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Attendee List

2018 CSRG Rolling Thunder Spring Races


Friday, May 4 — Sunday, May 6, 2018

Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA

Sat & Sun Races  109 entries

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Group 1   13 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Avatar Image Morgan, Tom 1956Morgan 4/4Bev's Cat House Redwood City, CA
4 Placeholder Avatar Roth, Bob 1963Genie Mk IV SR Morgan Hill, CA
23 Placeholder Avatar Oliveria, Glenn 1955Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprin Berkeley, CA
28 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Charles 1962Elva Mk VI Glen Ellen, CA
38 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Bruce 1958Lotus Eleven Le Mans Alamo, CA
43 Placeholder Avatar Matychowiak, Tom 1959Elva Courier Harbor, OR
44 Avatar Image Linka-Pettenati, Darlyn 1964Triumph Spitfire Santa Clara, CA
71 Placeholder Avatar Albright, Bob 1959Alfa Romeo SprintWife Sonoma, CA
76 Placeholder Avatar Wardman, Sharon 1963Rene Bonnet D'jet San Jose, CA
80 Avatar Image Cox, Diane 1960MG MGA Napa, CA
101 Placeholder Avatar Baldocchi, Don 1954Nardi Crosley Spider Redding, CA
138 Placeholder Avatar Barnes, Tim 1951Jaguar XK 120 San Luis Obispo, CA
605 Placeholder Avatar Highland, Gary 1962Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Truckee, CA
Group 2   16 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
9 Placeholder Avatar Wardman, Dan 1967Lotus Europa S1 San Jose, CA
16 Placeholder Avatar Mikhail, Peter 1964Lotus 7 San Francisco, CA
18 Placeholder Avatar Chamberlin, Stephen 1966Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Richmond, CA
38 Avatar Image Denman, Mike 1966Marcos 1800 GT Davis, CA
50 Placeholder Avatar Perkins, Jack 1967Alfa Romeo GTA San Jose, CA
51 Avatar Image Carlile, Rick 1967TVR Vixen S2None Sacramento, CA
62 Placeholder Avatar Racine, Don 1965Austin MINI Cooper SMini Mania Grass Valley, CA
64 Placeholder Avatar Rossi, Joseph 1964Porsche 356C Nevada City, CA
65 Avatar Image Burmann, John 1967Austin Mini CooperMini Mania Livermore, CA
73 Placeholder Avatar Carson, Will 1967MG MidgetAutoboy Racing Ukiah, CA
80 Placeholder Avatar Cox, Malcolm 1960MG MGA Napa, CA
93 Placeholder Avatar Torp, Steve 1963Porsche 356 B Berkeley, CA
177 Avatar Image Racine, Dennis 1966Mini Cooper SMini Mania, Racine-Web Design Grass Valley, CA
330 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Royce 1965Alfa Romeo GTVBruce Miller Racing Orangevale, CA
379 Placeholder Avatar Musto, Mario 1967Porsche 912 Coupe Woodside, CA
969 Avatar Image Racine, Julie 1960Morris MiniMini Mania Livermore, CA
Group 3   4 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
4 Placeholder Avatar Gentry, Harry 1964Ginetta G4 Knoxville, TN
61 Avatar Image Savio, Larry 1965Chevrolet CorvetteSavio Brothers Racing Folsom, CA
99 Placeholder Avatar Long, Jonathan 1964Ford falcon sprintMiller Motor Sports Los Gatos, CA
289 Placeholder Avatar Fry, Tom 1966Ford GT350 Morgan Hill, CA
Group 4   6 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
8 Placeholder Avatar Adams, Paul 1962Elva Mk 6 Crested Butte, CO
19 Placeholder Avatar Callaham, Michael 1964Lotus 23B Orinda, CA
28 Placeholder Avatar Thein, Stephen 1967Porsche 910Virtuoso Performance San Diego, CA
77 Placeholder Avatar Alvarado, David 1963Lotus 23b Orinda, CA
88 Avatar Image Claridge, Thomas 1965Crossle C9S-27Crossle Racing Los Gatos, CA
334 Placeholder Avatar Kupferman, Steve 1967Bobsy SR4 Bakersfield, CA
Group 5   10 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Avatar Image Forbes, Robert 1967Brabham BT21 FB Redwood City, CA
13 Placeholder Avatar Pepperdene, Don 1970leech mk 1 none Monterey, CA
15 Placeholder Avatar Beaupre, Dean 1965Brabham BT - 15 FB Occidental, CA
18 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Rocky 1966Auto Dynamics Mk IV FVVon Bautzen Leonbergers Clovis, CA
21 Avatar Image Richins, Paul 1967Brabham BT 21C (FB)Mount Whitney Guidebook Folsom, CA
49 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Scott 1968Autodynamics Mk 4A FV Sebastopol, CA
77 Avatar Image Sange, Mark 1959BMC Huffaker FJ Bolinas, CA
91 Placeholder Avatar Drnek, Scott 1963Brabham BT-6 Hayward, CA
94 Placeholder Avatar Schnurbusch, Tom 1967Brabham BT21Bnone Foster City, CA
127 Placeholder Avatar Fitzpatrick, Jack 1963Lotus 27 FJ Rescue, CA
Group 6   30 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Avatar Image McDermott, Michael 1971Titan FF Mk. 6none Sonoma, CA
4 Avatar Image Kitchen, Paul 1969Lotus 61 San Francisco, CA
4 Avatar Image Lauber, Edward 1969Titan Mk 5 FFLauber Brothers Racing Redwood City, CA
