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Friday, Jul 7 — Sunday, Jul 9, 2017

Portland Int'l Raceway, Portland, OR






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2017 GASS Races  28 entries
GASS SERIES   28 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
25 Placeholder Avatar Culver, Kevin GASS 410 Chevrolet Monte CarloStraight Line Auto Body Portland, OR
79 Placeholder Avatar Gordon, Rob GASS 410 Ford Fusion Portland, OR
04 Placeholder Avatar Gritten, Rob GASS 410 Dodge ChargerHotel 540 Kamloops W Vancouver, BC
08 Avatar Image Hajari, Majid 'MJ' GASS 410 Chevrolet Casa bella Granite/Optima Premium Quartz Portland, OR
98 Placeholder Avatar Johnston, Howard GASS 410 Dodge Isley Welding Portland, OR
24 Placeholder Avatar Kennedy, Don GASS 410 Dodge GTI Vancouver, WA
4 Placeholder Avatar Nagai, Steve GASS 410 Chevrolet Berkeley Jets/Manach Motorsports Loomis, CA
33 Placeholder Avatar Nulliner, Larry GASS 410 Ford FusionJH Kelly Battle Ground, WA
64 Placeholder Avatar Peters, Rudy GASS 410 Chevrolet Aard Solutions Livermore, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Roche, Michael GASS 410 Chevrolet ImpalaChris Evans Inc Longview, WA
16 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Nathan GASS 410 Toyota Portland, OR
63 Avatar Image Toth, Steve GASS 410 1999Pontiac Grand PrixBinford's Custom Cycles Manteca, CA
58 Placeholder Avatar Wahlstrom, Mose GASS 410 Chevrolet Profinish Motorsports Aloha, OR
21 Placeholder Avatar Young, Aaron GASS 410 Chevrolet ImpalaMiller Welding Virginia City, NV
71 Placeholder Avatar Batz, Mark GASS Open Chevrolet Portland, OR
73 Placeholder Avatar Becker, Darryl GASS Open Ford FusionNW Construction Battle Ground, WA
78 Placeholder Avatar Becker, David GASS Open Ford FusionWest Rail Construction Vancouver, WA
6 Placeholder Avatar Charnock, Ed GASS Open Chevrolet Raw Motorsports Mueritta, CA
115 Placeholder Avatar Dahlquist, Eric GASS Open 2006Pontiac GTO Damascus, OR
10 Placeholder Avatar Evans, Chris GASS Open Ford FusionChris Evans Inc Portland, OR
XXX Placeholder Avatar Martinolich, Dominic GASS Open Chevrolet Monte CarloMad Racing Richland, WA
90 Placeholder Avatar Moline, Bob GASS Open Ford FusionRW Pawn LLC Vancouver, WA
72 Placeholder Avatar Nagai, Michelle GASS Open Chevrolet Berkeley Jets/Manach Motorsports Loomis, CA
164 Placeholder Avatar Nelson, Tom GASS Open Chevrolet Camaro Pasco, WA
73x Placeholder Avatar Norris, Andy GASS Open Caterham SSProfinish Motorsports Portland, OR
2 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Jeff GASS Open Chevrolet West Linn, OR
27 Avatar Image Starr, Jason GASS Open Dodge GASSStarr Investments LLC Portland, OR
46 Placeholder Avatar Wahlstrom, Ben GASS Open Chevrolet Impala Portland, OR

Class Totals: GASS Open: 14, GASS 410: 14

2017 Rose Cup Races  140 entries

Jump to: ROSE CUP (26), SMALL BORE (24), SPEC RACER FORD (19), SPEC MIATA (32), VINTAGE (39)

