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Attendee List

FSR Summer 2015 Drivers Ed At VIR

PCA - First Settlers

Saturday, Jul 11 — Sunday, Jul 12, 2015

Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

If your status is CONFIRMED, you have been accepted into the event.  If it is NEW or ON HOLD, we're still reviewing run groups and we just haven't gotten to yours yet, or your run group assignment has not been confirmed due to missing driving history (please make sure this is updated and contact the DE registrar immediately at de@fsrpca.org if it is within two weeks of the event).

A link to the attendee list and instructor/student assignments will be emailed to all participants between one and two weeks before the event.  

Tech Form, Instructor, Student and Event Evaluation Forms, Medical Form, Schedule and Event Package can be downloaded here:  http://www.fsrpca.org/document-types/drivers-education

If you are WAITLISTED, you will be emailed only if a spot opens up in the group you signed up for.  

Thanks for supporting our event!

DE Intro  17 entries
#   Name Status  YrMakeSponsor Hometown
5 Placeholder Avatar Boulet, Danielle Confirmed 2015BMW 435i Hillsborough, NC
221 Placeholder Avatar Elliott, Jill Confirmed 2015Porsche GT3 Oklahoma City, OK
96 Placeholder Avatar Ellson, William Confirmed 2003Acura Acura RSX Norfolk, VA
7 Placeholder Avatar Gifford, Sandy Confirmed 2013Porsche Panamera GTS Virginia Beach, VA
418 Placeholder Avatar Groeninger, William Confirmed 2005Porsche 911 Norfolk, VA
36 Placeholder Avatar Heathcock, Sidney Confirmed 2004Porsche Cayenne Turbo Hampton, VA
14 Placeholder Avatar Huggins, Eric Confirmed 1988Porsche 911 Stuarts Draft, VA
54 Placeholder Avatar Jumper, Mark Checked in 2008BMW 328xi (manual) Chesapeake, VA
7 Placeholder Avatar Karpinski, Greg Confirmed 2014Subaru BRZ Greensboro, NC
335 Placeholder Avatar Kerr, Courtney Kerr Confirmed 2008BMW 335i Chesapeake, VA
319 Placeholder Avatar Penney, Emilia Confirmed 2013Porsche Boxster SRetirement Funds Henrico, VA
88 Placeholder Avatar Peterson, Christopher Confirmed 2015Subaru BRZ Winston Salem, NC
7 Placeholder Avatar Schweiss, Daniel Confirmed 2013Porsche Panamera GTS Virginia Beach, VA
111 Placeholder Avatar shilstone, charles Confirmed 1992BMW 325is New Bern, NC
16 Placeholder Avatar Shkuda, Kelsey Confirmed 2008Ford Mustang Newport News, VA
42 Avatar Image van Deth, Anton Confirmed 2011Porsche 997.2 Raleigh, NC
86 Placeholder Avatar Yoakum, Chris Confirmed 2013Scion FR-S Winston Salem, NC
Event  191 entries
#   Name Status Class Group  YrMakeSponsor
5 Placeholder Avatar Adashek, Lawrence Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2003Porsche Boxter S
6 Placeholder Avatar Agostini, Nicolas Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1993Nissan 240sx
110 Placeholder Avatar Alvi, John Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2005Porsche Boxster SLeith Porsche
166 Placeholder Avatar Ambrose, Ted Confirmed Red 2003BMW M3
09 Placeholder Avatar Appel, Kyle Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2015Ford MustangMcs Machine & Tool
09 Placeholder Avatar Appel, Mike Confirmed Green (Novice) 2015Ford MustangMcs Machine & Tool
19 Avatar Image Arkle, Tom Confirmed Red 2012Porsche Cayman R
46 Avatar Image Ashbridge, Tim Confirmed Red 1997BMW M3
44 Placeholder Avatar Baake, Bernie Confirmed Red Two Students 2004Chevrolet vette
03 Placeholder Avatar Baird, Jeff Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Porsche Boxster s
03 Placeholder Avatar baird, matthew Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2008Porsche BOxstern/a
918 Placeholder Avatar Barnett, Jarrett Confirmed Green (Novice) 1995Porsche 911
33 Placeholder Avatar Belman, Peter Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2014Audi S4
129 Placeholder Avatar Birisan, Mihnea Confirmed Red Two Students 2007Porsche Cayman S
14 Placeholder Avatar Blankenship, Chandler Confirmed Green (Novice) 2007Volkswagen Gti
12 Placeholder Avatar Blankenship, Scott Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1987Porsche 911 Carrera
20 Placeholder Avatar Bobbitt, Thomas Confirmed Red 2015Porsche GT3
133 Placeholder Avatar Boustedt, Ronald Confirmed Red Two Students 1995BMW M3
111 Placeholder Avatar Boyle, Chris Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1992BMW 325is
