, CO
Placeholder Avatar Schuler, Jamey Formula Super V 1973Tui BH3 Telluride, CO
Placeholder Avatar Barron, Elliott Formula Vee 1972FV PegasusBarron Racing Mesquite, TX
Avatar Image Barron, Hunter Formula Vee 1969Volkswagen KellisonBarron Racing Longview, TX
Placeholder Avatar Dixon, Bob Formula Vee 1972Hauser-Zink C4 FV2 Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Fangue, Lynn Formula Vee 1992Mysterian M2Westwind Performance Englewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Gould, Andy Formula Vee 1972ZINK C-4Flaming O Racing PARKER, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hindman, Jared Formula Vee 1969Zink C4 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Koegel, Mark Formula Vee 1969zink Formula Vbigger hammer racing San Angelo, TX
Placeholder Avatar Morrison, Doug Formula Vee 1968Zink C-4 Telluride, CO
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Bonnie Formula Vee 1968ZINK C-4 Lone Tree, CO
Placeholder Avatar Mortimer, Reah Formula Vee 1972ZINK C-4 Lone Tree, CO
Placeholder Avatar Palgrave, Nick Formula Vee 1977CALDWELL D13MAXIMA RACING OILS Indian Hills, CO
Placeholder Avatar Rogers, Stephen Formula Vee 1997Formula Vee VDF-2Larimer Suicide Center, Poudre Sports Car Loveland, CO
Avatar Image Shuler, Ed Formula Vee 1997Mysterian M2Sidewinder Racing Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Stowell, Daniel Formula Vee 1968Caldwell D-13 Golden, CO
Avatar Image Valentine, Jess Formula Vee 1993Sharland FV Erie, CO
Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Brian Formula Vee 1961Volkswagen Formula V Arvada, co
Avatar Image Wogrin, Christopher Formula Vee 1968Zink C4 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Wolther, Mike Formula Vee 1964Bobsy VanguardPork Chop Racing Loveland, CO

Class Totals: B-Sports Racer: 2, Formula Vee: 18, Formula Super V: 5, Formula B: 3, Formula Atlantic: 1, Formula 5000: 2

Production - Mid-Large Displacement   26 entries
Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Sandberg, Jim A-Production 1969Chevrolet Corvette Seabrook, TX
Placeholder Avatar Ward, Jerry A-Production 1968Chevrolet Corvette Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Cox, Michael A-Sedan 1970FORD MUSTANG Brighton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Dietz, Eric A-Sedan 1968Chevrolet Camaro Idaho Springs, CO
Avatar Image Hargus, Steve A-Sedan 1967FORD MUSTANGLeo's Sheet Metal Sterling, CO
Placeholder Avatar McDonough, Mike A-Sedan 1963Ford Falcon SprintGenuine Roof Systems Lakewood, Co
Placeholder Avatar Schauls, Daren A-Sedan 1968Ford Mustang Aurora, CO
Avatar Image Conyers, David B-Production 1966Chevrolet Corvette Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Hogan, Patrick B-Production 1966SHELBY GT350 Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Schaefer, Damon B-Production 1966Ford SHELBY GT 350 Fleming, co
Placeholder Avatar Schaefer, Mike B-Production 1966Shelby GT350Schaefer Motorsports Fleming, CO
Avatar Image Groves, Ryan B-Sedan 1969BMW 1600 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Nelson, Brian B-Sedan 1972BMW 2002Tii Berthoud, CO
Avatar Image Popejoy, Kyle B-Sedan 1966BMW 1600 Evergreen, CO
Avatar Image Robinson, Mark B-Sedan 1972Datsun 510 Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Benjamin, Alan C-Production 1972PORSCHE 911TBenjamin West Boulder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bunton, Joe C-Production 1966LOTUS ELAN Fort Collins, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ewers, Robert C-Production 1982Porsche 911 Albuquerque, NM
Placeholder Avatar Nichols, Kelly C-Production 1971Datsun 240ZApexx Dental Care, Remax Professionals Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ragonetti, Peter C-Production 1973Datsun 240Z Brooklyn, NY
Placeholder Avatar Rose, Paul C-Production 1965Porsche 911NONE Steamboat Springs, CO
Avatar Image Rosetta, Randy GT-1 1970Ford Boss302 Mustang Franktown, CO
Placeholder Avatar Chase, David IMSA-All classes 1974PORSCHE 911 IROC RSR Golden, CO
Placeholder Avatar Frey, George IMSA-All classes 1974Porsche 911 RSR Englewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar Petrie, Ken None of the Above 1968McLaren M6B Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Whittemore, Earl None of the Above 1971Datsun 240Z Peralta, NM

Class Totals: A-Production: 2, A-Sedan: 5, B-Production: 4, B-Sedan: 4, C-Production: 6, GT-1: 1, IMSA-All classes: 2, None of the Above: 2