ROSE CUP   26 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
88 Avatar Image Adolphson, Tim Rose Cup 1 2008Chevrolet impala SSProficio ..Craig Raudman Racing..Peters Racing Engines..Bubba's Gears and Trans Gig Harbor, WA
187 Placeholder Avatar Baek, Rich Rose Cup 1 2012Ferrari 458 Challenge Beaverton, OR
224 Placeholder Avatar Baek, Trevor Rose Cup 1 2017Ferrari 488 Challenge Beaverton, OR
22 Placeholder Avatar Bouman, Wouter Rose Cup 1 1993Mazda RX-7Bouman Auto Centers/Forcefed Performance Nanaimo, BC
71 Placeholder Avatar Butson, Tim Rose Cup 1 2002Chevrolet CorvetteOxford Suites Snohomish, WA
04 Placeholder Avatar Gritten, Robert Rose Cup 1 Dodge Stock car West Vancouver, BC
47 Avatar Image Gruzelier, Lou Rose Cup 1 1995Toyota SupraTen Maples Film, Bullet Racing Pitt Meadows, BC
71 Placeholder Avatar Holden, Rob Rose Cup 1 2002Chevrolet CorvetteOxford Suites Woodinville, WA
32 Placeholder Avatar Larson, Keith Rose Cup 1 2011Ferrari 458 challenge Beaverton, OR
3 Placeholder Avatar McAleenan, Michael Rose Cup 1 2001BMW GTRSmith Alling PS/LGR/Family Tacoma, WA
12 Placeholder Avatar Richards, Brian Rose Cup 1 Chev CamaroAmantii Electric Fireplaces View Royal, BC
0 Avatar Image White, Scotty B #2 Rose Cup 1 2007Dodge ViperComp CoupeGOT CDL?,Michelin Tires, Hawk Brakes Auburn, WA
21 Placeholder Avatar Cook, Chris Rose Cup 2 2017Chevrolet CamaroShockwave Marine Suspension Seats Phoenix, AZ
76 Placeholder Avatar Dilley, Darren Rose Cup 2 1995Mazda RX-7Cheap Fast Racing Hillsboro, OR
28 Placeholder Avatar Hudson, James Rose Cup 2 2005Subaru WRX STiSubaru of Bend/Stars Cabaret Bend, OR
1 Avatar Image Levine, Igor Rose Cup 2 2009Dodge Viper ACRRB Performance Brake, ExtremeCMT, ViperPartsRack Woodinville, WA
24 Placeholder Avatar McAllister, Brad Rose Cup 2 2016Ford MustangPeriodontal Associates Sherwood, OR
82 Avatar Image Rogers, Dan Rose Cup 2 2003BMW E46 M3Lowe Group Racing | BimmerWorld | RedLine Oil | Optima Batteries | AiM Anchorage, AK
298 Placeholder Avatar Ryon, Thomas Rose Cup 2 Subaru ffr 818ryons welding Vancouver, WA
2 Placeholder Avatar Smith, David Rose Cup 2 2017Chevrolet CamaroShockwave Marine Suspension Seats Sidney, BC
54 Placeholder Avatar Souliotis, Chris Rose Cup 2 2008Porsche 911 GT2speedway motors, sarpinos, days inn Victoria, BC
9 Placeholder Avatar Hostetler, Gary Rose Cup 3 1995Ford Mustang GT Canby, OR
38 Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Craig Rose Cup 3 1998Nissan 240SXPats Autosports Westwood Construction Tsawwassen, BC
43 Avatar Image Kellogg, David Rose Cup 3 2009Pro Challenge Pro ChallengeMy bucket list tualatin, OR
01 Placeholder Avatar Piemonte, Vincent Rose Cup 3 BMW 330 Burbank, CA
81 Placeholder Avatar Scoville, Jeff Rose Cup 3 1999Nissan 240-SXJack Scoville Nissan-Volvo-VW Corvallis, OR