41 Placeholder Avatar Brochu, David Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1994BMW 325isAtlantic Autowerks
104 Placeholder Avatar Brookeman, Hamish Confirmed Red 2007Porsche Cayman S
305 Avatar Image Brown, David Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2008BMW M3
732 Avatar Image Brownhill, Peter Confirmed Red 1977Porsche 911S
922 Placeholder Avatar Bryant, Don Confirmed Red Two Students 1998BMW M3
36 Avatar Image Bryant, Randal Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2012Porsche Cayman R
23 Avatar Image Bryant, Warren Confirmed Green (Novice) 2003BMW M3
99 Placeholder Avatar Burns, Keith Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2013Porsche Boxster S
340 Avatar Image Campbell, Alexander Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) Provisional Pending Check Ride 2011BMW M3
007 Placeholder Avatar Charalambous, Marko Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) Provisional Pending Check Ride 2005Porsche 911 carrers-sRACEWORKS
257 Avatar Image Chenery, Audie Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1993Honda Prelude XPJester Racing
53 Avatar Image Chenery, Jeff Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) Acura IntegraJester Racing
95 Placeholder Avatar Clancy, Tim Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2005Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Clark, Rachael Confirmed Instructor Not Driving Instructors 1999Audi A4Perception Motor Werks
01 Placeholder Avatar clark, ryan Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2007Chevrolet Corvette Z06
099 Placeholder Avatar Clowser, Ed Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1986Porsche 948r
Placeholder Avatar Coey, Brian Confirmed Instructor Not Driving Instructors
56 Placeholder Avatar Coleman, Don Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1998Porsche 996
951 Placeholder Avatar Collins, Orice Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Audi RS4
842 Placeholder Avatar Condon, James Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2007Porsche Cayman S
54 Placeholder Avatar Copeland, Randy Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2014Porsche 911 Turbo SVelocity Micro
7 Placeholder Avatar Cotanis, Ion Confirmed Red Two Students 2001Porsche Boxter S
6 Avatar Image Daniels, Charles Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2009Porsche Cayman SNottingham Resource Group
114 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Zachary Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1995BMW m3 coupeRaceWerks, Hopes & Dreams
67 Placeholder Avatar DeHart, Dan Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1987Porsche 911 Coupe
85 Avatar Image De Moraes, Ricardo Confirmed Green (Novice) 1995BMW M3
66 Placeholder Avatar Dempsey, Scott Confirmed Red 2007Porsche 911 C2
31 Avatar Image Detelich, John Confirmed Green (Novice) 1982Porsche 911 Targa
47 Placeholder Avatar Devlin, Mark Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Porsche 911 Carrera
26 Placeholder Avatar Dodson, Price Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2006Porsche Cayman S BSP
28 Avatar Image Drake, Brad Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2015Ford Mustang EB
Placeholder Avatar Eastty, Derek Checked in Red Instructors 2012Nissan GTR
5 Avatar Image Estrada, Marco Confirmed Red 2008Porsche GT3
22 Avatar Image Ferriol, Rob Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) Provisional Pending Check Ride 2008Porsche 911 Turbo
320 Avatar Image Font, David Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2006Porsche Cayman S
49 Placeholder Avatar Font Mera, Anna Sofia Confirmed Green (Novice) 2012Volkswagen Golf GTI
41 Placeholder Avatar Foster, Bill Confirmed Red Two Students 1997Chevrolet CorvetteSocial Security
25 Placeholder Avatar Fowlkes, Frank Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1995Mitsubishi Eclipse GST
1 Placeholder Avatar Friedmann, Victor Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Porsche boxster
277 Placeholder Avatar Gerster, Carl Confirmed Red 2007Porsche GT3
05 Placeholder Avatar Gibson, Robert Confirmed Green (Novice) 1987Porsche 944 Turbo
10 Avatar Image Gifford, Tim Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2013Porsche Boxster S
864 Avatar Image Goodman, Don Confirmed Red 2003Porsche Boxster S