Formula Ford   45 entries
Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Hutchison, Robert FF Newer than CF, including Fit engined cars. 2000Van Diemen RF00Non Cave Creek, Az
Placeholder Avatar Norton, John FF Newer than CF, including Fit engined cars. 1984Swift DB1 Phoenix, AZ
Placeholder Avatar Racy, Michael FF Newer than CF, including Fit engined cars. 2006Van Diemen RF06 Tucson, AZ
Avatar Image Ahearn, Leo Formula Ford-Club Ford 1977Lola T440Aspect Properties Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Bradley, John Formula Ford-Club Ford 1979Royale RP26 Silverthorne, CO
Placeholder Avatar Caldwell, Marcus Formula Ford-Club Ford 1976Lola T-342SuperVee Tremolo Systems Colorado Springs, CO
Avatar Image Daniels, Charles Formula Ford-Club Ford 1973Crossle 25F Albuquerque, NM
Avatar Image Hall, Keith Formula Ford-Club Ford 1983Crossle 55FWestwoods Motor Classics Arvada, CO
Placeholder Avatar Haynes, Larry Formula Ford-Club Ford 1974ELDEN PRH-10 Santa Fe, NM
Placeholder Avatar Kunz, Mike Formula Ford-Club Ford 1981VAN DIEMAN RF81 Colorado Springs, CO
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Allen Formula Ford-Club Ford 1982Citation/Zink 16 Eaton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Jared Formula Ford-Club Ford 1978lola 540Letterly Farms Wellington, CO
Placeholder Avatar Letterly, Seth Formula Ford-Club Ford 1981Zink 16Letterly Farms Milliken, CO
Placeholder Avatar Loesch, Boysen Formula Ford-Club Ford 1976ZINK Z-10C Northglenn, CO
Placeholder Avatar Marino, Stephen Formula Ford-Club Ford 1975Crossle 30F Albuquerque, NM
Placeholder Avatar Mauz, Mark Formula Ford-Club Ford 1975Crossle 30F Evergreen, CO
Placeholder Avatar Torres, Christopher Formula Ford-Club Ford 1976Lola T-440 Meeker, CO
Avatar Image Williams, Steven Formula Ford-Club Ford Van Diemen rf82 El Rito, NM
Avatar Image Alder, Robert Formula Ford-FF 1968ALEXIS RUSSELL-ALEXIS Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Allard, Terry Formula Ford-FF 1972rostron CT-3 Conifer, CO
Placeholder Avatar Ammer, Matt Formula Ford-FF 1972KONIG HEATH KHF1Concierge Payment Systems Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Aschwege, Gary Formula Ford-FF 1969WINKELMANN WDF-1 Arvada, CO
Avatar Image Barkley, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelmann WDF1 ADiamond Metal/General Label Frisco, CO
Avatar Image Bauer, Carl Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelman WDF-1 Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Pete Formula Ford-FF 1970WINKELMANN WDF-2Total Precision Engines Laporte, CO
Placeholder Avatar Creighton, Becky Formula Ford-FF 1970Winkelman WDF2Concierge Payment Systems Highlands Ranch, CO
Avatar Image Darcey, Robert Formula Ford-FF 1970LOLA T-200 Lakewood, CO
Placeholder Avatar DeMetre, Bill Formula Ford-FF 1972ELDEN MK 10 Montrose, CO
Placeholder Avatar Edmonds, Jim Formula Ford-FF Van Diemen 1994Hammerhead Racing Phoenix, AZ
Placeholder Avatar Goch, Alex Formula Ford-FF 1972Titan MK-6B Liberty Hil, TX
Avatar Image Hancock, Bob Formula Ford-FF 1969Merlyn 11AJus N Tyme Tooling Scrapers Erie, CO
Placeholder Avatar Kaufman, Brent Formula Ford-FF 1970Winkelmann WDF-2 Lander, Wy
Placeholder Avatar Linton, Tom Formula Ford-FF 1969Winkelman WDF 1 Santa Fe, NM
Placeholder Avatar McCready, Neil Formula Ford-FF 1971MERLYN MK 20 Denver, CO
Avatar Image Mercer, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1969Alexis MK 15 Evergreen, CO
Avatar Image Mihalich, Jr., John Formula Ford-FF 1969Lotus Type 61 Craig, CO
Avatar Image Mohr, Pete Formula Ford-FF 1970Winkelman WDF-2 Fort Collins, CO
Avatar Image Moothart, Michael Formula Ford-FF 1971CROSSLE 20FMoothart Racing Associates Castle Rock, CO
Placeholder Avatar Nessel, Graham Formula Ford-FF 1971HAWKE DL2B Centennial , CO
Placeholder Avatar Peterson, Kirk Formula Ford-FF 1970MERLYN MK-17 Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Redd, Chris Formula Ford-FF 1968MERLYN MK 11A Colorado Springs, CO
Avatar Image Ries, Mike Formula Ford-FF 1972Winkelmann WDF4 Denver, CO
Placeholder Avatar Sorensen, Nick Formula Ford-FF 1972ELDEN PH8 Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Tussing, Gerry Formula Ford-FF 1972TITAN MK-6A Lincoln, NE
Avatar Image Urbano, Steve Formula Ford-FF 1971TITAN MK6Silver & Screen Lakewood, CO

Class Totals: Formula Ford-FF: 27, Formula Ford-Club Ford: 15, FF Newer than CF, including Fit engined cars.: 3

129 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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