Class Totals: Rose Cup 1: 12, Rose Cup 2: 9, Rose Cup 3: 5

SMALL BORE   24 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
52 Placeholder Avatar Gough, Rick Small Bore 1 1997Nissan 200SXSSS RACING Seattle, WA
59 Avatar Image Green, Ian Small Bore 1 1991Honda CRX SiHPD, Radium Engineering Portland, OR
49 Placeholder Avatar Johnstone, Parker Small Bore 1 1962MG MidgetWilsonville Honda/OR's Highest Rated Dealer! Wilsonville, OR
83 Avatar Image Matschek, Charles Small Bore 1 1991BMW 325iBMW NW Portland, OR
162 Avatar Image Achepohl, Adam Small Bore 2 1989Porsche 944Gemini Concrete Pumping, Inc. Monroe, OR
70 Avatar Image Ambrose, Derrick Small Bore 2 2015Mazda 3CorkSport Mazda Performance/BFGoodrich/Monarch Inspections/G-LOC Brakes Brush Prairie, WA
55 Placeholder Avatar Byers, Kyle Small Bore 2 1989BMW E-30Byers Custom Autobody Nagy Autohaus Wicked Fabrication PPG Equipment Unlimited Auburn, WA
119 Avatar Image Cissell, Jim Small Bore 2 1987BMW Seattle, WA
79 Placeholder Avatar Edey, Lyall Small Bore 2 1986Porsche 944Fordahl Motorsports Seattle, WA
44 Avatar Image Fonseca, Alberto Small Bore 2 1988Porsche Redmond, WA
71 Placeholder Avatar Green, Christopher Small Bore 2 1991Mazda Seattle, WA
85 Placeholder Avatar Juvet, Pete Small Bore 2 1985Porsche 911BP Racing Issaquah, WA
19 Avatar Image LaCombe, Mark Small Bore 2 1985Porsche 944Fordahl Motorsports Maple Valley, WA
127 Avatar Image Land, Sterling Small Bore 2 1990Mazda MiataSterling Land Wealth Advisory Group of RBC Dominion Securities Salmon Arm, BC
264 Placeholder Avatar Lovejoy, Steven Small Bore 2 Toyota Supra Dallas, OR
98 Avatar Image Martin, Gary Small Bore 2 1986BMW 325iPro Tek Automotive/Martin Motorsports TD La Pine, OR
38 Placeholder Avatar Moriarty, Josh Small Bore 2 1984Porsche 944Fordahl Motorsports Graham, WA
4 Avatar Image Moses, Sam Small Bore 2 1985Toylotaha Advanced Auto Fabrication Hood River, OR
82 Placeholder Avatar Pestes, Dale Small Bore 2 1991Mazda Miata Gresham, OR
54 Placeholder Avatar Reinhard, Rich Small Bore 2 1989BMW 325iUnited Fueling Salem, OR
205 Placeholder Avatar Rigdon, Gary Small Bore 2 1984Porsche Portland, OR
223 Placeholder Avatar Williams, Blake Small Bore 2 1975Datsun 280Z Keizer, OR
72 Placeholder Avatar Wilson, Jon Small Bore 2 1970Datsun 240ZTopTech Motorsports/Sidedraught City/Bits & Pieces Portland, OR
40 Placeholder Avatar Eidlin, Mike Small Bore 3 1980Volkswagen SciroccoJackalope Racing Port Ludlow, WA

Class Totals: Small Bore 1: 4, Small Bore 2: 19, Small Bore 3: 1

SPEC RACER FORD   19 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
81 Placeholder Avatar Arscott, John SRF3 SCCA Enterprises 2015 SRFPro Drive Portland, OR
28 Placeholder Avatar Barnum, JD SRF3 SRF First to finish sign and Graphics, Westside Sports Gladstone, OR
73 Avatar Image Butler, Todd SRF3 SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Prescott, AZ
00 Placeholder Avatar Fleming, Lee SRF3 2015SCCA Enterprises SRF3Flat Out Racing Lake Forest, CA
46 Placeholder Avatar Flynn, James SRF3 1996SRF COSTELLO RACING Portland, OR
21 Placeholder Avatar Fogg, Steve SRF3 2007SRF MBI Racing West Linn, OR
27 Placeholder Avatar Goudy, Paul SRF3 2007SRF SRFPro Drive Racing / Flat Out Portland, OR
42 Placeholder Avatar Harris, Calvin SRF3 SRF Pro Drive Racing/Flat Out/HMS Portland, OR
32 Placeholder Avatar Harris, Todd SRF3 SRF GEN3Pro Drive Racing/Flat Out Racing Portland, OR
87 Placeholder Avatar Lind, Bruce SRF3 2017SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Gig Harbor, WA
36 Placeholder Avatar McAyeal, Randy SRF3 2006SRF Pro Drive Loomis, CA
13 Placeholder Avatar McMann, Tim SRF3 2016SCCA Enterprises SRF3Pro Drive Racing/Flat Out Racing Portland, OR
97 Placeholder Avatar Perra, Andre SRF3 SRF Flat Out Racing Portland, OR
59 Placeholder Avatar Pfaff, Anson SRF3 SCCA Enterprises SRF3 Eugene, OR
54 Placeholder Avatar Tatom, Mark SRF3 Spec Racer Ford Scott Peterson / Pro Drive Portland, OR
23 Avatar Image Tipton, John SRF3 2007SRF MBI Racing Lexington, KY
5 Placeholder Avatar Vollum, Larry SRF3 SRF Motor Sports Engineering Portland, OR
68 Avatar Image Weller, Eric SRF3 SRF Canyon Park Dental / Pro Drive Bothell, WA
12 Placeholder Avatar Wright, Rick SRF3 2016SCCA Enterprises SRF Gen3Pro Drive/Flat Out Racing Eugene, OR