64 Placeholder Avatar Goodman, Ryan Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) Porsche Boxster S
154 Placeholder Avatar Grandfield, Phil Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1995BMW M3
69 Avatar Image Grant, William Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2003BMW M3
22 Avatar Image Gray, Gary Confirmed Red Two Students 2001BMW 325itMy wife.
18 Avatar Image Haggard, Brian Jr. Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1999BMW M3Sim-Seats.com
9 Avatar Image Haggie, Hugo Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2003Nissan 350z
42 Placeholder Avatar Haggie, Norman Confirmed Green (Novice) 2005Porsche 911SFirst settlers
11 Avatar Image Harris, Christopher Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2014Chevrolet Corvette
24 Avatar Image Harris, Terry Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2011BMW M3Fritts Flute Studio
997 Placeholder Avatar Hart, Thomas Confirmed Red 2010Porsche Gt3
8 Placeholder Avatar Hatfield, William Confirmed Red 2011Porsche caymanAR Technology
15 Placeholder Avatar Hayes, Webb Confirmed Red 2006Porsche 997 S
32 Placeholder Avatar Helpinstill, Michael Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1999Porsche 911
911 Placeholder Avatar Hill, Nolan "Doc" Confirmed Red 2010Chevrolet corvette z06
156 Placeholder Avatar Hodges, John Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1995BMW M3
75 Avatar Image Hoffman, Scott Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2011Porsche Cayman S
206 Placeholder Avatar Hubley, Mark Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2000Porsche CarreraWolf Creek Equine Hospital
80 Placeholder Avatar Hudson, Martin Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2002Porsche Boxster S
770 Placeholder Avatar Hurlbut, David Confirmed Green (Novice) 1996BMW e36 s52
18 Placeholder Avatar Hurlbut, Tom Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2003Porsche 911 turbo
37 Placeholder Avatar Israel, David Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1995Porsche 911
303 Placeholder Avatar Jacobson, Bret Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2008Porsche Cayman S
505 Placeholder Avatar James, Arun Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1987Peugeot 505 STX505turbo.com
63 Placeholder Avatar Jenkens, Tony Confirmed Green (Novice) 2011Porsche Boxster S
34 Placeholder Avatar Keddie, Ben Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2014BMW 335
76 Placeholder Avatar Keller, Anne Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2004Chevrolet vette
1143 Placeholder Avatar Keller, Dale Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1989Porsche 944 Turbo
915 Avatar Image Kelly, Mike Confirmed Red 1989Ford Escort GTBrickner Kelly and Associates
49 Placeholder Avatar Kimbro, Russ Confirmed Red 1988BMW E30 M3
3 Avatar Image Kiser, Curtis Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1999BMW M3Bubba Race League
43 Avatar Image Kiser, Elizabeth Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1998BMW M3
14 Placeholder Avatar Klar, Neal Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2012Audi R8
111 Placeholder Avatar Klebanow, David Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2015Chevrolet C7 Z06
13 Placeholder Avatar Kolleh, TJ Confirmed Green (Novice) 2014Subaru WRXN/A
Placeholder Avatar Kopp, John Confirmed Instructor Not Driving Instructors
44 Placeholder Avatar Kovacyk, Lutzo Confirmed Red Two Students 1985Porsche 944LMN Motorsports LLC
185 Avatar Image Kreig, Bill Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1985Porsche 911
73 Placeholder Avatar Krummel, Kurt Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2005Porsche GT3
319 Avatar Image Lanwehr, Larry Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2013Porsche Boxster SRetirement Funds
61 Placeholder Avatar Lehman, Bill Confirmed Red 2007Porsche Cayman S
71 Placeholder Avatar Levy, Stuart Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2009Porsche Carrera S
8 Placeholder Avatar Lizada, Alexander Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1995BMW M3
13 Placeholder Avatar Lupella, Rob Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06
442 Placeholder Avatar Luster, Roy Confirmed Green (Novice) 2013Porsche 981 Boxster STrack Monkey Motorsports
