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Attendee List

Apexfest 7 High Performance Driver Education Event

Apex Track Events

Saturday, Aug 17 — Sunday, Aug 18, 2019

NCCAR , Garysburg, NC

Apexfest  83 entries
#   Name Status Group  YrMakeSponsor
35 Placeholder Avatar Armstrong, Nickie Confirmed Yellow 1997Ford Mustang Cobra
8 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Mike Confirmed White 2006Ford Mustang
Placeholder Avatar Bauchkey, Mike Confirmed Green 2001Chevrolet Corvette
1 Avatar Image Baxter, Paul Confirmed Yellow Ford 2009 Mustang GT
128 Placeholder Avatar Benedict, Fred Confirmed White Ford MustangBone and joint surgery clinic
Placeholder Avatar Benedict, Steven Confirmed Blue 2008Volkswagen MKV GTI
27 Placeholder Avatar Best, Jordan Confirmed White 2020Toyota SupraGarage Therapy NC
48 Placeholder Avatar Black, David Confirmed White 1992Honda Civic
111 Placeholder Avatar Bonds, Robert Confirmed Yellow 2018Ford Mustang GT
015 Placeholder Avatar Boothe, Brian Confirmed Blue 2010Mazda Speed3
23 Avatar Image Brenton, Devin Confirmed Green 2018Subaru BRZ
01 Avatar Image Brooks, Daniel Confirmed White 2016Ford MustangBlazin Gunz Motorsports
083 Avatar Image Brown, Matthew Confirmed Green 2011Mazda RX-8
36 Avatar Image Burris, James Confirmed Yellow 1997BMW M3
314 Placeholder Avatar Carter, Adam Confirmed Blue 2004Ford MustangCarter's Customs
17 Placeholder Avatar Chambers, Charles Confirmed Blue 2014Ford Mustang GT500
10 Placeholder Avatar Chambers, Michael Confirmed Blue 2016Ford Focus RS
04 Avatar Image Cornejo, Mike Confirmed Yellow 2015Nissan GT-R
80 Placeholder Avatar Creech, Jordan Confirmed Yellow 1987Ford Mustang
21 Avatar Image Dalafave, Asher Confirmed Green 1993Honda Civic
112 Placeholder Avatar Denat, Michael Confirmed Blue 1986Porsche 944My checking account
13 Placeholder Avatar Fensterer, Eric Confirmed Blue 2019Chevrolet CORVETTE ZR-1
33 Avatar Image Foglesong, Jenny Confirmed Yellow 2018Ford Mustang
41 Avatar Image Gast, Thomas Confirmed Yellow 2017Chevrolet Camaro
417 Placeholder Avatar Gibbs Jr, Cleon Confirmed Green 2017Subaru Wrx
219 Avatar Image Gillilan, Jon Confirmed Yellow 1978Datsun 280Z
47 Placeholder Avatar Gionfriddo, Rob Confirmed Yellow 2012Ford Boss 302 Mustang
12 Placeholder Avatar Graham, Walter Confirmed Yellow 2012Chevrolet Corvette
696 Avatar Image Granados, Fernando Confirmed Yellow 2017Subaru WRX STI
Placeholder Avatar Greenleaf, Philp Confirmed Yellow 2016Ford Mustang Ecoboost
013 Placeholder Avatar Hamrick, Beth Confirmed Green 2019Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
15 Placeholder Avatar Hoffman, William Confirmed Yellow 2008Chevrolet Corvette Z06
555 Avatar Image James, Eric Confirmed Yellow 2018Subaru WRXMishimoto
38 Placeholder Avatar Josefiak, David Confirmed Yellow 2008Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Justis, Grant Confirmed Green 2007Honda S2000Flat410
777 Avatar Image Kimball, LeRoy Confirmed Yellow Mazda Miata
4 Placeholder Avatar Klingner, Christopher Confirmed Yellow 2013Subaru BRZ
20 Avatar Image Kulesza, Dan Confirmed Green 2017Porsche 718 Cayman
59 Avatar Image LaBar, Don Confirmed White 2005Ford Mustang FR500CApex Track Events
2 Placeholder Avatar LaBar, Harry Confirmed White 2017Ford GT PremiumApex Track Events