Class Totals: SRF3: 19

SPEC MIATA   32 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
86 Avatar Image Berndt, Thomas Spec Miata 1994Mazda MiataFoghorn Studio/Windshield FirstAid/Dime Brake Lines Olympia, WA
36 Placeholder Avatar Blair, Joe Spec Miata 1992Mazda MiataBlairco Heating/ Camas, WA
89 Placeholder Avatar Bockman, Gary Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataBockman & Son Inc/The Race Shop Portland, OR
3 Avatar Image Bourland, Fenn Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataRockfish racing Portland, OR
14 Placeholder Avatar Brassfield, Jason Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataDime Brake Lines Salem, Or
288 Avatar Image Clifton, Lawrence Spec Miata Mazda Miata Vancouver, WA
29 Placeholder Avatar DiMiceli, Frank Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataPat's Autosport Renton, WA
00 Placeholder Avatar Ferrara, Thomas Spec Miata 1992Mazda | DaniFerraraRacing | KentonKochRacing Bend, OR
25 Placeholder Avatar Ferrick, Allie Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataBad Gas Racing Hood River, OR
26 Placeholder Avatar Ferrick, Tim Spec Miata 1992Mazda MiataBad Gas Racing Hood River, OR
101 Placeholder Avatar Graffy, Jim Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataWild Hare Racing Vancouver, WA
71 Avatar Image Green, Brad Spec Miata 1991Mazda Seattle, WA
32 Placeholder Avatar Heinrich, Chris Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataAdvantage Collision Center/St John's Auto Center Portland, OR
9 Placeholder Avatar Iverson, Ed Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataNorwegianhellfire Racing & Hooligan Motorsports Redmond, WA
24 Avatar Image Jones, Eric Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataEricJonesMotorsports Eugene, OR
6 Avatar Image Kellogg, David Spec Miata Mazda miataMy bucket list tualatin, OR
127 Avatar Image Land, Sterling Spec Miata 1990Mazda MiataSterling Land Wealth Advisory Group of RBC Dominion Securities Salmon Arm, BC
31 Placeholder Avatar LeBlanc, Darrell Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataWoodstock Motorsports Portland, OR
21 Placeholder Avatar Liepold, Mark Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataGreg Hart / Boring Hop Yard Boring, OR
4 Placeholder Avatar Micich, Thomas Spec Miata Mazda MiataRick Hindman Sherwood, OR
85 Placeholder Avatar Novak, Keith Spec Miata 1995Mazda Miata Tukwila, WA
82 Placeholder Avatar Pestes, Dale Spec Miata 1991Mazda Miata Gresham, OR
181 Placeholder Avatar Phillips, Tom Spec Miata 1991Mazda Miata Portland, OR
159 Avatar Image Plavcan, Matthew Spec Miata 1990Mazda Miata Portland, OR
20 Avatar Image Rawlins, Jason Spec Miata 1990Mazda Gaston, OR
12 Placeholder Avatar Richards, Brian Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataAmantii Electric Fireplaces View Royal, BC
87 Placeholder Avatar Schrader, Will Spec Miata 1990Mazda / Midas Happy Valley, OR
35 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Emily Spec Miata 1992Mazda Miata Amboy, WA
94 Avatar Image Sutherland, Ken Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataWyatt Fire Protection/ and Brooks CPA Sherwood, OR
51 Placeholder Avatar Thieme, Randall Spec Miata 1993Mazda Miata Newberg, OR
52 Placeholder Avatar Tobey, Fred Spec Miata 1991Mazda MiataMidas / Advantage Collision/Adna Iron Works/ Chehalis, WA
99 Placeholder Avatar Wand, Jordan Spec Miata 1999Mazda MiataMidas/ Portland, OR