1 Placeholder Avatar Luther, Mike Confirmed Red Two Students 2000Mazda Miata
38 Placeholder Avatar Macpherson, Rick Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2012Nissan GTRTop Speed Motorsports
79 Placeholder Avatar Maples, Keith Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1995Acura IntegraKWMaples Construction
614 Avatar Image Marshall, John Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2014Porsche Cayman SSmooth Thunder Motorsports
85 Placeholder Avatar Maung, Than Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2004BMW M3bcRCR
211 Placeholder Avatar May, Christopher Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) Porsche 944 Turbo
61 Placeholder Avatar McArdle, Jay Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1997BMW 328is
60 Placeholder Avatar Mcintosh, Susan Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2006Ford Mustang gt
156 Placeholder Avatar McNeish, Timothy Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1995BMW M3
303 Placeholder Avatar Mera, Jose Confirmed Green (Novice) Porsche Boxster S
914 Avatar Image Merrill, Thomas Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1998Porsche Boxster
214 Avatar Image Michaels, George Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1989Porsche 911
37 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Gregory Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2000Porsche Boxster
56 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Steve Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2002BMW 330I
515 Placeholder Avatar Moore III, Melvin Confirmed Green (Novice) 2009Porsche 911 TurboRaceWerks
7 Avatar Image Morgan, Scot Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2004Porsche 911 GT3
54 Placeholder Avatar Morris, Don Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2000Porsche Boxster S
55 Placeholder Avatar Murray, Bud Confirmed Green (Novice) 2002Chevrolet Corvette
0 Placeholder Avatar Narayan, Ram Confirmed Red Two Students 2007Porsche 911 GT3
10 Placeholder Avatar Neily, Bert Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1984Alfa Romeo GTV6
101 Avatar Image Newton, Stephen Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2001Porsche Boxster S
63 Placeholder Avatar Nunley, John Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2013Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
26 Avatar Image Oliverio, Dante Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2007Porsche GT3
11 Placeholder Avatar Partridge, Neil Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1988Porsche 911
1216 Placeholder Avatar Paul, Hager Confirmed Green (Novice) 2005BMW 330cinone
143 Placeholder Avatar Pirkle, Kevin Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2005Porsche Carrera S
8 Placeholder Avatar Radjabli, Edgar Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2013Nissan GT-R
21 Placeholder Avatar Rainey, Evan Confirmed Green (Novice) 1990Mazda Miata
17 Placeholder Avatar Reaves, Brad Confirmed Green (Novice) 2007Porsche Carerra S
51 Placeholder Avatar Reynolds, Sharon Confirmed Green (Novice) 1988Porsche 911
51 Avatar Image Reynolds, W. Evans Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1988Porsche 911
15 Placeholder Avatar Richardson, Emmett Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2006Porsche 911 Carrera S
432 Placeholder Avatar Rountree, William Confirmed Green (Novice) 2012Porsche Cayman R
414 Avatar Image Ruby, Rick Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2010BMW M3
928 Avatar Image Rudd, Ken Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1986Porsche 928Splinter Cell Racing
601 Avatar Image Sadler, Chris Confirmed Green (Novice) 2005Porsche Boxster SAllegiancy,
8 Placeholder Avatar Sakkadas, Savvas Confirmed Red 2002BMW M3Elite Motors
84 Placeholder Avatar Salisbury, Don Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1984Volkswagen GTI
84 Placeholder Avatar Salisbury, Stephanie Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 1984Volkswagen GTI Rabbit
221 Placeholder Avatar Salsitz, Bob Confirmed Green (Novice) Porsche 911 GTS
21 Avatar Image Sanders, Chris Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) Two Students 1986Porsche 944 TurboN/A
1 Placeholder Avatar Sarfaty, Steve Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1999BMW M3
