Phoenix Kart Racing Association announces PKRA Club Race - Winter #4 - January 3, 2021 Sunday, January 3, 2021 attendees at Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Glendale, AZ 85310 (9204) > Attendees |

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PKRA Club Race - Winter #4 - January 3, 2021

Phoenix Kart Racing Association

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Glendale, AZ

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PKRA Club Race Entry  91 entries

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Kid Kart   4 entries
# Name Hometown
4 Avatar Image Lypka, Conner GIlbert, AZ
9 Avatar Image Underwood, Tyson Peoria, AZ
18 Placeholder Avatar Jacks, Riley Peoria, AZ
99 Placeholder Avatar Kimbrell, Trent Surprise, AZ
LO206 Junior 1   21 entries
# Name Hometown
0 Avatar Image Bousquet, Theo Paradise Valley, AZ
1 Avatar Image Bousquet, Florian Paradise Valley, AZ
3 Placeholder Avatar Longenecker, Jacob Glendale, AZ
9 Placeholder Avatar Sugar, Antoine Chandler, AZ
11 Avatar Image Spilger, Max Phoenix, AZ
12 Avatar Image Brackley, Chase Cave Creek, AZ
14 Avatar Image Marsha, Cameron Minneapolis, MN
22 Avatar Image Porter, Jaxon Scottsdale, AZ
24 Avatar Image Eggleston, Nixx Scottsdale, AZ
25 Placeholder Avatar Owens, Jennifer Phoenix, AZ
38 Avatar Image Ruth, Kevin Peoria, AZ
52 Avatar Image Hoover, Olive Chandler, AZ
75 Avatar Image Wolcott, Oliver Santa Fe, NM
95 Avatar Image Woon, Ashton Scottsdale, AZ
99 Avatar Image Underwood, Braylon New River, AZ
124 Placeholder Avatar Easton, Zoe Surprise, AZ
127 Placeholder Avatar Rice, Campbell Phoenix, AZ
133 Avatar Image Korn, Gage Aurora, CO
227 Avatar Image Chartier, Alexander (AC) Scottsdale, AZ
711 Placeholder Avatar Queen, Ryan Mesa, AZ
825 Avatar Image Hilburn, Lucas Phoenix, AZ
LO206 Junior 2   12 entries
# Name Hometown
4 Avatar Image Cruzado, Michael Phoenix , AZ
7 Avatar Image Bily, Landon Mesa, AZ
12 Placeholder Avatar Schwyn, Johnathan Phoenix, AZ
20 Avatar Image Hansen, Simon Scottsdale, AZ
21 Placeholder Avatar OClair, Cooper Phoenix, AZ
22 Placeholder Avatar Carroll, Parker Gilbert, AZ
23 Avatar Image Ray, Gunnar Phoenix, AZ
24 Avatar Image Spilger, Colin Phoenix, AZ
42 Avatar Image Bowers, Carson Glendale, AZ
55 Avatar Image Pexa, Kane Anthem, AZ
97 Placeholder Avatar Owens, Jessie Phoenix, AZ
508 Placeholder Avatar Jones, Noah Surprise, AZ
LO206 Senior   13 entries
# Name Hometown
1 Avatar Image Murphy, Bailey Phoenix, AZ
10 Placeholder Avatar Kromberg, Austin Phoenix, AZ
11 Avatar Image Ervey, Justin Phoenix, AZ
14 Placeholder Avatar Hill, Clara
17 Avatar Image Tornell, Logan Queen Creek, AZ
33 Placeholder Avatar Carlson, Tim Surprise, AZ
48 Placeholder Avatar Casillas, Ryan Tempe, AZ
50 Avatar Image Prater, Mason Chandler, AZ
57 Avatar Image Jones, Tyler Phoenix, AZ
58 Avatar Image Jones, Ryan Glendale, AZ
111 Avatar Image Hilburn, David Phoenix, AZ
952 Placeholder Avatar Ruth, Tyler Glendale, AZ
999 Placeholder Avatar Kane, Tyler Paradise Valley, AZ
LO206 Masters   16 entries
# Name Hometown
6 Avatar Image Butler, Todd Prescott, AZ
10 Avatar Image Iten, Chris Surprise, AZ
11 Placeholder Avatar Valantine, Rick Chandler, AZ
12 Placeholder Avatar Carvalho, Rei CHANDLER, AZ
17 Placeholder Avatar Jacks, Bradly Peoria, AZ
28 Avatar Image Bousquet, Thierry Paradise Valley, AZ
31 Avatar Image Wolcott, James Santa Fe, NM
40 Avatar Image Ruth, Curtis Peoria, AZ
44 Placeholder Avatar Bowers, Julian flagstaff, AZ
47 Placeholder Avatar Lacotta, Bernie Sun City, AZ
55 Avatar Image Lassak, Jon Chandler, AZ
67 Avatar Image Alten, Rich PHOENIX, AZ
70 Placeholder Avatar McGinn, Carl Chandler, AZ
77 Placeholder Avatar Lemaire, Paul Mesa, AZ
86 Placeholder Avatar Bowen, Rich Glendale, AZ
98 Avatar Image Low, Mike Phoenix, AZ
Tag Cadet   1 entries
# Name Hometown
24 Avatar Image Eggleston, Nixx Scottsdale, AZ
Tag100 Senior   15 entries
# Name Hometown
15 Placeholder Avatar Mendez, Juvenal Junior Glendale, AZ
24 Placeholder Avatar Hamel, Cole MESA, AZ
44 Placeholder Avatar Turnen, Mason Litchfield Park, AZ
58 Placeholder Avatar Sears, Keith Phoenix, AZ
85 Avatar Image Scheets, Bill Mesa, AZ
173 Placeholder Avatar Hendricks, Micah Glendale, AZ
322 Placeholder Avatar Porter, Karson Scottsdale, AZ
777 Placeholder Avatar Susuras, Theo Anthem, AZ
908 Placeholder Avatar Longenecker, Toby Glendale, AZ
913 Placeholder Avatar Altzman, Jenson Phoenix, AZ
926 Placeholder Avatar Campbell, Josh Gilbert, AZ
973 Placeholder Avatar Kasick, Adam Windsor, CO
977 Placeholder Avatar Madrigal, Roman Scottsdale, AZ
978 Placeholder Avatar Cerbo, Tyler Anthem, AZ
986 Placeholder Avatar Jackson, Wade Anthem, AZ
Shifter   4 entries
# Name Hometown
7 Placeholder Avatar Lemaire, Paul Mesa, AZ
33 Placeholder Avatar Weiss, Brad SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ
311 Placeholder Avatar Willittes, Jim Chandler, AZ
539 Avatar Image Pyles, Bill Scottsdale, AZ

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