Class Totals: Spec Miata: 32

VINTAGE   39 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
4 Placeholder Avatar Emmerson, Ron VFSR 1985Ralt RT5E Management Group, LLC Portland, OR
2 Placeholder Avatar Hendrickson, Tom VFSR 1980Crossle 42SOregon Companies Real Estate Portland, OR
98 Avatar Image Mullin, Dan VFSR 1973Lola T-340 #10The Sports Car Shop, Jerry and Walt's Eugene, OR
65 Placeholder Avatar Perkins, Jason VFSR 1987Swift DB2 Portland, OR
78 Placeholder Avatar Watson, Russ VFSR 1987Swift DB2Fluid Controls Fife, WA
51 Placeholder Avatar Carpenter, Mark Vintage Prod 1 1957Alfa Romeo SpiderColumbia Roofing and Sheet Metal Portland, OR
62 Avatar Image De Wolf, Richard Vintage Prod 1 1962Lotus Super SevenArciform - design, restore, remodel Portland, OR
110 Placeholder Avatar Fuller, John Vintage Prod 1 1961Morris pickupFuller's Coffee Shop Portland, OR
42 Placeholder Avatar Haugland, Alex Vintage Prod 1 1963MG MGBSports Car Shop Eugene, OR
33 Placeholder Avatar Keeble, Jonathan Vintage Prod 1 1971Datsun 510River City Eyecare Gresham, OR
0 Placeholder Avatar Thew, Bill Vintage Prod 1 1964Saab 96 Crane, OR
14 Placeholder Avatar Twomey, Scott Vintage Prod 1 1986Toyota MR2Pat's Autosport Tacoma, WA
30 Placeholder Avatar Woodward, John Vintage Prod 1 1962Morgan 4/4WORK-WOODWARD EQUIPMENT Aurora, OR
73 Avatar Image Bucci, Aaron Vintage Prod 2 1984Nissan 300zxBucci Construction Portland, OR
53 Avatar Image Bushnell, Jim Vintage Prod 2 1979Porsche 911SCCantrell Motorsports / Chris's German Auto / Ray & Jim Racing Seattle, WA
79 Placeholder Avatar Gamroth, Jeff Vintage Prod 2 1977Porsche 911Rothsport road and race Sherwood, OR
47 Placeholder Avatar Gilmore, Steve Vintage Prod 2 1967Porsche 911 Camas, WA
29 Placeholder Avatar Green Jr, Earl Vintage Prod 2 1973Porsche 911Rothsport road & race Beaverton, OR
16 Placeholder Avatar Macherione, Robert Vintage Prod 2 1967Alfa Romeo DuettoEugene Sports Car Shop Eugene, OR
44 Avatar Image Moses, Sam Vintage Prod 2 1985Toylotaha Advanced Auto Fabrication Hood River, OR
70 Avatar Image Smith, Mike Vintage Prod 2 1967Datsun RoadsterEugene Sports Car Shop Eugene, OR
61 Placeholder Avatar Snyder, Donn Vintage Prod 2 1973Porsche 911Loynings Engine Service / Snyder Automotive Boring, OR
27 Avatar Image Strnad, Chip Vintage Prod 2 Datsun 240zFullers coffee shop Acampo, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Thayer, Steve Vintage Prod 2 1969Porsche 911Rothsport Vancouver, WA
6 Placeholder Avatar Beckham, Stephen Vintage Prod 3 1992Ford Nascar Thunderbird Canby, OR
161 Avatar Image Clinton, Carl Vintage Prod 3 1987Ford Saleen MustangBig Oak Century Farm Gresham, OR
11 Placeholder Avatar Daniels, Norm Vintage Prod 3 1968Chevrolet CamaroLionpride Vancouver, WA
15 Avatar Image Frost, Lenny Vintage Prod 3 1964Mercury MarauderCelebrating 50 years of racing Vancouver, WA
43 Placeholder Avatar Garchow, Ken Vintage Prod 3 1971Chevrolet CamaroKellys Olympian Portland, OR
21 Placeholder Avatar Grant, John Vintage Prod 3 1965Shelby Cobra ReplicaPacific Roadster Racing, Hart Wagner, Pacific Office Automation Tigard, OR
66 Placeholder Avatar Kelley, Michael S Vintage Prod 3 1965Ford Cobra Boring, OR
41 Avatar Image Mincheff, Eve Vintage Prod 3 1969Chevrolet 383 StrokerKelly Olympian Lake Oswego, Or
5 Avatar Image Mincheff, Jacqulyn Vintage Prod 3 1972Chevrolet CorvetteKelly's Olympian La Center, WA
88 Avatar Image Mincheff, Jeff Vintage Prod 3 1969Chevrolet CorvetteKelly's Olympian La Center, WA
178 Avatar Image Nadalin, Anthony Vintage Prod 3 1965FFR ChallengeFactory Five Racing Kirkland, WA
55 Placeholder Avatar Peters, Robert Vintage Prod 3 1964Chevrolet Corvette0518970 Salem, OR
02 Placeholder Avatar Roberts, Dennis Vintage Prod 3 1968Ford Mustang Portland, OR
17 Placeholder Avatar Smith, E Michael Vintage Prod 3 1967Ford MustangPatriot Fire Protection Battle Ground, WA
45 Placeholder Avatar Sorsdahl, Mark Vintage Prod 3 1964Sunbeam TigerKelly's Olympian Portland, OR

Class Totals: VFSR: 5, Vintage Prod 1: 8, Vintage Prod 2: 11, Vintage Prod 3: 15

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