31 Placeholder Avatar Satterfield, Mike Checked in Red 2001Chevrolet CorvetteChamps Performance
145 Placeholder Avatar Schleupner, Charles Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) Porsche cayman S
42 Avatar Image Schlough, Jon-David Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2013Porsche 911Well & Lighthouse, LLC
33 Placeholder Avatar Scott, Paul Confirmed Green (Novice) 2015Honda Civic Si
10 Avatar Image Scott, Rosco Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2014Subaru 5 door STI
99 Placeholder Avatar Shammas, Michael Confirmed Red 1995BMW M3
59 Placeholder Avatar Shreve, Ronald Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2015BMW M235i
55 Placeholder Avatar Siegel, Fred Confirmed Red Two Students 1988Porsche 944 turbo
55 Placeholder Avatar Siegel, Jacob Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) Porsche 944 Turbo
Placeholder Avatar Skeen, Mike Checked in Red Instructors
221 Placeholder Avatar Sleeper, Michael Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2015Porsche GT3
4 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Ian Confirmed Red 2013BMW M3
218 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Julie Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1999Porsche 996
08 Placeholder Avatar Smith, Walt Confirmed Red 2004Porsche GT3barre-up.com
28 Placeholder Avatar Snow, Frank Confirmed Red 2004Porsche 996
735 Placeholder Avatar Speidell, Bill Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) Porsche 911 4SSpeidell Group
13 Avatar Image Spencer, Damon Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2010Porsche Cayman S
93 Placeholder Avatar Stanley, Chris Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1987Porsche 911
125 Avatar Image Stevenson, Robert Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 1978Porsche 930 RUF
Placeholder Avatar Syme, Bernard Confirmed Instructor Not Driving
504 Avatar Image Taylor, Roy Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2015Porsche GT3
108 Avatar Image Texeira, James Confirmed Black Group (Advanced Solo) 2001BMW M3
91 Avatar Image Thomas, Collin Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2006Porsche Cayman S
256 Placeholder Avatar Tilley, Michael Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2002Porsche 911 C4S
271 Placeholder Avatar Timmerman, Bill Confirmed Red 2006Porsche 911 S
71 Placeholder Avatar Travis, Richard Confirmed Red Two Students 1979Porsche 930Crimson Nape Racing
20 Placeholder Avatar Turinsky, Paul Confirmed Green (Novice) 2011Porsche Carrera S
3 Placeholder Avatar Uhler, Richard Confirmed Green (Novice) 2015Volkswagen GTI
96 Avatar Image Van de Water, Ken Confirmed Red 2002BMW Spec E46KEVA Racing, LC
77v Placeholder Avatar Van Parys, Chris Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2012Cadillac CTS-V coupe
155 Placeholder Avatar Vittorio, Michael Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1997Porsche BoxsterNA
66 Placeholder Avatar Walker, Steven Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) Chevrolet Camaro SS
205 Placeholder Avatar Walsh, Damien Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1997Porsche 97 Boxster
22 Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Brian Confirmed Blue Group (Novice/Intermediate) 2008Chevrolet Corvette Z06
22 Placeholder Avatar Weaver, Michael Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Chevrolet Corvette Z06
842 Placeholder Avatar Westfall, Sherry Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2007Porsche Cayman S
099 Placeholder Avatar Whitehead, Clayton Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Porsche Cayman S
141 Placeholder Avatar Wiles, Richard Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 1999Porsche 911The Sportscar Clinic
13 Placeholder Avatar williams, aaron Confirmed Green (Novice) 2008Porsche 2008 turbo
997 Avatar Image Worrall, Douglas Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2007Porsche Carrera S
495 Avatar Image Yu, Hans Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2008BMW M3
7 Placeholder Avatar Yung, Joseph Confirmed White Group (Intermediate Solo) 2012Ferrari 458 Challengenone
11 Placeholder Avatar zaccardo, victor Confirmed Red Two Students 2004Honda S2000Myself, unfortunately

208 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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