Phoenix Kart Racing Association announces PKRA Club Race - Summer #10 - October 17, 2020 Saturday, October 17, 2020 attendees at Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Glendale, AZ 85310 (7872) > Attendees |

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PKRA Club Race - Summer #10 - October 17, 2020

Phoenix Kart Racing Association

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Phoenix Kart Racing Association, Glendale, AZ

Registered for the PKRA Club Race

PKRA Club Race Entry  54 entries

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Kid Kart   6 entries
# Name Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Tarango, Lucas Glendale, AZ
9 Avatar Image Underwood, Tyson Peoria, AZ
11 Placeholder Avatar Crosby, CJ Glendale, AZ
25 Avatar Image Hilburn, Lucas Phoenix, AZ
38 Avatar Image Ruth, Kevin Peoria, AZ
188 Placeholder Avatar Jacks, Riley Peoria, AZ
LO206 Junior 1   9 entries
# Name Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Longenecker, Jacob Glendale, AZ
4 Avatar Image Kuykendall, Bowen lee Peoria, AZ
5 Placeholder Avatar Santora, Giovanni Phoenix, AZ
20 Placeholder Avatar Drysdale, Kyle Gilbert, AZ
21 Placeholder Avatar O'Clair, Cooper
24 Avatar Image Eggleston, Nixx Scottsdale, AZ
67 Placeholder Avatar Crosby, Weston Glendale, AZ
95 Avatar Image Woon, Ashton Scottsdale, AZ
711 Placeholder Avatar Queen, Ryan Mesa, AZ
LO206 Junior 2   10 entries
# Name Hometown
4 Avatar Image Cruzado, Michael Glendale, AZ
7 Avatar Image Bily, Landon Mesa, AZ
20 Avatar Image Hansen, Simon Scottsdale, AZ
22 Placeholder Avatar Carroll, Parker
23 Placeholder Avatar Ray, Gunnar Phoenix, AZ
25 Placeholder Avatar Schwyn, Johnathan Phoenix, AZ
42 Avatar Image Bowers, Carson Glendale, AZ
55 Avatar Image Pexa, Kane Anthem, AZ
56 Avatar Image LaRoque, Diego Phoenix, AZ
64 Avatar Image Lassak, Leighton Chandler, AZ
LO206 Senior   9 entries
# Name Hometown
1 Placeholder Avatar Klein, Kyle glibert, AZ
5 Placeholder Avatar Ensign, Mikayla Tempe, AZ
14 Placeholder Avatar Hill, Clara
17 Avatar Image Tornell, Logan Queen Creek, AZ
33 Placeholder Avatar Carlson, Tim Surprise, AZ
57 Avatar Image Jones, Tyler Phoenix, AZ
58 Avatar Image Jones, Ryan Glendale, AZ
99 Placeholder Avatar Santostefano, Sean Peoria, AZ
173 Placeholder Avatar Hendricks, Micah Glendale, AZ
LO206 Masters   10 entries
# Name Hometown
11 Placeholder Avatar Valantine, Rick Chandler, AZ
17 Placeholder Avatar Jacks, Bradly Peoria, AZ
23 Placeholder Avatar Carroll, Justin Gilbert, AZ
28 Avatar Image Bousquet, Thierry Paradise Valley, AZ
47 Placeholder Avatar Lacotta, Bernie Sun City, AZ
59 Avatar Image Martin, Ron Peoria, AZ
67 Avatar Image Alten, Rich PHOENIX, AZ
70 Placeholder Avatar McGinn, Carl Chandler, AZ
86 Placeholder Avatar Bowen, Rich Glendale, AZ
98 Avatar Image Low, Mike Phoenix, AZ
Tag100 Junior   2 entries
# Name Hometown
804 Placeholder Avatar Jackson, Devin Anthem, AZ
821 Placeholder Avatar O'Clair, Cooper
Tag100 Senior   8 entries
# Name Hometown
7 Placeholder Avatar Hendricks, Micah Glendale, AZ
15 Placeholder Avatar Mendez, Juvenal Junior Glendale, AZ
44 Placeholder Avatar Turnen, Mason Litchfield Park, AZ
85 Avatar Image Scheets, Bill Mesa, AZ
908 Placeholder Avatar Longenecker, Toby Glendale, AZ
913 Placeholder Avatar Altzman, Jenson Phoenix, AZ
952 Placeholder Avatar Ruth, Tyler Glendale, AZ
977 Placeholder Avatar Madrigal, Roman Scottsdale, AZ

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