5 Placeholder Avatar Lauber, Martin 1969Titan Mark 5 Tiburon, CA
13 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Norm 1973Ford Crossle Winnetka, CA
16 Placeholder Avatar Roth, Mitch 1970Winkleman WF1 Morgan Hill, CA
16 Placeholder Avatar Strong, Todd Crossle Torrance, CA
18 Placeholder Avatar Jewett, George 1969Merlyn mk 11 Formula Ford San Francisco, CA
20 Avatar Image Cody, Jim 1969Crossle 16FTouch of Grey Racing Menlo Park, CA
23 Avatar Image Wait, Andrew 1972Lola T 204Touch of Grey Racing Greenbrae, CA
26 Placeholder Avatar Hoogs, Steve 1972Merlyn MK20 AS Reno, NV
27 Avatar Image Duncan, Tom 1981PRS RH02FRoad Runner Racing Chico, CA
28 Placeholder Avatar Goeringer, Gary 1979Crossle 35F Nipomo, CA
31 Placeholder Avatar Rothman, Jeffrey 1981Royale RP 31 Santa Rosa, CA
31 Placeholder Avatar Zurlinden, Dave 1969Merlyn Mk 17 FF Monterey, CA
33 Placeholder Avatar Pujol, Roger 1969Bobsy FF San Rafael, CA
38 Placeholder Avatar Cowdrey, Dan 1970Titan MK6Cowdrey Racing Winnetka, CA
51 Avatar Image Streets, Jay 1972Winkelmann WDF3 FFWillans Race Harnesses San Francisco, CA
55 Placeholder Avatar Shippert, Ethan 1981Crossle 45F
57 Placeholder Avatar Joerger, Kurt 1971Caldwell D9bTouch of Grey Racing Los Altos
61 Placeholder Avatar Kitchen, Jonathan 1969Lotus 61 San Francisco, CA
69 Placeholder Avatar vroman, greg Lotus 69 Reno, NV
72 Placeholder Avatar Schoap, Chris 1970Titan FF Mark VI Eugene, OR
75 Placeholder Avatar Dezzani, Alan 1977Royale RP-24DezzaniDigitalArt.com Santa Clara, CA
76 Placeholder Avatar Wise, Daniel 1973Crossle 25FScuderia Capotosto e Fidaleo Benicia, CA
77 Placeholder Avatar Alvarado, David 1970Titan Mark 6 Orinda, CA
83 Placeholder Avatar Cooper, David 1972Titan FF WALNUT, CA
86 Placeholder Avatar Hebert, Art 1970Titan Mk.6Motorsports Market San Rafael, CA
231 Placeholder Avatar Greeven, John 1978Crossle 32F Corvallis, OR
252 Placeholder Avatar Wilson, Jack 1971Winkelman WDF3None San Francisco, CA
Group 7   9 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Romak, Steve 1980March 80A FA Walnut Creek, CA
7 Placeholder Avatar Satake, Robert 1982Ralt RT-4 Mill Valley, CA
9 Placeholder Avatar Moore, Carl 1976March 76B Alamo, CA
10 Placeholder Avatar de Vasconcelos, Dalmo 1976Ralt RT1 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
23 Placeholder Avatar Devenport, Jim 1976Chevron B36Cranbrook Group, Inc. Alamo, CA
30 Placeholder Avatar Loscher, Gregory 1979March 79 B Formula Atlantic Kensington, CA
51 Placeholder Avatar Buddenbaum, John 1972Winkelman WDF3 Sunnyvale, CA
69 Placeholder Avatar Marvin, Dan 1976March 76BGeneral Buck Turgidson Berkeley, CA
75 Avatar Image Jackson, Collin 1973Brabham BT40Specialty Engineering Inc. Langley, BC
Group 8   4 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
49 Placeholder Avatar Cook, Gary 1970Datsun 240Z Sacramento, CA
58 Placeholder Avatar Norman, Jon 1971Alfa Romeo GTVGroup Captain Lionel Mandrake Berkeley, CA
65 Placeholder Avatar kattchee, chris 1965Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Berkeley, CA
67 Placeholder Avatar Rincon, Mark 1967BMW 2002 Redding, CA
Group 9   16 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
1 Avatar Image Brown, Scott 1992Mazda MiataZekes Vintage Garage Redwood City, CA
5 Placeholder Avatar Hamilton, Tyson 1990Mazda Miata
9 Avatar Image Lauber, Edward 1992Mazda Miata Redwood City, CA
9 Avatar Image Wolfgram, Randy 1995Mazda Miata San Jose, CA
11 Placeholder Avatar Chamberlin, Stephen 1993Mazda Miata Richmond, CA
14 Placeholder Avatar Wright, Tim 1991Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing Piedmont, CA
16 Avatar Image Lindell, Ross 1995Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing Oakland, CA
19 Placeholder Avatar de Bretteville, Locke 1992Mazda Miata Santa Rosa, CA
20 Placeholder Avatar Torp, Cynthia 1991Mazda Miata Berkeley, CA
35 Placeholder Avatar Russell, Bob 1992Mazda Miata Redding, CA
36 Placeholder Avatar Halliday, April 1990Mazda MiataHalliday Racing El Dorado Hills, CA
41 Avatar Image Cowen, Ron 1991Mazda MiataLarry Oka SALINAS, CA
43 Placeholder Avatar Herbert, Michael 1999Mazda MiataBattalion One Fire Protection, Competition Autowerks Oakland, CA
64 Avatar Image Heyer, Anthony (Tony) 1999Mazda MiataSports Hernia Mountain View, CA
71 Placeholder Avatar Irwin, Robert 1990Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing Cupertino, CA
919 Placeholder Avatar Cooper, David 1991Mazda Miata WALNUT, CA
  1 entries
# Name YearMakeSponsor Hometown
00 Placeholder Avatar Greenman, Bill 1964Mini Cooper S Grass Valley, CA

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