73 Avatar Image Lackey, Johnnie Confirmed White 1973Toyota CelicaAuto Haus of Yorktown
Placeholder Avatar Lewis, Nick Confirmed Green 2007Ford Mustang
74 Placeholder Avatar Lumsden, William Confirmed Yellow 2010Mazda RX8
011 Placeholder Avatar Luther, Mike Confirmed White 2017Mazda Miata MX5
5 Placeholder Avatar Maass, Tyler Confirmed Green 1990Ford Mustang
Avatar Image Martin, Christopher Confirmed Green 2019Ford Mustang
69 Avatar Image McCauley, Timothy Confirmed White 2014Chevrolet CAMAROTIM MCCUALEY TRUCKING LLC
24 Placeholder Avatar McGuirt, Scott Confirmed White 1987BMW 535iPFTuning
28 Placeholder Avatar Midgett, Jesse Confirmed Yellow 2015Chevrolet Camaro Z/28
71 Placeholder Avatar Newcomb, Mike Confirmed Blue 1999Chevrolet Camaro SS
89 Placeholder Avatar Noerenberg, John Confirmed Blue 2001Honda S2000
7 Avatar Image Nolte, Jaco Confirmed Yellow 2015BMW M235i
241 Placeholder Avatar Parker, Al Confirmed Yellow 2017Subaru Wrx
818 Avatar Image Patrick, Cameron Confirmed White 2016Factory Five 818RevWorks Inc
75 Placeholder Avatar Pavliuk, Andrii Confirmed Blue 2013Subaru STI
26 Avatar Image Pearson, Kevin Confirmed Yellow 2007Subaru WRX
069 Placeholder Avatar Ritz, Robert Confirmed Green 1992Mazda MIata
18 Placeholder Avatar Rohde, Dennis Confirmed Blue 2018Ford Mustang GT
920 Placeholder Avatar Rosario, Adalberto Confirmed Blue 2005Acura RSX-S
52 Placeholder Avatar Sammartino, Paul Confirmed White 2014Ariel Spec Race Atom
30 Placeholder Avatar Saunders, Buddy Confirmed Blue 2003Nissan 350Z
001 Avatar Image Schoolmeesters, Jay Confirmed White 1995Ford Mustang GT
44 Placeholder Avatar Schuring, Ty Confirmed White 2002BMW M3DTTR LLC
05 Avatar Image Schwartz, Benjamin Confirmed Yellow 2016Ford Mustang GT
6 Placeholder Avatar Schweikert, Uwe Confirmed Yellow 2004Porsche Boxster
62 Avatar Image Sevigny, Anthony Confirmed Yellow 2006Mazda MX-5 MiataAMSOIL, Inc.
Placeholder Avatar Sewell, Christopher Confirmed Green 2019Subaru WRX STIFLAT410
03 Placeholder Avatar Simmons, Kennin Confirmed Green 2005Nissan Sentra
91 Placeholder Avatar Spring, Nicholas Confirmed Blue 2005Chevrolet corvette
117 Placeholder Avatar strickhouser, kevin Confirmed Yellow 2010Chevrolet Corvette
240 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Andrew Confirmed Blue 2017BMW m240i
213 Avatar Image Thompson, Carmela Confirmed Green 2016BMW M235i
142 Placeholder Avatar Thompson, Clyde Confirmed Green 2000Honda S2000
79 Avatar Image Tripp, Danielle Confirmed White 2013Ford Mustang GTWinsome Racing
Avatar Image Tripp, Jason Confirmed Yellow 2013Ford Mustang
Avatar Image Tubbs, Chad Confirmed Green 2019Chevrolet Camaro
98 Placeholder Avatar Tull, Read Confirmed White 1998BMW M3WINsome Racing
Placeholder Avatar Von, Alex Confirmed Green 2018Tesla Model 3
Avatar Image Von Campe, Stefan Confirmed Green 2004Nissan 350Z
60 Placeholder Avatar Wafa, Hashem Confirmed Yellow 2006BMW M5
944 Placeholder Avatar Walters, Steven Confirmed Blue 1987Porsche 951
Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Doug Confirmed Blue 2016Porsche Cayman GT4Crossbridge Financial Group
3 Placeholder Avatar Windham, Calvin Confirmed Yellow 2000Ford Mustang

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