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Open Practice - 08/31/2018

Summit Point

Friday, August 31, 2018

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit, Summit Point, WV

Open Practice  52 entries
  Name Status Class Modifier  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Blough, Christopher Confirmed 1998SCCA Enterprises SRFAlpha Pools
Placeholder Avatar Brown, Barry Confirmed Mazda MiataSpringfield Auto Body
Avatar Image Buyers, John Confirmed 1990Honda Civic siJ and L Automotive
Avatar Image Cahall, Robert Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataCahall Racing
Avatar Image Cahall, Theodore Confirmed 2006Mazda MX-5Cahall / Meathead Racing
Placeholder Avatar Callis, Chuck Confirmed 1972Volvo 142Heistand Automotive
Placeholder Avatar Childs, Christopher Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataAngry Sheep Motorsports/Hoosier Racing Tire/Baroness Childs/
Placeholder Avatar Cohen, Michael Confirmed 1990Mazda Miata SSMGlass Jacobson Financial Group
Placeholder Avatar Conway, Daniel Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataRP Performance / Brondon Foot & Ankle / / SSG Tactical
Avatar Image Disharoon, Victor Confirmed 1990Mazda SSM Miata
Placeholder Avatar Duncan, Daniel Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataRP Performance
Avatar Image Eichelbaum, Jordan Confirmed 2000Mazda Miata SEMe, myself, and I
Placeholder Avatar Fitzgerald, Dave Confirmed 1987BMW 325isBusiness Engineering Inc.
Avatar Image Freeman, Daniel Confirmed 1990Mazda MiataEnvirotex Environmental Services
Placeholder Avatar Frye, Jay Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataBaja Amusements
Avatar Image Gambino, Joel Confirmed 1996Mazda MiataRP Performance
Avatar Image Gentry, Seth Confirmed 1990Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Gerardo, Jose Confirmed 2014JDR JDR-12GLabels
Placeholder Avatar Gran, David Confirmed 1994Mazda MiataKessler Engineering
Placeholder Avatar Hamilton, Stephen Confirmed 2018JDR F1000CSI Leasing &
Placeholder Avatar Heath, Raymond Confirmed 1992Mazda MiataRHR & L LLC / Windsor Customs LLC.
Placeholder Avatar Horowitz, Jeff Confirmed 1992Mazda MiataHotztuff Racing
Avatar Image Hotz, John Confirmed 1990Mazda MiataHotztuff Racing
Placeholder Avatar Hromin, Richard Confirmed 1999Mazda MiataRP Performance, VCF
Avatar Image Jones, Benjamin Confirmed Mazda MiataRP Performance
Placeholder Avatar Kim, Jisu Confirmed SCCA Enterprises SRF3aAcme
Placeholder Avatar Kopp, Kevin Confirmed 1998Van Diemen RF98Kopp Motorsports
Placeholder Avatar Leigh, Kevin Confirmed 1999BMW Z3Hoosier, Carbotech
Placeholder Avatar Lucas, Nathan Confirmed 1990Mazda MiataSoDC Region Racing
Placeholder Avatar Maloney, Ryan Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataIts Not That Bad
Avatar Image McEwan, Alastair Confirmed SCCA Enterprises SRF3Paladin 1
Placeholder Avatar Mitchell, John Confirmed 1982Alfa Romeo GTV6Red Crown Farm
Placeholder Avatar Mitchell, Melanie Confirmed 1986Alfa Romeo GTV6Red Crown Farm
Placeholder Avatar Moran, Ryan Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataKopp Motorsports
Placeholder Avatar Moubray, Wayne Confirmed 2008BMW M3RRT racing
Placeholder Avatar Murchison, Jonathan Confirmed 1990Mazda SSM miataMeathead Racing / Blackpoint Cyber
Placeholder Avatar Myllenbeck, Nicholas Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataLarry Oka Racing
Placeholder Avatar Natirboff, Kahlil Confirmed Mazda MiataRP Performance
Avatar Image Pierce, Tim Confirmed 2018JDR -F1000Waterfall Security Solutions
Placeholder Avatar Reiman, Scott Confirmed 1990BMW 325i
Avatar Image Rychlik, Derrick Confirmed 1990Mazda MiataMotorsport Solutions/American Aviation
Avatar Image Rychlik, Kevin Confirmed Mazda MiataRP Perfomance/American Helicopters
Placeholder Avatar Sharkitt, Patrick Confirmed 1990Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Siciliano, Albert F Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataRP Performance
Placeholder Avatar Sieberg, Eric Confirmed 1999Mazda Miata
Avatar Image Steers, John Confirmed 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Uretsky, Lev Confirmed 2013Mazda Miata M5Digitalocean
Placeholder Avatar Wendling, J Mark Confirmed SCCA Enterprises SRF3Dog Gone Racing
Avatar Image White, Chris Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataRP Performance/Summit Point Motorsports Park/BSR
Avatar Image Wight, Paul Confirmed 1991Mazda MiataHotztuff Racing
Placeholder Avatar Wolfson, Steve Confirmed 1985Mazda RX7Driving Autism Awareness
Avatar Image Yura, Richard Confirmed 1995Mazda MiataYURAmotorsports and Windsor Customs

52 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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